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Chris Ward
Raging Stallion Studios  
, Dirk Jager , Dominic Pacifico , Huessein , Jake Deckard , Justin Christopher , Mark LaSalle , Matthieu Paris , Max Schutler , Rambo , , Tamas Eszterhazy , Tommy Blade
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Gay Sex Orgy Erupts in Egyptian Tomb

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

If you've ever heard the term "Epic" attributed to a porn movie and been disappointed, you should check out the first few minutes of Raging Stallion's scorching new movie, Mirage, to see that such a thing does indeed exist. From the handsome models, many of them Raging Stallion exclusives, to the truly lavish sets and lush widescreen cinematography, and a spectacular Egyptian music score by JD Slater to boot, not to mention a running time of well over 4 hours (excluding bonus material), Mirage raises the standard fifty-fold for big budget plot based porno everywhere.

Oh, and did we mention the sex? Uninhibited animal lust with brawny, chiseled guys, orgies and sexual athletics – Mirage takes eroticism and transcends it to a new level.

Porn Star Max Schutler Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Porn Star Max Schutler
The plot is simple enough, but rather than being extraneous it actually adds to the sexual fever of the piece. It opens in Egypt, with a group of eight men cautiously exploring a tomb, searching for an artifact. Flashlights flit around the walls of the catacomb, revealing some rather explicit hieroglyphics – ancient Egyptians complete with straining hard-ons. Finding some papyrus, the explorers realize the artifact they seek is indeed close by, and once found, a scuffle ensues, with burly porn star Huessein from Arabesque grabbing the prize, only to have his loin cloth ripped in the fight for possession of the object. And here's where the mood changes.

Massive 8 Man Orgy

Whether the hieroglyphics, or perhaps some ancient curse bestowed upon this resting place, or just some high level testosterone, once Huessein's dark meaty member is exposed to the group, hot inked stud Tommy Blade's (Delinquents) mouth is upon it in a split second, and the rest of the men rip off their clothes, caress and fondle each other, in a scene that dissolves into a fully fledged 8 man fuck fest of an orgy that lasts a full 2 ½ hours!!! (And that's only Disc One…..)

Joining Blade and Huessein in this mammoth orgy are Steve Cruz, Marc LaSalle and Rambo, who fans will recognize from 2007's Lords Of The Jungle, as well as sensuously smooth ripped newcomer Max Schulter, Dominic Pacifico (Bareback Pick-Up) and Justin Christopher (Ass Quest, part 1).

Many of these guys went on to appear at length in Raging Stallion's three film ode to military sex, Grunts.

Action to suit all tastes ensues, as each of these macho fuckers take turns topping, bottoming, rimming, kissing, sucking, whether grouped together in a human pyramid of lust, or breaking off into smaller groups to satisfy their burning carnal desires.

It's impossible here to give a scene by scene account, you just have to see it for yourself, but believe me there are no down points to this extensive segment. The choreography is absolutely superb, and most importantly seamless. Just twenty minutes in the viewer is treated to cum shot upon cum shot as one after another of these real men spurt out their loads. In one particular hot moment, Max Schutler jerks off above, while Blade and Steve Cruz deep kiss with a passion, staring up at the smooth young stud above them impatient for his cum to dribble down onto their hairy faces and mouths. And when he does, the pair resumes kissing with gods of jizm hanging off their faces. And that's just part of this one cum sequence.

And the butt fucking shouldn't be overlooked either. Like when HUGELY hung hot Raging Stallion exclusive Justin Christopher feeds his dark middle eastern length all the way up smooth bodied Schutler having stretched the cute boys mouth out extensively, before having him ride it from above, and from behind, before shooting wads of cream all over him in a fountain of cum.

Or the way tasty and ebony star Marc LaSalle's hole is worked over by heavily tatted co-star Rambo, after a hot rimming and fingering from Blade. Or Pacifico bent over doggy, head contorted back around in fits of ecstasy as he takes a hard as shit pounding from Rambo, whose tattooed muscular arms grip him like there's no tomorrow. Or the hirsute stud Cruz, taking it hard on his back from an even hairier Huessein and loving ever second.

The primal moans of man sex complete the picture, as cock and ass and burly guys intermingle to the exotic tapestry of the soundtrack and the backdrop of the set. And cum gushes everywhere in this Egyptian orgy.

But this is only part one.

In a return to the plot after those lust filled few hours Steve Cruz (Communinon) snatches the Idol - right before a not to be missed cumshot across Schutler's ass courtesy of Justin Christopher - and has made his getaway by the time the other guys are finally spent. Fleeing completely naked across the sand, he shouts out to a waiting Jake Deckard (Lords Of The Jungle) to start the airplane engines. Meanwhile, the other tomb raiders flee the catacomb, as the pair depart into the sky, engines sounding like they're about to fail.

Mirage: Disc Two

Disc two changes scenes to a lavish Middle Eastern bedroom setting where a hunky Dirk Jager (Bedroom Eyes) plays with his toy - in the form of Matthieu Paris (both Raging Stallion exclusives).

First forced to deep throat his master, he is then allowed to feed him his own supremely thick penis, which drips out masses of precum when a bearded Jager pleasures him orally. But Paris is soon bent over in sexual servitude, and takes Jager's straining length to the hilt, hard and deep, culminating in a hard-on inducing cum shower for Paris. And who should show up at the end of the scene but Huessein, reporting to his master that the tomb was found, but the treasure has been stolen by Americans' whose plane has now crashed. The chase is on.

Meanwhile Cruz and Deckard emerge from their crashed plane, and spend hours wandering in the desert (some more beautiful cinematography here). And now, perhaps, the reason for the title of the movie – the hot sun beating down causes a desert mirage, but this being Raging Stallion, it's not water they imagine, but some more hot sex.

The guys all force feed Steve Cruz their hard cocks.

Bending Over Steve Cruz

Imagining they're by the ocean, a dream state Collin O'Neal, fresh from topping Eurohunks in his film Collin O'Neal's London joins the duo for some tasty three-way action. Cruz takes a subserviant position sucking on O'Neal's shaft, while the other two kiss above him to the sounds of crashing waves. When O'Neal's dripping member becomes too much for him, Cruz bends over, and takes a manly fucking from O'Neal, followed by Deckard. If you like outdoor sex, this segment is a must see.

But it was just a mirage, and as they awaken they are accosted by the search party, wielding guns and led by Jager. Led away by the men to a nearby spot, Cruz is dropped to his knees and force-fed the cocks of Jager, Huessein, Paris and Tamas Eszterhazy (Manifesto), who sports a large suckable uncut member, whilst Deckard looks on.

Now with Deckard brought into the mix, the groups switch out, and use their new sex slaves in all kinds of combinations. Jager gives Cruz a particularly hard pounding, while the sight of Huessein's well chiseled torso ramming Deckard on the rocks is pure porn heaven. And there's double fucking too, as the heat works its magic on Eszterhazy, who takes Deckard and Paris hard pricks deep up his smooth hole at the same time!!!

Eszterhazy and Cruz are then laid out on the ground, and absolutely SHOWERED with cum from all the guys in the scene, bringing the sexual portion of this epic adventure to a stunning wet close. There's one final scene to close out the plot, but we won't spoil the ending for you, suffice to say I wouldn't be too surprised if Mirage 2 might hit our shelves at some point in the future, and it will be a welcome sequel to this supremely hot title if it does.

In a welcome addition to the DVD, there's a 45 minute behind the scenes discussion, hosted by director Chris Ward, and including models Cruz and Deckard, and featuring production members from Raging Stallion. It's funny and illuminating, and actually very interesting to watch. There's also full scene access and generously long trailers for Arabesque and Lords Of The Jungle.

With the exception of the title, there is no Mirage here – this DVD set is absolutely worth every penny, and Mirage emphatically proves that epic gay porn with high production values is actually possible, extremely erotic, and well worth the watch. Raging Stallion have produced the Lawrence of Arabia of porn!

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Mirage Photos:

Jake Deckard and Steve Cruz Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Jake Deckard tops Steve Cruz
Dirk Jaeger and Matthieu Paris Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Dirk Jaeger behind Matthieu Paris
Tamas Eszterhazy in Mirage Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Cum Rag Tamas Eszterhazy Awaits
The Mirage Orgy Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
The Crypt Orgy
Tommy Blade and Marc LaSalle in Mirage Three-Way Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Tommy Blade, Marc LaSalle, Rambo

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