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Missionary in Argentina

Chad Donovan
Latin Heat Productions  
Bruno Bordas , German Rojas , Juan Pablo , Lucas Fabian , Max Schutler , Michael Amerika , , Ulises Falcon
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Missionary in Argentina

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Not one for all you god fearing types out there, Missionary In Argentina explores exactly what the title suggests. A sleepy town in South America (conveniently populated with a HOST of scorching guys) is beset with a visit from an American missionay with looks straight out of Hollywood. Here, supposedly to follow the teachings of the bible, these men are instead tempted by dark desires, and four well crafted scenes show these visitors exploring intimate acts with these formerly holiest of men. Let's be honest, Catholicism and homosexuality are almost synonymous terms these days anyway. Luckily, though, none of the guys here are underage. They are freaking hot though.

In scene one, the handsome cover star Rod Daily (Wildlands) is introduced to brothers German Rojas and Michael Amerika (Bailando Tango), all three sporting white shirts and formal black ties. They settle down almost immediately to some Bible study – Daily doesn't even have the backpack off him before he's perusing the good book.

The trio sit in silence, but with naughty little glances at each other, and the scene cuts to the city, where god-loving fellows Daily and Rojas knock on the apartment door of a disrobed beefcake in the form of Lucas, and his partner in crime Ulises Falcon (Roman's Holiday), who has a hot eyebrow piercing and looks ready for anything.

Lucas Fabian snapshot
Lucas Fabian
The missionaries leave without making an effort to spread the word of their god, leaving Falcon and Lucas to explore each other behind closed doors. Lucas' well developed body grips Falcon by the waist and the pair embrace in a passionate intimate kiss.

Bad boy Falcon gets his shirt off, and it's on his knees next, not to pray, but to worship Lucas well endowed completely shaved uncut hard-on, which is soon glistening with Falcon's deep throat spittle.

He laps and sucks and licks till his own uncircumcised manhood is hard as a rock then bends Lucas over, spreading his cheeks to get his tongue nestled in that tasty looking crack.

And when he's done, Lucas, muscles rippling under his superman tattoo, rolls on a rubber and slips his thick length up inside bent over Falcon's unholy crevice.

He works Falcon's hole for some time this way before turning him on his back for some deeper penetration. Holding one leg in the air he pounds the fuck out of Falcon and the squeaky mattress beneath.

Falcon's moaning gets Lucas ready to spill, and he positions himself over his partner's head and pulls like mad on his member. Cum flies onto panting Falcon's torso, and Lucas' spooge is soon joined with a nice white load of his own.

Next we are acquainted with Max Schutler, a handsome moody eyed dreamboat who smiles nervously at the formally dressed missionary Daily, who is alone and at his studies.

He introduces himself and explains that he is from America to convert people to his church. Schutler offers to show Daily around, and the duo take in the on-location sites of the city.

Next we cut to Amerika and Rojas who are sleeping at the mission, but rouse with matching hard-ons under their hot underwear. In the background a monistarial chant plays, and Amerika is soon hopping into Rojas' bed for some deep throated kissing.

He pulls off Rojas' gray undies and reveals an eminently suckable beautifully crafted cock, as if from the hands of god himself, which he wraps his lips around and slides down his throat as far as he can take it.

Rojas loves the oral attention and writhes with pleasure, removing Amerika's own white briefs and pulling out another stunner of a cock, a lovely thick uncut hard piece of meat, which he works with his hand while Amerika's tongue continues to pleasure him.

Amerika stands and gives him a taste of his own before bending over and offering up his hairy ass for Rojas to spread, tongue and rub his stubbly chin against while he continues to pump his cock. It's an extremely hot piece of photography, and these boys have some great chemistry.

Next, the inevitable happens and Rojas covers up and pushes his cock up his missionary pal's ass. He skewers him like its Armageddon. Their lusty moans are enough to wake up Daily who is sleeping in the next room. Naturally this handsome lad wants to investigate, and he walks in on the in deep anal action.

It's not like they're going to stop for him now, is it?

Amerika shoots on himself while still getting rammed, and Rojas pulls out, removes his rubber and spunks up on Amerikas' abs and cock.

The pair kiss, and the camera cuts to Daily who is back in his bed, but thinking about his new friend Schulter, as his dreamy eyes betray.

It's hard to tell if the next scene is Daily's dream or reality.

Missionary in Argentina snapshot
Missionary in Argentina snapshot
Juan Pablo tops Martin Soto

Daily is in a park at night, passively observing from a bench as Bruno Bordas (aka Martin Soto Spanish Playhouse) approaches the classically Spanish looking hottie Juan Pablo and the two take off, leaving Daily alone in the dark.

Shorter goateed' Bordas and Pablo engage in a heat inducing embrace, and strip off each other's clothes. Bordas has a beautiful chest, and Pablo is smooth and soft-skinned. Bordas caresses his nipples and licks from his armpits down to his fingers.

On the bed now tattooed Bordas takes Pablo's hard uncut prick, with a hot bent cock-head trajectory, down to the root while jerking on his own natural member. He gazes up at Pablo as he laps on the head of his shimmering shaft, then deep throats him aggressively before working on the balls.

Pablo squats above him to let that tongue get deep into his ass, and Bordas slurps his hole like a fallen celibate.

Pablo bends over and sticks out his ass to afford his friend a tasty angle for some deep analingus, and the scene dissolves to some fucking. And it's the taller Pablo who takes his wantonly oral friend up the sacred shute.

His amply thick cock pumps like a piston, playing Bordas like a musical instrument – obtaining just the right moans and groans with each thrust and angle change, his down curving head hitting just the right notes.

He pulls Bordas' legs right over his head, and pummels the holy spirit right out of him, deep, hard and unrelenting.

Next he takes him from behind, and on his side, lifting one leg up and fucking the cum out of his noisy pal. Finally he positions himself over Bordas, and shoots massive pools of jizz over his smooth toned abs.

A Missionary Flip-Flop

And in the final scene Daily is once again chatting with his Argentinean buddy Schutler. Schutler tells Daily they have plenty of time together, and that he can "show him", and that he will like it.

The scene changes to the duo just in their underwear, kissing on the bed back at the mission. Daily shows off his star tattoos, but unconsciously, and his tongue shows that he was well ready for this.

Schutler plays with his ass through Daily's gray undies, and gets Daily to play with his hard-on a little. And then Schutler moves right on in, taking Daily's hot straining length down to the back of his throat, then taking off his own underwear to jerk off as he sucks. Daily leans back in an ecstatic pose. Schutler really knows how to give superb head. It's a noisy, thoughtful suck job.

Well in the mood now the duo trade places and Daily gets to take Schutler between his lips as he works his own cock to the hardest of extremes. In one hot camera moment his his hard-on points straight up in the center of the screen as Schutler plows in and out of his mouth.

And now Schutler gets to rim and finger Daily's completely hairless hole. He laps at it like it's the most exquisite communion, his thirsty mouth taking in the flavor of hot sex, and his fingers beginning to probe gently at his ass.

And inevitably his cock finds its way to that opening, with Daily bent over, hot tattoo spread across the small of his back, and enjoying every lustful second of the penetration. He goes at it for ages, getting gradually faster with his forward thrusting, till its time to move Daily onto his back, legs slung over his shoulders as Schutler's eyes roll back in his skull.

Now debased and broken, Daily wants to fuck some ass himself, and he lets Schutler mount him, squatting down with his back facing him, and riding his rubbered meat. Schutler gushes forth, shooting huge splodges of cum out as he continues to work Daily from below. He dismounts and lets Daily jerk out a porn-star wad of his own.

And of course, to tail-end the movie, in walks Rojas catching them at the end of their spiritual sex. "Brother, this isn't our mission," spouts hypocrite Rojas.

"That's ok, I found a new mission," declares Daily. And moving in to a deep kiss with his friend, the credits roll.

So Missionary In Argentina is unlikely to turn any Papal heads, but it's a fun, hot movie, unafraid to poke fun at certain establishments who have frankly tarnished their own name anyway.

If you like hot Latin men, uncut fellas, or good looks deserving of Hollywood fame you will not go wrong with this Latin Heat release. Plenty of tasty cocks and sexy holes up for grabs here, location shooting, and an unobtrusive soundtrack. Extras on the DVD include chapter selection, cumshots and a photo gallery, as well as some tantalizing trailers for Bailando Tango, Brazilian Outback, Latinolicious and Viva Guadalajara.

So if you're on your knees praying for some fresh porn, you would do much worse than an immaculate erection courtesy of Missionary From Argentina. It's time to partake of your Sunday cummunion.

Missionary in Argentina Photos:

Missionary in Argentina snapshot
Missionary in Argentina snapshot
Max Schutler tops Rod Daily

Missionary in Argentina snapshot
German Rojas fucks Michael Amerika
Missionary in Argentina snapshot
Martin Soto sucks Juan Pablo

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