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Nexus: Raw and Hardcore

Chris Ward
Raging Stallion Studios  
Aaron Tanner , Bruce Jennings , , Fyerfli , Rik Jammer , Riley Porter , Tom Vacarro ,
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Nexus: Raw and Hardcore

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Orgy as an Art Form

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

More than a simple orgy film, Nexus explores the art of the orgy. Films come out all the time that document that favorite pastime of sex. Raging Stallion's 2003 Nexus does this many times better by utilizing a keen understanding of what's important, and what truly makes orgies so arousing.

First, a good orgy should have a good combination of guys. Director Chris Ward accomplishes this in the movie using several new faces mixed in with a stable of Raging Stallion regulars.

Tony Serrano and Rik Jammer Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Newcomer top Tony Serrano
stands over Rik Jammer
Tops include the reliable Tom Vaccaro, but also the firey newcomer Fyre Fli, who is quite a little sparkplug. Another great top new to the scene is Tony Serrano, a very sexy latin with a big, curved rod that can satisfy any demanding bottom.

The two star bottoms of the cast are bubble-butt Carlos Morales and the shaven Rik Jammer. Rounding out the hot cast are Bruce Jennings and exclusive Riley Porter.

One thing in an orgy is that the group assembled needs to have good chemistry in order to have a good time. Starting at the beginning film credits, as each actor's name appears, he stops what he is doing as flashes an evil grin at the camera.

It starts with the entire cast groping, pawing and kissing each other in a pile. All clad in tight jeans and black muscle shirts, the boys are soon wearing nothing but their cock rings (a very important article of apparel for any orgy!).

Good orgies are turned into great orgies by the correct mood. They should occur in an arousing setting - not in just some brightly lit room with some uncomfortable furniture. Nexus's set is perfect: several raised platforms at the perfect pelvic height, and proper lighting.

Nexus enjoys the benefit of a fantastic soundtrack, written by in-house musician J.D. Slater. From listening, Slater's focus on film music is clear. The musical tracks make every Raging Stallion movies even better, but this time he has outdone himself. The steady, throbbing rhythms rise and fall with the movie action. So many potentially great flicks are hobbled by silence.

In fact, Nexus works so well on this level, we have played this movie during our own group parties all Summer long. Nexus makes the perfect film accompaniment.

Rik Jammer has an ass that begs to be eaten. Coupled with Tony Serrano, the two deliver the first anal scene, and the first money shot. In Nexus, the bottoms are hot to watch, and the tops are mesmerizing. Serrano has a beautifully-toned back with a really sexy ass. The sight of his cheeks moving back and forth is captivating.

Apparently, one of the rules for this particular orgy is that the tops fully rim their partners. Tony Serrano and Tom Vaccaro go to town on the side-by-side butts of Riley Porter and Bruce Jennings. At one point, they pause from the munch to kiss each other.

At several points in the orgy, the bottoms must be patient and wait their turn. While Serrano is busy pumping away on one bottom, Carlos Morales lays adjacent to the couple, legs-up, waiting his turn. This is all so hot.

The movie's cover-boy and star is Carlos Morales. Watching him handle the tops throughout the film is fantastic. And both Tom Vaccaro and Tony Serrano shoot they creamy loads all over his shiny hole.

Tom Vaccaro and Carlos Morales Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Tom Vaccaro plugs Carlos Morales

Not just another orgy film, Nexus captures the art of the orgy. This provides much insight and perspective to any student of the orgy. If you want to run better group sessions of your own, become a more valued participant, or if you simply like to just watch, Nexus is worth examining numerous times.

Nexus Disc Two

Wow! That was just disc one of the DVD! Disc two is divided into the sections: Hardcore, Raw and then some extra previews and more footage. Hardcore opens with shaved bottom Rik Jammer pleasuring his hole. After rubbing it, caressing it and playing it, Jammer opens it up for all viewers to see. Then he works a large ribbed dildo inside. Jammer takes it best by squatting directly down on the device. Jammer lifts up his soft, floppy cock and balls so that the camera gets the best view.

Tony Serrano fucks Rik Jammer Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Tony Serrano behind Rik Jammer
After thus workout, Jammer squats to display his rosy rosebud. Then he starts working his own fist inside himself. After that, Jammer moans loudly through a complete fist session on his fours with Tom Vaccaro. This goes full throttle from start to finish.

Next the next part of Nexus Hardcore, involves muscle Venezuelan Carlos Morales, getting his hungry hole worked over by the sexy Aaron Tanner. Both wearing jockstraps, Tanner begins by carefully working a dildo the size of a human arm into Morales's wide crater. Shiny, fleshy and round, the latin's ass looks good no matter what people are ramming inside it.

Before long, Morales is on his back as Tanner works his hand inside. Morales's face reveals the simultaneous emotions of intense concentration and pleasure as Tanner works up inside him. Tanner is an affectionate lover. He intermittently plants kisses on Morales, on his thigh or by caressing the bottom's muscular chest, all while working his hole. Morales even gets hard a number of times throughout the scene.

Nexus Raw is an interesting second feature of the same action from disc one, but shot simultaneously with a second camera. A pleasant surprise, the footage is all new. None appears on disk one. It includes more of the footage we didn't have time to see, like more fore-play where the actors kiss, suck and rim. Disc one jumps more quickly into the anal action.

Nexus Raw follows through the same action of the first disc, but it was filmed simultaneously by a second, hand-held camera. It is not as tightly edited, giving it a more real feel - hence the title raw.

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Nexus Orgy Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
The Art of the Orgy

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