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Muscle Beach: Laid in St. Tropez

Csaba Borbely
Pacific Sun Entertainment  
Brian Wels , Brian Wels , , Fabrice Felder , Fernando Nielsen , Fred Goldsmith , Jack Laurel , Leslie Manzel , Ray Phillips , Tim Brensen , Tony Magera
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Muscle Beach: Laid in St. Tropez

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Fabrice Felder, Claudio Antonelli and Tim Brensen frolic in the French Riviera

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Our Hungarian heroes start this second part by going out on the glitzy town of Cannes, France. Everything is very pretty. The easily fit into the Land of the Beautiful People. Later on Tim Brensen (Deep Probe)chats happily with his new sexual obsession Ray Phillips, but soon Jack Laurel and Claudio Antonelli swoop in taking Phillips with them. It is only now that Brensen gets a slight inkling that Phillips may not be the marrying kind.

Part Two of the St. Tropez double feature picture show.
By RKO (real kinky orgy)

His inkling gets even stronger when he peers into a room later to find Phillips locked in a tringle of cocksucking with Laurel and Antonelli. Phillips shrugs this all off and sets to pump Laurel's hot butt doggie style on the carpet. Laurel's big frame and long legs are matched by his big erection, which thickens in the middle. In a memorable moment, Laurel's dick points to the cieling as he rides Phillips's thick cock on top. Watching this drives Antonelli to jump in for seconds. He gives Laurel his own healthy asshammering.

Laurel proves to be the star performer of this triad, not only taking both hot cocks, but finishing up with a gooey, drippy cumshot flows out like a river. All the scenes in Muscle Beach are similarly strong, with no weak moments. After this the broad chested guys Fred Goldsmith and Brian Wels (Island Daze) take a boat out of the lake. They find a relatively open part of water and get down to some sizzling versatile sex.

Ray Phillips tops Jack Laurel
Ray Phillips behind Jack Laurel

The St. Tropez Double Feature
Watching these two muscular, bubblebutt beefcakes easily slinding in and out of each other is riveting. On the boat, Wels admirably goes down on Goldsmith's fat dick. The sun glistens off Wels's tan skin and pink hole as it gets eaten. He then swallows Goldsmith's heavy python with ease. One memorable camerashot has the two muscleguys lying on the white deck of the boat, Goldsmith's big asscheeks heaving in and out, with the crystal blue water shimmering in the background.

Just when this seemed enough, they take their lust to hotel where they flip flop in an open, green courtyard. Wels takes his turn plowing Goldsmith's ass, which is just as hot as on the boat. In fact their voyuerism gets the attention of four other guests who beat off watching them from afar.

The scorned Brensen is among them, and he gets the brunt of their money shots covering him. This activity draws the attention of Fabrice Felder (What Friends Are For), one of the hotel's reliable tops. Fortune smiles as Felder moves on in to save Brensen's vacation.

Brensen always does better then most models from Central Europe at playing the smaller guy, who carries a glint in his eye that yearns for someone bigger and stronger to carry him. On their boat, he studiously works over Felder long shart with his mouth and hands. The two have another one of this filmset's impressively photographed outdoor sex sequences. On deck, Brenson lays back with his legs up as Felder drills him. The beautiful sea and coast surround them.

All details are as clear and unmuddied as the Meditteranean Sea. Later Brensen plants himself firmly atop Felder's long mast, as the top reaches around and plays with the bottom's hardon. Felder ultimately delivers one of his signature copious cumshots that runs down Brensen's face and shoudlers.

Finally, the models take a break and go to a lively dance club where they dance with some good looking locals, as well as some nice drag queens. One diva sings a peppy tune sung which we think is called C'est bien!. To this writer's knowledge, this is the only Borbely movie that indulges in such diverse activity.

Their partying takes them to the movie's final scene: a cocksucking orgy on one of the floating boats. They finish back on land at the hotel though for their anal activities. By the end of all this, Nielsen grits his teeth as he accomodates Goldsmith's schlong inside him, baby-boy Brensen has gets used again by Phillips as a convenient fuck-hole. With four active sex pairings going on, this orgy is noteworthy.

It ends with everyone standing over Brennen, who they use as their cumrag. Finally after hosing each other down with erupting bottle of peach sparkling champange, and splash in the pool, their European Vacation comes to an end.

Sunstroke and Muscle Beach contains not only the flawless set of Borbely models but also puts them in the picture perfect Mediterranean setting, which is enhanced by lots of aggressive filming live on boats. It was easy to grow tired of their combinations in endless gyms, stages and saunas, but the remarkable outdoor content earns these two St Tropez movies the need for a good look.

Muscle Beach: Laid in St. Tropez Photos:

Fabrice Felder tops Tim Brensen
Fabrice Felder tops Tim Brensen before the azure sea
Brian Wels explores Fred Goldsmith
Brian Wels explores Fred Goldsmith's ass
Jack Laurel
Jack Laurel

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