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Minute Man 24 (Mike Dasher)

John Rutherford
COLT Studio Group  
Bo Dixon , Dean Phoenix , Mike Dasher
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Minute Man 24 (Mike Dasher)

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Minute Man Mike Dasher

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Colt's Minute Man series of solo performances is arguably the leader in its field. It is apparent to the viewer the significant preparation and fore-thought which goes into each filmed performance. On the other hand, perhaps such details are included with such adroit craftsmanship, that the viewer doesn't even realize it.

Either way, Minute Man 24 enjoys all of these features. There are three lengthy solo sessions from Bo Dixon, Dean Phoenix and, saving the bast for last, Mike Dasher. The performances are not rushed. Each model seemingly grows comfortable with the viewer at their own pace. These men are delighted to share their own precious time with just one individual, not others; these are after all solos.

Bo Dixon is big, hairy and beefy. He flexes and smiles broadly, which humanizes the giant of a man for the rest of us mere mortals. He takes his too solid flesh into the shower, where his inhibitions seemingly melt away. Dixon's solo contains much muscle flexing and posing, which a man of his impressive stature can easily practice.

Dean Phoenix Watch on COLT or Maleflixx
Dean Phoenix
To finish, Dixon stands tall, milking out his orgasm, which drips down in front of the camera. He continues smiling as he rubs it back onto his hairy body.

Dean Phoenix's Minute Man Solo

Dean Phoenix enjoys the most innovative location of the film for his solo. He begins seated in an inviting hot tub frothing with steamy hot water. His lovely uncut cock shimmers underneath the glints of rippling waves, until he steps out. He puts on a robe and repairs to a divan bed indoors, just in front of a panoramic window that silently displays a breathtaking view of the city below.

Dean Phoenix works the camera with a set of lovingly expressive eyes.... eyes which captured the heart if this reviewer way back in his All Worlds days in the late 1990s. Phoenix also presents something impressively new for this film.

The brunet has continued developing his incredible set of pecs, which are displayed here unlike ever before. His body, ass and long cock appear just as impressive as when he did Buckleroos last year. This time, it's his strong, curvaceous pec muscles forming his chest. They appear most noticeable when he's seated comfortably, sharing himself for the camera. This is one of the benefits of solo performances such as those in the Minute Man series. The viewer gets a great opportunity to really check out the model.

Other highlights include Phoenix wagging his erection around, working his foreskin with his fist, as well as rubbing his cock and body against the mattress in a way that shows off his ass muscles in all their glory.

Phoenix looks at the camera, and then peers down at his cock as he cums. He enjoys an orgasm which seems to reverberate through his entire body from head to toe.

Although I'm a die-hard Dean Phoenix fan, this reviewer must admit that Colt saved the best for last in this collection, dark-haired studmuffin Mike Dasher. The boxcoverboy begins by rolling around in a comfortable bed with puffy white pillows and rich, white bedsheets. To the viewer's delight, Dasher displays a magnificent erection through his white underwear.

Dasher works himself up, all the while keeping his piercing eyes fixed on the camera. The effect adds value to these precious moments he has decided to spend with the viewer. After sliding his underwear down past his stunning thighs, he works his thick, rock-hard boner.

Temperatures climb effortlessly higher as Dasher turns himself over to display a gorgeous ass, which he pumps and moves around at length for the camera. It is little wonder Dasher performs as the masculine muscle-bottom in this year's Muscle Up.

Everything culminates with the model pouring shiny lubricant onto his penis and giving it a solid workover with his own firm hand. What follows is a display of pure ecstasy until he sprays his white cum, rubbing it over his own body. Dasher at this point releases a barely audible pant, and continues touching himself and smiling happily until fade-out.

Colt models are big and playful, like big cats. Give them attention and scratch their fur, and they will purr forever.

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