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Monster Cock

Ben Baird
SX Video  
Alessandro Teradyne , Angel Rocha , Chris Neal , , , Johnny Hanson , , Payton Michaels , ,
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Monster Cock

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Tony Serrano throws around some monster cock.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

So…what to make of a movie from SX Video called Monster Cock? What could possibly be in store? [Will it be Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy, or more like Wankenstein, Crackula, and The Cummy?] Well, to quote from a dictionary:

mon • ster - adjective 8. Huge; enormous; monstrous

Rest assured. And don't worry, there's not a Halloween costume in site… But man I'd be scared of a few of the cocks in this film…Yes, those dirty SX Video boys are at it again… Bareback sex, and huge cock – never a bad mix in our book. But who are the hapless victims???

Jarod Steele above Tony SerranoWatch on
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Jarod Steele rides
Tony Serrano's monster cock

Served up first is the always appealing Jarod Steel, the handsome blonde bottom boy who quite literally opens up in scene one for his Monster Cock tops porn star Tony Serrrano (Sleaze 2) and Chris Neal (Gloryhole Initiation Of Adam Burr).

Cutie boy Steel (Jarod Steele's Buckets Of Cum) already has his oral vacuum suction working on Serrano when the scene opens. He's draped on a bed with Neal, who gets some of Serrano's cock for himself before dreamy eyed Steel plants his smooth-as-fuck buns down on Serrano's raw meat and pokes it on up ther,e while Neal feeds his bearded Latino friend his truly monstrous length.

Steel is flipped over so Serrano's glistening member can work his hole properly, and it's a joy to behold watching his hairy cock penetrating Steel's baby-smooth ass.

Joyful enough for snake-man Neal to get up in there too, his studded cockring stuffed to the hilt, and working hard as the guys verbally abuse their boy. Serrano gets back in with some "all natural lube" and Neal pounds his loosened hole some more.

Versatile Serrano can't resist a bit of Neal for his own ass (and neither would this reviewer) but he soon slips back on into Steel, as does Neal, who packs the fuck out of it before shooting a loud wet explosive orgasm right between his cheeks, choosing just the right moment to stick it back inside.

Serrano follows suit, stuffing Steel's cummy hole with his own dark prick, and giving him some more jizz. Steel has been bred by his monster cocks. He ejaculates, and Serrano licks the spew from the smooth tatted boy.

Rugged bareback newcomer Johnny Hanson ensnares his victim, the youthful and forward ("I really like to get fucked by big dicks") ex-Helix minx Payton Michaels (Wet n Raw), on his couch. He unzips a huge weapon and smoothie Michaels goes down on it almost before it hits the air.

Hanson teases Michaels brown butt with his member, and gets the lad bouncing up and down on it as he lays on the floor with his massive meat pointing up to the heavens. There's a beautiful camera angle here as Michaels cheeks are parted to allow full voyeuristic access to Hanson's thick cut cock raping him raw.

Stocky hung Hanson gets him on his feet and bends him over a desk for some noisy rigourous fucking, and you can literally see the juices flowing out of him as his bottom pulls on his cock.

This pair do it every which way, with Michaels' own healthy sized length bouncing up and down while he rides the even thicker dong that's shoved up his ass. He shoots out a load onto Hanson, which the top uses as lube for some even cummier fucking. When he's ready to shoot he uses his submissive's mouth as a receptacle. Hanson chows down by way of thank you.

Erec Estrada Comes Back for More

Remember that young little Hispanic boy Erec Estrada from Erec's Little Shop Of Porn? Well, he's a little older but still as hot as ever, and he's among the monsters again. But this time in the form of hung top man Lito Cruz.

Stubbly hunky Cruz has a superman emblem on his chest, and a cock you can fit both hands around quite happily. Yes it's monstrous, but in a good way as the on-his-knees Estrada finds out.

Somehow he manages to deep throat Cruz 11" uncut mammoth. But not without some tell-tale slurping. Cruz happily rims his prey before sticking his exposed cockhead where the sun don't shine, using only saliva for lube.

Amazingly Estrada manages to take it and is soon "nice and stretched out", his handsome face reduced to a painfully pleasurable grimace as he sniffs on some poppers.

Cruz takes full advantage, pulling fully out and sliding that fat length deep inside multiple times. Then he gets his boy to ride, enjoying the experience immensely.

Erec Estrada rides Lito CruzWatch on or Watch VOD
Erec Estrada rides Lito Cruz
He shoots a thick wad in Estradas' hole way before the scene is done, and keeps on going.

Getting Estrada to lift his leg for some easier deep access, Estrada is totally in his command. He's quite brutal about it, working pained squeals out of his bottom, slapping him, making him look at him.

And finally in an intense close-up moment he fills his hole again with thick white spunk. His monster cock dangles in front of the camera covered in wet sex juice as Estrada explodes a massive load. Estrada turns to the camera, glittering with sweat and says "now that's one monster cock". Sure it's cheesy, but it's also true, and he means it… By far the hottest scene of the quartet…

Rod Rockhard's Monster Cock

The movie could have ended there but Payton Michaels returns for a little more action, and this time he may have quite literally bitten off more than he can chew. Huge monster of monsters (when it comes to cock) Rod Rockhard (Packin Loads) grabs our hero Michales.

The pair are seriously into each other and deep kiss on a couch. Rockhard's African American torso is accentuated with a dark shirt, while latino Michaels sports a sexy armless white tanktop.

It's always good to see real kissing in porn, and these guys have perfect chemistry together. Perfect enough that Michaels even attempts to throat Rockhard's extreme hugeness (he doesn't make it, but he has a good try).

After comparing it to a water bottle, and finding Rockhard considerably larger, Michels is in store for a treat. Rockhard humors Michaels some more with some passive oral, then stuffs it up his ass all the way. No gag reflex to worry about there.

And my god is it huge. The sex sounds, the panting, they're not for camera, but quite real. Somehow Rockhard manages to loosen his bottom up, he holds him down by the neck and plows till he's wide open, and continues to do him in a variety of postures

Finally Michaels spunks all over Rockhard's anaconda, before bending for his Monster cum.

And the disc of extras isn't bad either - 37 minutes of deleted scenes, and extra footage, with a horny Allesandro Teradyne taking Jarod Steel (literally) in a sex shop, and Angel Rocha sharing mutual blow jobs and bareback fucks with hot boy Kevin Penn (Bareback Pick-Up).

On the director's cut DVD there are also trailers, a demonstration of sex toys from Estrada, Steel, Serrano and many others, and more sexual still shots than you could throw holy water at. The series continues on with Monster Cock 2.

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Monster Cock Photos:

Sucking Monster CockWatch on or Watch VOD
Sucking Monster Cock
Payton Michaels and Rod RockhardWatch on or Watch VOD
Payton Michaels sucks Rod Rockhard

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