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Matthew Moore
Jet Set Men  
Andy Hunter , Antonio Suave , Damon Ivy , , , Josh Hammer , Marc Stone
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Danny Rhymes horses around with Josh Hammer

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In 2003, Jet Set's muscleguy movies really took off, reaching new levels of sexual heat and production quality for the studio. Before the movies were nice to watch for their men, but here they really get them to appear sexually turned on. This was definitely Jason Adonis' best movie up to this point. And it also contains a number of other juicy nuggets.

Blond Marc Stone, who strikes interest because of his muscular body packaged into a small frame, must deal with southern California's latest heat wave just when his air conditioning goes out. While waiting for the repairman, the heat sends him into numerous fantasies where he imagines Jet Set models frolicking in his outdoor pool.

Josh HammerWatch Now
Josh Hammer
First, he peers outside to see Danny Rhymes horsing around in the water with Josh Hammer from The Hole. This is Hammer's debut performance, and he's absolutely stunning. Rhymes too is very much into it, perhaps because he tops.

Each model hangs off the edge of the pool. With their ass just above the water, the other applies a luscious rimjob with their tongue. Rhymes gives Hammer a hot hammering, and in a nice touch the bottom leaves his PA in. Both end by spraying out their own pools of liquid.

Meanwhile the temperature keeps climbing, causing Stone to visualize Jason Adonis take on a hunky latino named Antonio Suave. After sucking each other, the perfectly coiffed Adonis gives Suave a lengthy topping over the side of a jacuzi. After the hot tub studs finish, Stone is back trying to keep cool.

His visions of Adonis persist. This time, the adonis stands poolside getting blown by Damon Ivy. This scene is the high point of the film, and a good example how this time Jet Set models really generate sexual heat unlike ever seen before. The three blow each other's hard cocks and soon move into the living room for more frolic.

Stone blows Adonis and Ivy on a leopard skin couch, while the two kiss each other. Ivy then gets the privilege of taking his tongue into Stone's round, tight asscheeks. Then Adonis slowly slides his fully rigid dick into Stone's butt. Watching the musclerunt get hammered is extremely arousing. Needless to say, Ivy is right behind in line for a piece.

Adonis once started apparently can't be kept down. While Ivy drills Stone, he sticks his cock inside Ivy, forming a muscleguy chain. This three-way ends with Adonis and Ivy cumming over Stone.

Andy Hunter takes control of Marc Stone

Finally a crazy from the heat Stone seeks to cool down in the air conditioning of his SUV. The air conditioner repairman (Andy Hunter) interrupts him whacking off in the driver's seat. Hunter, always a commanding top, takes control of the upset customer by blowing him in his front seat.

Stone switches positions, working Hunter's staff up to his very long proportions. They go over to the pool so Stone can eat the workman's ass. Following this is a powerfully hot drilling of Stone by Hunter, which in many ways is reminiscent of Luke Bender powerscrewing Andy Mantegna poolside in Falcon Studio's classic movie Plunge.

Hunter then finishes by pulling out and hosing down the musclebottom with thick high-flying spurts of jizz. Stone then blows his load solo standing by the pool.

The DVD has about five minutes of outtakes of all the models during filming. Thes are interesting to watch. There are a lot of lines getting flubbed, but also some lengthy sequences of camerawork. The viewer can get an idea of how the models have to take directions from the director, which is interesting. Mirage brings all the best of these muscleguys. This was clearly Marc Stone's best film.

Mirage Photos:

Damon Ivy, Marc Stone and Jason AdonisWatch Now
Damon Ivy, Marc Stone and Jason Adonis

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