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Moscow: The Power of Submission

The Bear
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Alexander Byazrov , Anton Sekhin , Dima Chichay , Kirill Veronkov , Nestor Firsov , Pyotr Chernov , Slava Petrovich , Vanya Viktorovich , Yegor Seleznyov
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Moscow: The Power of Submission

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Slava Petrovich Struggles with Passions in Moscow

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

For years, Kristen Bjorn has utilized the talents of an individual who assists as his "Number One" production / direction assistant, photographer and general gopher. I've always found The Bear to have many talents, including a nice writing style. Several years ago, his diary of Kristen Bjorn filming his first Eastern European movie at the time, Vampire of Budapest, was an interesting behind-the-scenes account of the making of a porn.

Moscow: The Power of Submission is The Bear's first foray in the director's chair, and we see here that he learned from the best. The star of the film is Slava Petrovich, who began his film journey here with this movie. He subsequently has done movies for Lucas Kazan as Sasha Byazrov (Hotel Italia 2).

His soft, brown hair, strong facial features and kissable lips highlight his face. He also sports a long, uncut rod with a big foreskin, smooth abs and nice, lickable nipples. He is quite a package.

Slava Petrovich in Moscow The Power of SubmissionWatch VOD or Watch on
Boris Vladamirovich, Pyotr
Chernov & Slava Petrovich
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Set in 1986, two hunky KGB agents pick up Petrovich off the chilly street. They take him to an interrogation room for questionning. They want to know if he knows anything about a remarkably hot looking guy in a photograph. Petrovich insists that he knows nothing. The two agents take naked pictures of him, and stick a gloved finger in his big, muscular ass. Before long, they throw him into a jail cell to await his fate.

Imprisoned, Sasha dozes off and dreams about one instance where he spied upon four very hot Russian guys having sex.

The incarcerated Petrovich dreams about the sexual possibilities. He is awakens to captor Boris Vladiminovich standing at the bars of the gate. On his knees, he blows Boris's beautiful cock. After the standing Boris blows his load, our prisoner falls back asleep.

Next ensues a breathtaking four-way. All the models are muscular, hung and cute. Puppy-faced Alexander Byazrovis tops Yegor Seleznyov, while the hairy chested Vanya Viktorovich slides inside Nestor Firsov. They all cum. The stand-out of the quartet, Byazrovis quickly becomes the center of attention.

Lying on his back, the other three hold him gently as they all share his ass. Viktorovich has the first honor, drilling him energetically. Afterwards, bottom-boy Firsov screws him nice and slow. The scene builds nicely until Byazrovis climaxes on his stomach while getting hammered. The money shot is no hands. The others all spew tasty-looking gobs of manjuice as well. Byazrovis is arguably the hottest guy in this film, who sucks the air out of the room in any scene.

After this, General Chernov is ready to see prisoner Petrovich. It turns out that the man carries an obsession over the boxcoverboy. (So have many Eurohunk movie fans subsequently)

Hung Russian Generals

General Pyotr Chernov has a big, thick cock. Perhaps this body art has elevated him to his current, high rank so quickly in his military career. He commands Petrovich to his knees, ordering a guard Boris to fuck him. Boris is yet another one of this film's big hotties. He's pale-skinned with his dark hair on his face looking really sexy. He also has a nice juicy cock that he buries all the way in Slava's ass. Slava takes Boris from behind on all fours, while General Chernov is at the other end, forcing the prisoner to suck his cock. After they all come, it is the General's turn on Sasha's ass. General Chernov wields the film's biggest, thickest cocks, so watching it pump in and out of Slava's butt is very satisfying. General Chernov also seems to cum in hefty, white-thick amounts with every spurt. He finishes off Sasha with a juicy cum load on the bottom's butt. Once finished, Slava is taken out into the snowy country and abandoned. Poor Slava? Wait and see.

The next scene starts with wealthy Kirill Veronkov soliciting soldier Dima Chichay from his automobile. After picking up Dima, he also gets the very youthful-looking Anton Sekhim aboard for the ride. They have a very good three way, with Veronkov ending up getting both of these soldier-boys' cocks into his hungry ass.

The movie's final scene involves Sasha who stumbles upon the ultra-sexy Alexander Byazrov (from the earlier four-way). Since Alexander is my personal favorite of this movie, seeing more of this fine young man made for a great finale.

This movie contains many of the techniques patented over the years with Bjorn's films. However, I recognized a difference in the choice of models, as well as frequently veering towards quick scenes of kink. Also, these models fuck each other with a marked enthusiasm which was occasionally lacking with earlier Bjorn models.

This is one hot movie to watch, especially if you like well-built Eastern Europeans.

Sarava has also made an enjoyable Behind-the-Scenes companion DVD named Behind the Curtain: The Making of Moscow. These documentaries are an entire film in and of themselves, and will interest any fan of the Kristen Bjorn line.

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Moscow: The Power of Submission Photos:

Moscow The Power of Submission Four WayWatch VOD or Watch on
Nestor Firsov, Slava Petrovich, Yegor Seleznyov, Vanya Victorvich
Yegor Seleznyov and Slava PetrovichWatch VOD or Watch on
Yegor Seleznyov and Slava Petrovich

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