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More Tales

Robert Boggs
AYOR Studios  
Benjamin Bloom , Bjorn Gedda , Colin Reeves , George Michaelo , Jason Knightley , Justin Boyd , Kevin Kraus , Mark Lopez , Niall Phoenix , Ryan Quaid , Samuel Hoffman , Thierry Aulin
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More Tales

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A satisfying seven-scene interview-style movie that introduces several handsome dynamos - Kevin Kraus and Ryan Quaid, as well as a host of favorites engaging in passionate frolic.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The original concept for Robert Boggs' Tales series proved a very popular with the huge number of fans around the world who love to follow the adorable antics and lives of their favorite Czech models. Unlike studios that stay one hundred percent impersonal, Boggs embraces an opposite approach to erotica. The charming personalities of these boys exude sexual heat, which builds sexual suspense nicely, making their screwing all the more arousing.

More Tales is a seven scene collection using many of Boggs' favorite models mixed in with numerous loaned faces from Bel Ami. Their "happy twink" style of porn is a great match, explaining why Boggs and Bel Ami tend to work very closely of late on many projects.

Kevin Kraus snapshot Watch Now
Kevin Kraus

The movie begins with Benjamin Bloom talking about his life-long fondness for playing sports, especially basketball. He also is the only model in this film who openly "comes out," revealing that he's had a boyfriend for the past two years.

Bloom is paired in a colorful, relaxing room with five foot ten tall blond Thierry Aulin, who turns into a very hot guy to watch get fucked. At length, Aulin gives the outstretched Bloom some good head. Turned on his side, Aulin displays his sweet ass, which Bloom probes around with a free finger. He ends up getting fucked long and hard by the frosty haired top, who puts on a nice turn of events show here. In many films, like Bel Ami's Pillow Talk 2, Bloom primarily played bottom.

For the next scene, we move from blonds to brunets. The lanky Mark Lopez relaxes in the shallow area of a swimming pool where adorable Samuel Hoffman paddles up soliciting his attention. Of course, it's impossible to ignore Hoffman with his sweet grin and tight boyish body.

Watching Hoffman get his little ass fucked is always a treat, and this episode is no exception. Hoffman perches himself out of the shallow water, receiving Lopez's upward thrusts. Their rather acrobatic sex on the stone masonry looks potentially uncomfortable. But by watching these rutting puppies enjoying themselves, one really cannot know for sure. Both keep their stiffies, including Hoffman, who ultimately ends up on his knees bottoming while perched poolside on his fours. The bottom finally blasts a hot gusher of a money shot.

The third episode of More Tales is arguably the film's piece de resistance. Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce the dark haired, handsome and amazingly sensual young man Kevin Kraus. Kraus, who we've only seen in these Boggs' Tales movies, is walking dream come true. How rare is it today to find a model whose performance is completely riveting yet afterwards creates the desire to watch him even more?

The epsiode's magic here is framed by a frosty outdoor interview, a very pretty, well filmed scenic setup. The chemistry between Kraus and his two friends, Jason Knightly and the returning blond Aulin is obvious. Dressed for the cold Czech winter, the guys play in the snow until they end up at remote tower where Kraus pushes the idea of having a three way right there in the cold weather.

They retreat from this pretty countryside to the cozy warmth of a bedroom, where the guys wrestle around in a bed pulling off each other's underwear. Their iimpressive, uncut erections all come out. The mood effortless transitions from playful fun to sexual passion. Their three-way, which features all three guys both topping and bottoming each other and two complete rounds of orgasms, is award winning and will clearly be one of the most remembered events of the film.

We next meet a confident and plucky brunet beauty named George Michaelo (Summer Cruising), who proudly explains to us his workout routine at the gym. He's proud to share his happy and healthy lifestyle to us viewers. Turns out, Michaelo also is extremely sexual, and has always wanted to work out completely naked in the gym. While lifting free weights au natuel, Justin Boyd appears eager to give him a nice cardio workout.

The cuddly Boyd (Bel Ami's Graffiti) still looks to us like a younger brother of Sebastian Bonnet. Here, Boyd shows off his fantastic bottom skills, taking all the top moves that Michaelo throws at him.

Michael fucks him on the gym weight bench in several hot positions, culminating with Boyd shooting a giant cum shot across the top's muscled chest.

More Tales snapshot
Mark Lopez sucks Samuel Hoffman
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Next comes another example of Boggs' creativity. Rather then just show a typical solo, we get watch the returning Knightly talk about himself, while at the same time giving Bloom the brush-off at the ice skating rink. Walking home by himself, he explains to the camera that he loves Internet chat rooms and watching hot porn online.

Knightly delivers a fantastic one man show jacking off in his desk chair, his laptop open to AYOR Studio porn. (Naturally) Jason Knightly fans take note: Seeing him seated like this brings out the definition of the pectoral muscles in his chest unlike we've ever seen. Also, in one funny moment, his mom interrupts his alone time by knocking on his bedroom door announcing that dinner is ready.

After beating off, he's ready for dinner, but not for mom's home cooked food. He chats up "colin69" online, aka Colin Reeves. (Mating Season) Reeves has matured since he worked for Boggs as über-twink Martin Noah several years ago. (Skaterz) Using his uncut bratwurst, Reeves fucks Knightly on his stomach, culminating with his great money shot.

After this, cute bottom Niall Phoenix ends up in a three way with the returning Michaelo and Bloom. This is another exciting trinity showing three enthusiastic models launched into a fucking frenzy, both topping and bottoming. Michaelo tops Phoenix, followed by Bloom topping Michaelo, and another round of tasty looking ejaculations.

The movie finishes on a fantastic note. Two amazingly attractive blonds hook up for a powerful one-on-one in the wood shop. We first meet handsome Serbian Ryan Quaid, who gives another one of the film's engaging interviews, at one point speaking in his native tongue so that the audience has a chance to hear it spoken.

Following this, beefcake Bjorn Gedda walks in and fucks his brains out on a workbench, bringing the movie to a most satisfactory conclusion.

More Tales features enthusiastic and versatile three-ways, passionate one-on-ones and lots of frisky horseplay. The personal interview set-ups are some of the best ways to glean some substantial added value from the cute cast. Several models, notably Kraus and Quaid, are enthralling new meat to watch in action. Plus, some of the more seasoned guys here, like Bloom and Knightly, clearly are at the top of the porn star game.

Another fine DVD from Robert Boggs that's worth every cent.

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More Tales Photos:

More Tales snapshot
Niall Phoenix & George Michaelo
suck Benjamin Bloom
More Tales snapshot
Bjorn Gedda behind Ryan Quaid
More Tales snapshot
Colin Reeves tops Jason Knightly
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More Tales snapshot
George Michaelo tops Justin Boyd
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