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Mystery Men

Kristen Bjorn
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Alfonso Ribeiro , Anthony Gallo , Armando Vargas , Claudio Marino , Fernando Leite , Gustavo Franco , Jose Gomez , Reinaldo Medeiros , Rogerio Peixoto , Sergio Valentino , Sylvio Ferreira , Valerio Fernandes
LatinosDaddies / MenMystery/Thriller

Mystery Men

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Brazillian studs explore the mystic-side of sexual attraction.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Sylvio Ferriera Seeks His Fortune

Mystery Men marks a major advance in the distinguished career of Kristen Bjorn. It showcases 12 very hot Brazilian men in an interesting tale about mysterious phenomena and fortune. The main character, Sylvio Ferriera (The Caracas Adventure) walks up to a long-haired mystic who sits on a blanket along the road. He notices a strange-looking book on the blanket and he asks about it.

The mystic gives it to him.

That night, Ferriera dreams about a hunky Brazialian guy who slips into his bed and fucks him. The dream seems real to Ferriera, who wakes up with cum all over his stomach. Outside on the balcony, Ferriera spies muscular men in black outfits and black glasses watching him. Another man in a black ski mask watches him quietly from above.

All the films characters wear tight black jeans, shirts or suits. They wear small shiny pendants. These are the Mystery Men who populate a mystic world bonded by intense sexual attraction.

In the next scene, Alfonso Ribeiro, who later filmed movies for Brazilian-based Marcostudio (Stiff Security), shows up with his big muscular pecs and a turned cap. He stops at the long-haired mystic sitting by the road. He is reading tarot cards, and foretells that Ribeiro will be taken by dark shadows in an amorous way. As it turns out, he is shortly abducted by two dark Mystery Men and taken to a living room. They pull out guns and a eye-popping amount of cash. The three guys fuck each other all over a couch, and later in the bedroom, giving multiple cum shots.

Next, Ferriera answers an invitation to a fantasy ball. He arrives to an empty living room with a tall glass standing conspicuously alone on the table. He drains the glass and quickly looses his perspective. Light and shapes blur. His balance is off. Soon five naked masked men take him into a separate room. They men quickly get him on his knees where he is staring at their hard dicks. Lots of oral action ensues with multiple cumshots. Then lots of anal action continues this centerpiece scene. At one point, Ferriera is raised and lowered ass-down onto a party-goers erection by two of the mystery men. He gets fucked like that, and later even more fucking goes on.

In the next sequence we watch two brazilian guys hook up on a city bridge. They have very arousing sex, and later enjoy their time together. Soon the two are fighting and they split up. However, before all is over, the two steal away for one last sexual encounter.

Sylvio Ferriera meets his mystery man

In the last scene, Ferriera finally meets-up with the mystery man who his been lusting after the most. This is the ski mask wearing fellow who has watched him around town.

This movie is packed with great guys and sex. Bjorns plots have continued to improve making this film the best of his career at the time, and it was certainly one of the best films of the year.

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Sylvio Ferriera looks down onto a Mystery Man
Sylvio Ferriera in Mystery Men
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Sylvio Ferriera and friends

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