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Muscle Up

John Rutherford
COLT Studio Group  
Adam Dexter , Carlo Masi , Chris Wide , Dave Angelo , Edu Boxer , Lee Young , Mike Dasher , Pierro Sias , Roger Danik
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Muscle Up

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Muscle up with Carlo Masi

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Colt takes the old movie stand-by of sexual adventure by the pool, raising this formula up to a new standard with their arousing release Muscle Up. Director John Rutherford lands an amazingly diverse, international cast here, all of whom have sexual energy dripping off their furry, pumped-up bodies. Most of these glistening muscle gods are newly landed Colt exclusives, which already have garnered many fans.

For example, start with their exclusive model Carlo Masi, a hairy Italian who wields a thick sausage between his legs. In the first scene, brunet muscle bottom Mike Dasher (Minuteman 24) chows down on it in an intoxicating oral sequence. Out on the deckchairs of the pool, Masi takes on the handsome Dasher's hot hole, delivering a powerhouse drilling that The lounge chair furniture audibly creeks, obviously not promoting much in the way of lounging. In fact, this episode is an all-out, ass-slapping workout.

Masi delivers a gooey money shot onto Dasher's face that glistens off his stubbly chin.

Carlo Masi and Mike Dasher
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Carlo Masi & Mike Dasher
The next scene is one of the movie's most arousing parings - the towering French-Canadian Dave Angelo (Buckleroos) with the smaller, smooth Asian Lee Young. After some rimming, Angelo feeds Young is long, uncut hose. Standing in the shallow end of the pool, the two gingerly explore all areas of the other's body.

Young slowly deep throats Angelo, who then sits down on the Asian's face. Angelo then rams it on home missionary style, complete with Young arching his butt up in the air as high as possible. After a full round of anal, the release money shots. Young's in particular is copious.

Next up, German stud Chris Wide (Wide Strokes) and Roger Danik stand next to a wall, eyeballing each other's impressive bodies. Danik, who we've never seen before, carries an impressive set of pecs and arms that are as thick as tree trunks. The two engage in a lengthy, slow-motion dance of muscle worship.

Erections out of their speedos, Wide gets on his knees to grope and caress Danik. After some groping, Danik uses his fist to jack a splashy fountain of cum out of Wide's wide firehose. After this money shot, they turn to the camera and grin. Colt has clearly got the formula down for bodybuilder muscle worship.

The fourth scene the movie to all-out anal action, this time pairing muscular black exclusive Adam Dexter with the hairy Italian Carlo Masi. This welcome encore of Masi also features the highly arousing deflowering of the hirsute Colt model. Masi corroborates the theory that all muscle guys are essentially bottoms, easily seen here thanks to the thickness and sheer length of Dexter's log.

Dexter's thrusting is a period of high tension, clearly at moments taking Masi's breath away. Both models finish the sequence by firing out another round of impressive money shots.

Bodybuilder Edu Boxer muscles up

Muscle Up finishes on a very high note: buff latinos Edu Boxer (Parashooter) and Pierro Sias engage in a long, passionate round of sucking and anal plowing both in and out of the pool. (Sias is yet another of Colt's Italian bodybuilders recruited as models) Boxer, who has a long, color tattoo down his upper arm takes control, pulling and pushing Sias's head on his crotch.

Rutherford captures some very colorful and arousing underwater shots through the perfectly clear pool water. Standing on the stairs of the pool's shallow end, Boxer doggies Sias as the clear water shines, shimmers and rolls off their beefy bodies. Watch for this scene to get an award nomination of some kind in the next recognition round.

The two musclemen eventually move to the side of the pool where Boxer plows Sias missionary style as he hangs off the edge. Boxer's hairy, gym-built chest pumps and breathes to their sexual motions. These hairy studs finish by dropping some hot loads. As a gift for those who watch to the movie's last moment's, the final fade-out of the DVD shows Sias flashing a million dollar smile.

Muscle Up brings out a sizzling round of big muscle and sexual heat. Carried by this impressively built cast, the results can only be described as sexually dramatic. Carlo Masi's on-screen deflowering is another item that will not be easily overlooked, nor is the final supercharged scene of Edu Boxer and Pierro Sias's underwater sexual frolic.

Muscle Up Photos:

Edu Boxer snapshot
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Edu Boxer
Pierro Sias snapshot
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Pierro Sias
Adam Dexter snapshot
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or Maleflixx
Adam Dexter

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