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Minute Man 23

John Rutherford
COLT Studio Group  
Carlo Masi , Chris Wide , Leo Rocca
SolosItalians / ItalyDaddies / Men

Minute Man 23

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Minute Man Carlo Masi

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The twenty-third installment of Colt's Minute Man series contains a trio of solo performances. Each scene is studded with a rippling, strapping Colt supermodel. All three work the camera one hundred percent, turning in performances that practically seizes the camera, and the viewer, for a total of seventy-five minutes. Furthermore, these models went on to perform some great action sex scenes in Wide Strokes.

Do not expect Minute Man 23 to be a simple jack-off video. All three hunks perform directly into the camera lens, each one completely engaging. Start with the first model, Carlo Masi (Muscle Up). A hairy mountain of muscle, the Italian splashes himself with water in a swirling hot tub. In between his frequent smiles and winking at the camera, he rubs his palms over his body as if anointing himself with oil.

Carlo Masi
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Carlo Masi
At one point, he stops masturbating so that the viewer can see his oozing precum. In contrast to many solo videos, Masi spends little time looking upon himself, nor does he gaze away at some unknown fixed object. He's lookin' at you, kid.

He spends his time fingering his hole, spreading his cheeks, pointing his heels up to Jesus, tweaking his nipples and licking his biceps. He also performs muscle-flexing poses whilst standing at full mast, and he masturbates underwater. The prime beefcake doles out a full-course meal.

Spending lots of time showing off his backside, it is now easy to understand that he happily bottoms for horsehung Adam Dexter in Muscle Up. While shooting his milky white cum onto his torso, he moans several sentences in Italian carrying the universal message that this experience was as good for him as it was for the viewer.

Minute Man Leo Rocca

Next, newcomer Leo Rocca steps out into a backyard patio to perform what might be his morning exercizes. Taking a moment to flash a wide smile at the camera, he shows himself off wearing nothing but tight 2xist underwear. After several push-ups, the garment gets stretched from the inside by his full erection.

To the delight of underwear fans, Rocca keeps it on as he steps over to a shimmering pool to wet down his body. His cock is big, thick and uncut, standard issue equipment for a Colt model. Rocca works that underwear almost as much as his penis, soaking it in water, squeezing it out like a sponge over himself. After casting it aside he jacks himself standing up. At the moment he cums, he removes his hand and let's big, creamy drips of spooge to flow out.

Director Rutherford holds his heaviest weapon for the las, blond Chris Wide. He strolls out to a pool wearing a bright blue Speedo. He takes his time to remove it, spending lengthy moments misting his body with body oil, rubbing it into his skin. Wide is more hands-on with his performance, always touching himself, and dividing his time equally between gazing at his erection and at the camera.

Filming from below, his naked body is now framed by the bright blue sky. Crystal clear photography and sharp graphics put this performance, along with the others on the DVD at the top of the list in production values. Wide's name aptly describes his shoulders, chest and cock. His masturbatory performance takes place underwear, clearly photographing every detail including his erupting money shot.

Wide leaves us by swimming off. In Minute Man 23 the flirtatious, masculine models will undoubtedly enchant traditional Colt fans as well as an army of new ones. The series continues stronger than ever.

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