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Monster Cock 2

Ben Baird
SX Video  
Casey Wood , , Jude , , Mario Montes , Michael Kadin ,
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Monster Cock 2

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Casey Woods and the incomparable Jude show up for fun.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Fans will remember 2007's Monster Cock from SX Video with not only affection, but maybe a little shudder when recalling those gargantuan shafts plowing through tender raw flesh in full lurid detail. Well everyone knows horror films must spawn sequels, and it was with a quickening pulse and a shortness of breath that we eagerly pried the cellophane of SX Video's hugely (excuse the pun) awaited sequel, Monster Cock 2.

Monster Cock 2, has not just giant genitals but some pretty huge names in gay porndom, not least of which are the hunky top Lito Cruz - the only cast member to appear in both titles, and Ian Jay, that pretty blonde bottom who headlined his own spunkfest in Breeding Ian Jay.

Cruz and Jay appear face to face in the opening scene, getting the ball(s) rolling in an appropriate manner. Jay's hard-on positively bounces out of his pants and straight into Cruz' soul-patched mouth for some deep head by way of an appetizer, as Cruz rolls his hand up and down his fat over-ample powerful prick. When Jay bends down and gorges on his tasty uncut meat, you'd be a fool not to be jealous.

With clothes now off, Jay bends over and lets Cruz lap at his butt, his pale little cheeks writhing hungrily for some action in the center, and the Superman tatted' Cruz gives him exactly what he needs - his thick meaty whopper pushing its raw way deep inside his ass, getting deeper with every stroke till Jay's shaved orifice can feel hair up against it again.

Jay's ass is nice and juicy by the time Cruz bear hugs him, cock still inside, to a reverse cowboy position. Luckily Jay is enough of a pro to bounce on Cruz' fattie with erotic precision, giving us a hot glimpse of his widely stretched out ass.

Casey Wood and Michael KadinWatch on or Watch VOD
Casey Wood and Michael Kadin
And fans of dirty sex will love it when Jay turns around for some noisy ass to mouth oral action before sliding his ass back down on Cruz' cock. Cruz works like a piston when he gets behind, filling Jay up with his much desired load, and he's nice and sloppy when Cruz shoots again, spunking up all over his open ass, legs spread as wide apart as they'll go, for Cruz to fuck his juice back inside him. Jay shoots all over his monster cock before cleaning him up.

The second scene stars a personal favorite for this reviewer. Like many, I've yearned to see Casey Wood bareback. Wood may not have your typical porn stud looks, but BOY if there ever was a model who the term "monster cock" could be attributed to, it would be him. SX Video website has him sized at 11"x8" and well, it would be nice to verify those figures officially.

He's coupled here with the boyishly handsome Michael Kadin (Asses Full of Cum) who has some hot ear piercings and seems somewhat of a novice when it comes to taking such a huge appendage. Woods is gentle with him at first - in oral he lets Kadin assist with a hand when he's sucking on him, and he makes sure to give an extra sloppy rim job before making any attempt to enter the boy.

But Kadin does take him, from behind at first, not quite all the way but getting heroically close. Kadin even loses his hard-on he's so focused on getting such a massive cock up his hole. It's actually pretty hot to see the false starts and the difficulty Kadin has, which eventually melt away to some vigorous bareback fucking. Kadin's pain is very real, but so is his pleasure, as Woods rams away.

When he finally lays on his side and Woods lays his pipe deep inside him, the effort was worth it, and, hard again Kadim takes a thick spoogy load between his balls and hole, which Woods lovingly wipes downwards and back inside the brave deeply fucked boy. "That was the fucking biggest dick I've ever seen," states Kadim, and he's telling the truth. The hung lad appears in Hot Desert Knights' bareback movies Palm Springs Sluts and Jarod Steele's Buckets Of Cum.

Miguel Temon (Straight Men Fuck and Suck) and Mario Montes star in the third segment, two horny Hispanic guys looking to get off. The mustachioed muscle-shirted Temon provides another truly monstrous uncut cock - its dark, thick and welcoming, and Montes, who has a matching huge length of his own, sets about sucking it all the way to the base - he's done this before...

Montes gags and sputters noisily on Temon's prick like a guy ending a hunger strike in a sausage factory. Then Temon asks if he wants it in his ass. Montes bends over, offering up a beautiful smooth butt for Temon's equipment, and he arches upwards making sure he takes every inch of uncut raw flesh.

The more Temon pounds, the more Montes whimpers. Being noisily verbal, Montes slides off and resumes pleasuring Temon with his lips and throat, while his top pal lies back on the couch and watches with impassioned seriousness as his glistening cock vanishes deep inside.

Finally doggie style on the floor, we are privy to some hot deep experienced fucking from top and bottom alike, until Temon shoots forth a geyser of spew in and onto Montes hole, which oozes out down his balls as Temon continues his assault. Montes cleans him up and shoots one out of his own massive gun.

Monster Bottom: Jude

The final scene returns to the handsome stubbled Kadin, who takes on an alternate role with the singularly named Jude (whose porn audition can be seen as an extra on the 2007 title Game Room).

Jude "loves big dicks", and some heavy petting on the couch leads to a mouthful of Kadin's curvy cock (by way of a hot blow job from his versa-top). Jude knows how to position his ass to really get a guy going, and the way he shapes himself on the chair will have any viewer salivating.

The director shoots loving close-ups of Jude's ass, as Kadin proceeds to tongue and finger away at it, till it's nice and open for his bare meat. Jude upends and Kadim slides right in, pounding the lad as he pulls his ass cheeks apart to allow for deep access (this is a true bottom, folks). When he bends over a desk for Kadim, his own hard-on bobs and bounces as his ass is continually pounded, hard and deep. And when Kadim is ready to shoot, the submissive Jude about turns in the blink of an eye, his wide open mouth and greedy tongue wide open in time for positively reams of ropey cum to shoot out all over him in a messy nasty tasty climax to another SX Video masterpiece.

So like a good horror movie sequel - you may know what you're getting, but if the stars are right and the direction is good, you'll feel like it was worth every penny. And as such Monster Cock 2 absolutely delivers - with its stellar cast, beautiful cocks, superb direction and hardcore sweaty sex. It may be more of the same, but good, 'cause we like it this way. And we're still ready for more.

The DVD extras include scene access, nine explicit video previews, and the SX video models showing the viewer some of the nastier ways to enjoy their sex toy line.

Monster Cock 2 Photos:

Michael Kadin barebacks JudeWatch on or Watch VOD
Michael Kadin tops Jude
Mario Montes above Miguel TemonWatch on or Watch VOD
Mario Montes rides Miguel Temon
Casey Wood and Michael KadinWatch on or Watch VOD
Casey Wood and Michael Kadin
Lito Cruz barebacks Ian Jay Watch SX Videos on
Lito Cruz bareback tops Ian Jay

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