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Muscle Penitentiary

Blue Blake
Big Blue Productions  
Ben Campezi , Blue Blake , Carlo Cox , Chad Hunt , Jake Gianelli , Jason Hawke , Jim Slade , Tony Valentino
Prison / JailHunksDaddies / Men

Muscle Penitentiary

Jim Slade's Unfortunate Incarceration

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

A loose parody, Muscle Penitentiary appeals to all with an appetite for musclemen. It is replete with animalistic sex performed with precision by a very potent cast. Blue Blake takes us to a prison populated by buffed, finely chiseled and tattooed sex pigs. This robust description applies equally to the inmates and the prison guards.

The first scene is a combustible pairing of inmate Jim Slade and guard Jake Gianelli. Slade polishes Gianelli's thick, sizeable knob, grunting and slurping. After eating the guard's musclebutt, Gianelli takes the prisoner's ass for a pounding atop the warden's desk.

They verbally urge each other on as Slade's ass is stretched to the max. To finish, Slade shoots onto the desk, while Gianelli unloads a big money shot onto Slade's hole.

The second scene begins with newcomer brunet Ben Campezzi (Musclemen Moving Company) taking a leisurely shower. As Jason Hawke stands waiting to use the shower, he gets aroused simply watching the Italian stallion proudly showing off his goods. Hawke soon is riming Campezzi's hole, which, like his body, is super-smooth.

Hawke mounts the Mediterranean pup doggie style, who loves it.They both finish by shooting big loads.

Ben Campezzi and Tony ValentinoWatch VOD
Ben Campezzi swallows
Tony Valentino

The third scene starts with a humorous message about how homosexual activity is discouraged in the prison. This is immediately followed with prisoner Jim Slade's mouth strained to the limit by the super-cocks of guards Chad Hunt and Carlo Cox.

Seated between the two guards, he alternates between the two towering poles, demanding service. Soon Slade is hanging onto the prison bars for dear life and his ass is worked over with their king-sized erections. Slade's hole is stretched into infinity as the two double-fuck him.

These guys unleash their pent-up man-urges on each other in a storm of sweat and seamen.

Dreamy Ben Campezzi

Muscle Penitentiary ends on a high note with muscleboy Ben Campezzi lying in solitary, thinking about his earlier hook-up with Jason Hawke. He is interrupted by Tony Valentino (Crash of the Titans), a bald, strikingly attractive, dirty-talking prison guard.

Valentino orders him over to the walk over to the prison bars and service his uncut cock. Inside the cell, Valentino dominates Campezzi, pushing his head into the wall as he pumps his rear. It is a sight to behold as Valentino issues a stream of endless orders and proclamations to the prisoner.

Muscle Penitentiary is a great entry in Blue Blake's line of movies, focuses on pec-flexing muscle men. It also has a good rap song at the end, along with solid production values.

Muscle Penitentiary Photos:

Porn Star Ben CampezziWatch VOD
Porn Star Ben Campezziwhich
Jake Gianelli and Jim SladeWatch VOD
Jake Gianelli plows Jim Slade

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