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Musclemen Moving Company, Inc.

Blue Blake
Big Blue Productions  
Ben Campezi , , , Derek Steel , Jason Hawke , Jim Slade , , Tony Valentino
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Musclemen Moving Company, Inc.

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Robert Van Damme Runs A Moving Company

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Those musclemen know how to stick together. Derek Steel, a brawny older gentlemen, telephones the Muscleman Moving Company to assist him in his move. All seven workers who show up for work are all equally built to perfect proportions. The result is another sizzling Blue Blake production. Before moving into the review, we also want to tip the hat to Andre Adair, who is credited here with videography and lighting. Frankly, every movie we have seen with this guy behind the camera turns out to be a feast for the eyes.

The movie unveils two memorable models: First is the aforementioned Derek Steel. Also there is Blake's new bombshell discovery Robert Van Damme, a ripped musclegod of Czech descent. Sporting a majestic uncut skintool, not to mention his amazingly curved body and tatts, Van Damme is sure to immediately attract fans. Not only appearing on the boxcover, he appears in two of the film's five action scenes, each time pounding his image his fine powertop skills into the viewer's memory.

The film really doesn't spend much time on setup, every scene quickly moves to the sweaty sex. First up, Big Blue regular Jim Slade (Brute) and Van Damme carry a mattress into a room. Within seconds after setting the furniture down, they are locked in an embrace. Van Damme slams his big meat into Slade's mouth. Then Slade gives the newcomer a delicious rimming of Van Damme's butt. Slade grunts and heaves with Van Damme's giant ass cheeks engulfing his face.

Robert Van Damme and Jim SladeWatch VOD
Robert Van Damme above Jim Slade
Not to appear as pure trade, they switch positions with Van Damme eating out Slade's own musclehole, getting it ready for cock. Van Damme pushes it in, topping the bottom with Slade on his fours, his ass arched back taking all he can get. Van Damme has hot looking balls that bang up against Slade's ass.

Slade then proves his amazing bottom skills further by sitting down on Van Damme's upturned missle, taking it all and enthusiastically screwing it. There are more great shots of Van Damme's slammin' balls here too. Slade pumps his load out all over his hairless torso. Van Damme stands over the bottom to fire a big, hot creamy load into Slade's thirsty mouth. No porn star could not have asked for a better introduction.

Ben Campezi Bottoms on the Job

For the second scene, blonde Chad Connors (Cowboy Rides Again) and Italian stallion Ben Campezi (Muscle Penitentiary) drop some boxes in the garage and quickly start sucking face. Campezi is one of the yummiest bottoms in the Blue Blake stable. Connors blows Campezi's sweet uncut cock, and in a high point, sits down on Connors face to get rimmed, all the while showing off his superb muscular legs.

Watching Campezi's upturned bubblebutt get plowed is beautiful.

After screwing him in two positions, they both shoot their money shots. Campezi milks out long thick ropes of goo.

The hottest of all these sequences comes next, however keep in mind there is not a dud in the bunch. Van Damme returns this time to hit it with Jason Hawke, who ends up being a perfect bottom match to the powerful top. Hawke gives the blowjob of the year to his buddy, constantly playing with the meat and gazing at it in between swallows.

Van Damme feasts upon the ripe ass of Hawke. He pulls apart his muscular cheeks to lather the insides with his tongue, all the while Hawke gazes into some faraway point in the distance, moaning. Van Damme slams it on home, plowing Hawke with powerful thrusts all the way to whatever point it was that Hawke was looking at. These sex machines huff and screw, making every moment grip with action.

Tony Valentino mutters "Fuck yeah!"
Van Damme ends up slamming his balls against Hawke in two positions. Hawke shoots his wad in a long splattery stream up to his nipples. Van Damme then sucks off his drooling shaft. Then the Czech newcomer blows his own copious money shot onto Hawke.

After this comes a fun raunch rap session with Tony Valentino (Crash of the Titans), an overpowering Aussie who loves dominating his bottom with not only his big cock but also his mouth. This time Valentino's score is an unshaven Carlos Morales, who obediently matches him every step of the way. Morales sucks the irascible Valentino's thick pole before drilling him on a large wooden table.

Valentino's big pole sliding in and out of Morales, with his fabulous thighs spread open is unforgettable. Valentino never stops spewing streams of comments from his mouth --- take it, take it...

Morales jacks out his own load while impaled. Valentino mutters Fuck yeah! and fires big long blasts of jism into Morales' mouth. A very hot finish!

Jim Slade Drops To His Knees

In the final scene, Steel emerges from upstairs, a towering figure of muscle descending the staircase. Muscleman mover Slade sets down his box to meet him, dropping to his knees. He works over Steel's thick, curved hose, deep throating it until he audibly gags. Steel grips the back of Slade's shaved head, pushing him down on it.

Their daddy/boy scene rocks from beginning to end. Steel spits in Slade's ass from above, growling I want some of that. First Steel pushes his face into Slade's butt, eating him out, warning him to get ready because it's comin' boy, it's comin'. Slade grips the stairs as Steele pushes it in.

After just a few beginning thrusts, he slams Slade hard, throwing the weight of his body down from above. Your ass is mine, boy..... you come into my house! says Steel. This is a powerful finale, and the viewer hasn't shot a wad by now, he has no excuse.

Steel shoots his daddy load into Slade's mouth, who obviously relishes it. He then spends a few moments gazing at Steel's half hard cumslick cock hanging before him.

Blue Blake fans are talking about how great this movie is. Watching is makes it easy to see the excitement. Newcomers Van Damme and Steel are riveting. The bottoms can take anything. And as mentioned before the superb lensing and lighting from Andre Adair creates scene after scene of gorgeous sex.

Musclemen Moving Company, Inc. Photos:

Chad Conners and Ben CampezziWatch VOD
Chad Conners tops Ben Campezzi
Tony Valentino tops in Muscleman Moving CompanyWatch VOD
Carlos Morales arches up for Tony Valentino

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