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Naked Muscles: The New Breed

John Rutherford
COLT Studio Group  
Adam Champ , Adam Dexter , Carlo Masi , Chris Wide , Cody Cooper , Tom Chase
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Naked Muscles: The New Breed

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When Tom Chase gets reamed by Carlo Masi, it is no question who is the alpha dog.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Naked Muscles: The New Breed is in keeping with Colt's campaign to update their own classic films, trying to improve upon what was already pretty damn good. But where the original Naked Muscles was comprised entirely of solos, the models of The New Breed are unleashed upon one another for some heady muscle-fueled encounters, one of which is nominated for a 2008 GayVN award.

In its entirety, The New Breed is vying for the Best All Sex Video award, going up against studios like Hot House, Titan, and Jet Set for the coveted prize.

The first encounter features Adam Champ (boxcover model) and Chris Wide. And like all things Colt, the director John Rutherford makes sure the focus is on glorious muscle, not just the sex. Champ and Wide (Wide Strokes) are two fine specimens indeed, one hairy, one smooth. The scene opens with the two models sparring over a game of volleyball, first in shorts, then playing nude.

Carlo Masi snapshot Watch on COLT
Carlo Massi
The lighthearted back and forth of the ball over the net puts a fine sheen of sweat over Wide's thighs, dampening Champ's chest. Wide looks surprised when Champ darts under the net and tackles him onto the grass, initiating a different kind of athletic exchange.

Warmed up, Wide's prick leaks quite a bit of spicy goo, and Champ smears it around with the pad of this thumb before popping Wide's cum-slick dick into his mouth. These guys don't seem to be in any hurry to fuck, rubbing and grinding on the clipped lawn under the volleyball net for quite some time. Wide eventually hops on top and bucks himself into a searing orgasm.

Adam Dexter (Hard Studies) and Cody Cooper are a different flavor of eye candy altogether. It's an interesting match-up, Dexter's coal-black physique pressed against Cooper's brightly lit skin. Cooper is striking with his salt and pepper buzzcut, slightly unconventional for something not specifically marketed as "daddy porn".

The dichotomy is made that much more jarring when you compare Dexter's height to Cooper's; Dexter towers a good half foot above his onscreen lover, and he uses size to his advantage, taking an aggressive posture, picking Cooper up and putting him wherever he wants him to be. Since neither model is particularly hung, it's the power exchange between the two models that becomes the erotic focus. Don't miss the Dexter's electric rim job, Dexter putting Cooper into a permanent state of bliss by stuffing his whole face between the cheeks of Cooper's ass.

The next vignette is a threeway….well, sort of. Featured here is Carlo Masi, Adam Champ, and Masi's motorcycle. It's rousing watching Masi stroke his bike with a damp, soapy cloth, spiffing up the chrome wearing only a leather vest and worn Levis. Biceps pumping when he buffs the leather seat, it's clear Masi is turning himself on. You start to envy the seat, especially when Masi pulls out his stiffie and starts grinding it on the leather covering.

Masi's self-gratification is only interrupted when Adam Champ comes out of the garage, ready for action in his crisp white Colt wife beater. Masi's bike transitions to become a makeshift chaise lounge, supporting both men while they swap blowjobs. While Champ busies himself between Masi's legs, Masi leans back for support, and his arms flare massively as he tries to keep his balance.

The sex becomes even more precarious when Champ climbs into the driver's seat, Masi hopping on top to take an accelerated ride. Thank god for kickstands! And just when Masi's bike was fully detailed, the two studs ruin it by spilling their loads onto the polished chrome and leather.

Tom Chase's Naked Muscles

The film's final encounter is a hayloft duo with a returning Carlo Masi and porn fave Tom Chase (Waterbucks 2). Chase has completely abandoned his California Kings persona, dumping the smooth, ripped up look for a more mature, beefier, and hairier one. Paired with Masi, these two mature bears sets off enough sparks to grab a 2008 GayVN nomination for Best Sex Scene.

Like all of the sex play in The New Breed, there's plenty of sensual kissing, stroking, slow and easy build up of tensions before the inevitable release, lots of opportunities for the guys to stretch like big mountain cats and show their muscle. Unlike the bulk of his film work, Chase takes a more passive role here, servicing Masi before commanding service. But hardcore tops never completely give up control; before Chase bottoms for his muscled buddy, he first establishes dominance by giving Masi a thorough fucking.

Even when Chase is getting reamed, there's no question who the real alpha dog is. And again, closing cumshots are outstanding, both men dumping seed on Chase's tan and furry belly.

Naked Muscles: The New Breed Photos:

Adam Champ snapshot Watch on COLT
Adam Champ
Carlo Masi atop Tom Chase Watch on COLT
Carlo Masi atop Tom Chase
Carlo Masi and Tom Chase
Carlo Masi and Tom Chase
Adam Dexter and Cody Cooper Watch on COLT
Adam Dexter and Cody Cooper

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