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Missing (Michael Lucas)

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
Bruno Jones , Carlos Caballero , Diego Cruz , Ivan Rueda , , , Michael Lucas , Pavlvs Guell , Sergio Serrano
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Missing (Michael Lucas)

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Desperately Seeking Diego

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If you ever get kidnapped while on vacation in Europe, just telephone Michael Lucas. He will instantly marshall an impressive army of gay porn stars to your gallant rescue. Believe me, it's true, because I saw it on video!

Missing continues Lucas Entertainment's impressive recent slate of work filmed on the European mainland, specifically Barcelona. Several of the models and locations are recognizable from the studio's earlier work of dazzling male erotica, Spanish Seductions. This time, we've got a set of five nice sexual episodes strung together by what is, admittedly, a hokey plot. Fortunately the sexual heat more than makes up for the rushed-looking scenes that are advancing the storyline.

Diego Cruz and Pavlvs GuellWatch Now or
Diego Cruz looks up at Pavlvs Guell
Diego Cruz gets seduced by a hairy Latino named Pavlvs Guell, who after their extremely hot fuck session kidnaps him. (Is the lesson here beware of tricking while traveling in Europe?) A desperate phone call alerts an idle Michael Lucas, who drops everything to cross the Atlantic to rescue his friend.

First, we find the beautiful, tightly scrubbed Cruz in flagrante delicto with Guell. Cruz body is picture perfect. He wears perfectly formed bubble butt that begs for fucking. Guell takes his time lathering it, followed by an exuberant pounding. He keeps the kid flat on his stomach much of the time.

After squirting a copious load of Eurocum cum into his new friend's mouth, Guell leads Cruz into a dark alley where he's abducted, whilst also talking on his cell phone with Michael Lucas over in New York City.

Dropping his New York Times, Lucas springs into action. He jets to Barcelona and quickly enlists the help of Jonathan Agassi on the manhunt.

Jonathan Agassi's amazing sex with Ivan Rueda

Cruising the Catalonian calle, Agassi picks up Ivan Rueda for a frisky fuck session in a nearby hotel. Rueda is a notable up and coming European model who's strutted his sexual stuff in a number of scenes with UKNakedMen.

Scruffy faced with a fantastic tattoo across his chest, he's a wild fuck toy. Agassi easily dominates him, coiling him into lots of positions that leave his inviting asshole open for business. After some furious sixty-nining, the guys proceed into a fantastic flip-flip. Plainly visible, their sexual chemistry crackles from beginning to end.

Agassi shoots into his own mouth while getting fucked, and Rueda is happy to squirt even more right there. A nice post-orgasm afterglow lets us settle down a bit, followed by Agassi making his first important discovery.

After this comes a rather silly scene where Lucas confronts Bruno Jones over the kidnapping. It doesn't take long for the long dong movie mogul --- who's sporting a great looking haircut now, by the way --- to literally pound everything he wants out of Jones. After fucking the cum out of him, the seduced Jones simply melts.

Next is a scene between the bad guys: Carlos Caballero (Fire Dance from Sarava Productions) and Sergio Serrano, who reveal their scheme to sell their abducted American tourist into some kind of slave trade for rich rewards. So happy they are, they guzzle from two large bottles of gin, before guzzling each other.

Serrano is the new face here: a sexy, muscular Spaniard who loves to be dominated. Caballero corrals him with his long snake of a cock. These two studs fuck furiously in what turns into another one of the video's excellent flip-flop sex scenes. Serrano's Rioja red erection stays rock hard while getting fucked as Caballero never stops speaking a stream of commands in Spanish. In a high moment, Caballero shoots a ton of cum into his buddy's mouth followed by putting on another condom for more fucking until Serrano gets off.

Jean Franko Bottoms

Jean Franko vacillates between physical abuse and sexual pleasure. Later, just as Agassi thinks he's found the kidnapped kid, he's overpowered by the increasingly brawny Jean Franko. Tied to a underside of a remote pier, cold ocean waves roar behind him. Franko vacillates between abuse (slapping and spitting) and sexual pleasure (sucking Agassi's stiff dick).

Somehow, Franko ends up the one with his big, muscular ass getting fucked. (Hell, yes!) Sticking it right out, Agassi goes to town. Waves of pleasure roll out of their bodies, as the waves crash against the beach. It's after this scene that the reaches its dramatic conclusion.

Our only complaint with Missing is that all of the film's non-sexual scenes appear rushed to the point where it's hokey. Lucas has done much better in this area many times before, so this is easily forgiven. Besides, these Spanish guys are just amazing to watch no matter what. And let's see more of Diego Cruz's culo caliente!

Summing-up Michael Lucas' Missing

With Michael Lucas' increasing use of Europe and the continent's exotic men, it seems that he's moving his look and feel towards a new brand, heavily inspired by Kristen Bjorn. Casting stunning models like Franko and Caballero clearly points to this.

This works for us. Exploring this style is giving the videos from Lucas Entertainment a whole new dimension makes it all more enjoyable to watch.

NOTE: The DVD's Behind the Scenes features candid chat with Agassi, Rueda and Caballero.

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Missing (Michael Lucas) Photos:

Diego Cruz rides Pavlvs GuellWatch Now or
Diego Cruz rides Pavlvs Guell
Jonathan Agassi and Ivan RuedaWatch Now or
Jonathan Agassi opens Ivan Rueda
Carlos Caballero and Sergio SerranoWatch Now or
Carlos Caballero behind Sergio Serrano
Jonathan Agassi and Ivan RuedaWatch Now or
Jonathan Agassi behind Ivan Rueda
Jean Franko bottomsWatch Now or
Jean Franko bottoms for Jonathan Agassi

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