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Muscle Ranch 2

Kristofer Weston
Buckshot Productions  
Alex Chandler , Antton Harri , Brian Hansen , Cole Ryan , Danny Roddick , Jason Kingsley , Joey Jordan , Mark Hansom , , Remo Ferri
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Muscle Ranch 2

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Who's Fucking on the Farm? Antton Harri.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Filled with big name talent and sexual heat, Muscle Ranch 2 expertly chronicles at its own laid-back pace fucking on the farm.

A Buckshot Man is only slightly more tender then the ubiquitous Colt Man. But men they all are, not boys, who work on the ranch of porn star Antton Harri. Harri appears here looking very distinguished with a moustache and slightly longer hair. The new look makes Harri appear much more relaxed then his boastful Euromuscle-Mensch look in Antton Harri: The Beginning.

Director Weston also casts additional models who are some of today's hottest properties: Jason Kingsley, porn star Mason Wyler, etc., and the result is a ranch of the best testosterone loaded talent in movies today.

Via narrated voiceover (not by Harri, who has a thick accent), the star shares the stories of his hired ranch hands, and how they seem to find the time to do anything all day except work, often to disaterous consequences.

Jason Kingsley Fixes It

His first tale of woe depicts Brian Hansen from Hard Studies ripping his jeans while baling hay. The accident inspires the handsome Hanson to sit down for a leisurely session of mastubatory self pleasure. The camera takes its time, visually drinking in the steady stroking of his thick cock and shaved balls.

After teasing his hole with his hand, Jason Kingsley appears to lend his mouth to Hansen's efforts. Hansen gives Kingsley a very satisfying blow-job. Afterwards, Kingsley decides to literally tear his buddy's jeans off his ass, diving into Hansen's hole with his tongue.

This culminates with Kingsley sliding his king-sized shaft up Hansen's hole, topping him doggie style. At one point, Hansen rides atop Kingsley wearing nothing but his Western-style brown leather boots.

Mason Wyler and Danny Roddick Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Mason Wyler and Danny Roddick
Brian Hansen and Jason Kingsley Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Brian Hansen backs into Jason Kingsley
Hansen cums on his back while getting plugged, followed by Kingsley squeezing out a huge gob of his man cream over his friend's torso.

Ranch hand rowdiness escalates to even higher levels when cuties Danny Roddick from Boot Black Blues and Mason Wyler forget all about watering the cows. Their episode contains many of the movie's hottest moments, which includes spectacularly filmed outdoors footage that even includes real time highway traffic visibly passing in the background.

Roddick sucks on Wyler's beautiful long cock, which arguably have never been photographed any better.

Breaking often for deep kissing, their lust leads to Roddick bending Wyler over and plowing his hairy hole.

Danny Roddick decides to play the top, throwing a great fuck to Mason Wyler. Roddick, usually a bottom, shows off his topping skills very nicely, causing Wyler to release a torrent of moans. The highlight of the scene shows Wyler (wearing just his boots) clinging onto the slats of a heavy wooden fence, supporting his entire bodyweight with Roddick screwing him from behind.

Both guys release nice money shots.

Unfortunately, Harri discovers the next day that in their lust, they completely forgot about turning off the running water, making an inexcusable mess.

At this point, a desperate Harri places an ad to hopefully hire someone big and strong who can "control these other fuck-ups."

Alex Chandler Sinks into the Mud

The next episode begins with one of the most creative starters we have seen on film. Alex Chandler and Cole Ryan (Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita) try to push their truck out of a heavy puddle of mud. Ryan pushes as Chandler guns the engine freeing up the truck at the expense of Ryan falling into the mud.

Tempers heat and a mud fight ensues.

Coated from head to toe, Harri intervenes and pulls them to a water tank where he hoses them off in water. (At one point after the mud dries, but Harri hasn't washed them off, the guys appear in what can best be described as gay porn kabuki.)

The thin stream from a water hose slowly washes them off, turning things very sexual.

Standing naked in an outdoor washtub, Ryan's cock getting completely stiff, pointing up towards the blue sky.

Completely clean, Harri plays the voyeur for awhile, watching Ryan suck on Chandler's thick knob. Adding to the film's list of unique visuals, Chandler sticks his tongue up Ryan's ass, who responds by spraying an arcing stream of piss out onto the ground.

Muscle Ranch three-wayWatch on COLT or Watch VOD
Alex Chandler, Cole Ryan and Antton Harri
Soon Chandler is drilling his mud buddy from behind. Ryan's sandwiched by Harri standing fore, his mouth full of his boss's uncut cock.

Behind them a clothesline shows a line of drying clothes, the wardrobe consisting of blue jeans and jock straps --- such is a typical ranch in a Buckshot Production!

The hottest moment shows the guys switching around so that Ryan screws Chandler, as Harri decides to get behind Ryan forming a love chain.

They all cum, with Harri releasing his stylized slow river of juicy goo, which he squeezes out like a tube of Brillo Cream.

Lazy Ranch Hands

The next episode tells the story of Joey Jordan (Manly Heat: Quenched) and Mark Hansom, and how Harri ultimately had to fire them because they broke his tractor. Once again, sex diverts the pair from their work duties, dropping their tools on the ground so that they can pop out their hard man tools.

Jordan and Hansom both have fat cocks. However, the biggest treat in this duet is watching Jordan's broad backside getting fucked by Hansom. Bent over one of the tractor's oversized wheels, the views of Hansom ramming Jordan are what keeps this entire film in the five star category.

To finish, Hansom paints his cum onto his friend's ass cheeks.

First, You Must Fuck the Boss

The final episode shows the arrival of Harri's new hired help - newcomer model Remo Ferri. Shirt unbuttoned, flashing his flat abs, Harri greets him by licking his black boots. He continues up Ferri's body to his hairy nipples. He pulls Ferri's long cock of his the fly of his jeans and sucks it.

Ultimately, Harri turns around so that his new employee can explore his ass with his finger and his tongue, followed by his cock.

After topping him standing doggie, they jack off side by side.

Taking its cue from living in the country, Muscle Ranch 2 shows its sexual action in a quiet, relaxed pace. Starring many of top names in "real man" models of gay porn, this will not be Buckshot Productions' last picture show.

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Muscle Ranch 2 Photos:

Mark Hansom and Joey JordanWatch on COLT or Watch VOD
Mark Hansom tops Joey Jordan
Mason Wyler and Danny RoddickWatch on COLT or Watch VOD
Mason Wyler tastes Danny Roddick

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