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Moving Men

Louis Handsome
High Octane  
Fabian Harri , Fergus Smart , Ivan Rohan , Jack Robinson , Jacob Peter , Jerry Zikes , Joseph Lewis , Langdon King , Larry Davis , Matthew Harris , Michael Smith , Parker Zaach , Ritchy Segely , Robert Petri , Rossi Fabab
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Moving Men

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What happens after they drop off the furniture?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The guys of High Octane's Moving Men spend day after long day carting around heavy least in theory. In Moving Men they spend most of the time having sex with each other, and with their happy clients. It is a popular theme which has been explored in most notably Musclemen Moving Company and Jocks Studio's Hot Wheels.

In five hot scenes, director Louis Handsome (not the regular Herve Handsome) expertly uses the stable of Czech models which have been highly exposed, but even still are very easy on the eyes. Boxcoverboy Fabian Harri is always worth the price of admission for any film he appears in.

It begins with musclebottom Rossi Fabab and torpedo-dicked John Zorn taking some furniture to the house of Missrs. Ritchy Segely and Robert Petri. Petri and Segely enter their living room to discover the moving men engaged in dicksucking on the couch. The couple gets broken-up as Segely tops Fabab, and Zorn wedges his huge horn into Perti.

Larry Davis and Langdon King Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Larry Davis and
Langdon King

ManAtPlay image European men in the office. Sex in the sharpest suits.
Francesco D'Macho, Ted Colunga, Jean Franko.

Passions explode wearing coat & tie.
The result is a hot session of two couples screwing simultaneously. Sharp viewers may recognize Segely from his bareback bottom role as the naughty cumhungry priest in Dan Komar's Newshawks. Zorn finishes by raining down one of his trademark fire-hydrant money shots onto Petri's belly. Petri quickly follows with shooting his own long ropes of juicy goo.

Fabab gets a heavy helping of Segely's cream on himself, causing him to release his own high flying money shot.

Thomas Black Is Back!

Next Larry Davis (Leonardo diMarco / Thomas Black) quickly gives up moving a pool table so he can get a piece of Langdon King's ass. Davis always enjoys leaning back getting his pretty dick sucked or sat on. King gets his hole drilled as he hunkers down over the pool table. Davis is the hot top-boy giving it to him in several positions.

Davis cums on the bottom's inner thigh. King produces a notable creamy, white orgasm of his own.

Next up is a bodybuilder three-way with Fabian Harri, Michael Smith and Jack Robinson. The three intertwine with the blond Smith strutting his topman stuff by screwing the other two. Smith is a hard-working top in High Octane flicks like Fly Boys, which makes him all the more interesting as gang bang bottom of Bareback Twink Street 2 back in 2005.

Watching the boxcover beefcake Harri get screwed is very hot. They all use Robinson as a cumrag for their copious loads.

After this, Studio 2000 vet Ivan Rohan and the youthful Fergus Smart show Parker Zaach how to setup barbells in a gym, which quickly leads to them sucking each other's uncut dicks. The equally youthful Zaach gets a long turn screwing Smart from behind, who obediently spreads his asscheeks wide, and sucks Rohan's erection. Zaach is a new discovery and a hot top who throws his smooth hairless body right into Smart's warm opening.

After this, Rohan proceeds to get Smart who gets flipped around one hundred and eighty degrees. Zaach shoots some high powered streams of cum followed by Smart own delicious boyjuice. Rohan happily adds his white goo to the soup mix.

Flip Flop Three Way Fuck Fest

The last scene of the film is another three-way, whose nice aspect is that all three models (Jacob Peter, Joseph Lewis and Matthew Harris) show off their versatility by topping each other. Their eighteen minute frolic ends with more energetic orgasms from the boys. These men could possibly move mountains with their quaking orgasms and rivers of spooge.

Moving Men features models slightly younger and less buff than typical High Octane films by Herve Handsome. Consider it High Octane, medium grade. It may not cost as much, but it still packs in high energy.

Moving Men Photos:

Rossi Fabab and Ritchey Segely Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Rossi Fabab sucks Ritchey Segely
Rossi Fabab and Ritchey Segely in Moving Men Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Rossi Fabab above Ritchey Segely

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