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Mo Betta Butt

Steven Scarborough
Plain Wrapped Video  
Buck Hammer , Corey Jay , Johnny Rider , Mark Evrett , Steve Hood
FistingKink / SextoysHunks

Mo Betta Butt

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Johnny Rider's Amazing Butt

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Set in a dark limbo that could possibly be the backroom of a sex club, Mo' Betta' Butt explores the adventures of the tattooed porn star Cory Jay, who frolics with daddys and nasty-minded boys alike. Jay prowls the maze of corridors, peering into various room looking at the scenes of various kink. Typically he joins in.

Mo' Betta' Butt is a ten-gun salute to the backside of the male anatomy, and what can be dome with it. In the first episode, the balding and portly Bad Daddy (Buck Hammer) lives true to his names by taking boyish slave Steve Hood through a series of verbal abuse, spanking, paddling and armpit licking. Hood, the classic slave bejeweled with a Prince Albert and scrotal piercing, is ultimately masked and taken on a walk through the maze.

The next scene stars the films most amazing find - the youthful and innocent looking Johnny Rider. Lest we forget, looks can be deceiving. In Rider they are doubly so. Rider lowers himself onto thickest black dildos you will ever see. The instrument stands on a can of Crisco, which plainly appears to be only slightly less thick than the can.

Rider's face is a cross between an innocent deer and a crazed satyr. Rider crams himself fully as Jay stands over him fully erect. Like the other scenes in the film, they do not have a specific beginning or end. So soon we return to Hammer and Hood who are having another go-around.

Sir, please fuck my pussy, Sir! bellows Hood.

Hammer obliges, but with an oversized buttplug, and then a big black dildo. Finally, he uses alternating fists.

The third scene brings the hairy Mark Everett into the mix. He and Hammer take turns on eating Hood's hole. Hammer then turns his focus onto Everett's rear, which turns out to have an amazing capacity. By the end of the film, Hammer has double fisted him.

For those who want more, in this same room, Jay throws Rider into a sling, where is fists the kid all the way up to the elbow. There is lots of suspense as the Hammer / Everrtt duo and the Jay / Rider duo transpire side by side. This is concluded by Everett shooting a big load all over Bad Daddy Hood's face.

Jay slides into mega-bottom mode, as he and Bad Daddy Hood begin to impale themselves on a set of dildos, each larger than the previous. Hood then takes a turn on Rider's ass by punch fisting him, who is lolling in a quiet state of ecstasy.

Jay and Hammer then sit on a series of more dildos, each one verbally urging the other one on. Go buddy! they shout, as they attempt to outdo the other.

Scarborough's fisting films all employ a kinky inventiveness and well-done craft which is fully on display with the wonderfully-named Mo' Betta' Butt.

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