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Millennium Men

Jean-Daniel Cadinot
Alain Victor , Alexander Parrys , Axel Lombard , Christian Declerque , Claude Millau , Damien Carrey , David Bauman , Giani Rizoli , Giorgio Robba , Jean-Claude Marchal , Laurent Haubert , Michel Bernardet , Noel Couderc , Raphael Alberti , Sebastien De Lost
Science Fiction/SurrealMedical Fetish

Millennium Men

About a mad scientist and his assistants

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Cadinot's Millennium Men was originally distributed in France as L'Experience Inedite in 1993. It was not seen in the United States until around 1999, and Cadinot fans were thrilled to see that it was worth the wait.

The film begins in the laboratory of an aging mad scientist (Gerard Nemours) who is in the throes of inventing a device by which one's dreams become reality. The device resembles an electric chair, which is surrounded by strange-looknig Rube Goldberg machines. In fact, the whole film apprears sort-of like early silent German and French science fiction films. The impression is further enhanced by the witty musical score of Cadinot regular Miriam Zadeck.

Moments into the opening. the scientist receives a telephone call and exits. He advises his three gorgeous, youthful assistants not to play with the machines while away. Of course, they do and the rest of the film alternates between their sexual dreams and the sexplay among the three of them in the lab.

The first assistant to climb into the chair is the glamorous Alain St. Victor. The other two haphazardly wire him up and start fiddling with knobs and buttons. St. Victor is quickly transported into a white canopy bed where he and sleek brunet Giani Rizolli make love with Gallic extravagence. The two happily kiss, trade ravenous blowjobs, and move into a multi-positioned fuck.

When the action cuts back to the lab, St. Victor, still wired to the chair is naked and rock hard. The two other assistants service St. Victor, and the sexual heat rises as the action switches between the lab and the bed. We are treated to two concurrent, muti-orgasmic three-ways, with St. Victor at the center of both!

Satisfied for the moment, St. Victor is unhooked and the breathtaking Sebastian DeLost gets his turn. DeLost is arguably the most beautiful member of the cast. He is certainly the best endowed. DeLost's first journey into Sexual Utopia is set in a fog-filled black limbo in which he gets facefucked by an unidentified hunk. DeLost gets topped by this mystery man, and it is incredibly hot.

Soon, the dials are turned some more and we go to another black limbo. There, Noel Couderc, a compact little brunet who is one of the most intense onanists you will ever see. His self-pleasuring to the sounds of Gregorian chants includes some great dildo-play.

Couderc figures in DeLost's follwoing three-way with blond body builder Christian LeClerque. Their duet is followed by another pair of hot three-waysover a mountain of plastic tubing. There, Couderc, Alexandre Parrys and Raphael Alberti ravish each other in a variety of positions. The visual effect is dazzling, and the fountain-like money shots give the sequence a potent ending.

It is finally the thrid assistent, Damien Curry's turn to take the chair. His two scenes are teh most bizzare scenes of the film. In the first, we find big dicked Michel Bernardet tied to a giant phallus. Bound in place, he is able to attract and service the young and really hot Raphael Alberti, who backs into Bernardet's erection.

By now, the assistent's tinkering has taken its toll. The room explodes with smoke and sparks, but not before one last fantasy is played out.

In the finale, Carrey pummels Axel Lombard on a big four-poster bed which appears to be floating through outer space. Thunder and lightening appears to overtake the actors, but that does not stop them from delivering big money shots, and Carrey slides off the bed into eternity. The film concludes with one final stirring image in the lab.

Not only does Cadinot assemble one hot cast, but the entire story actually works, which is rare in this industry. Millenium Men is exquisitely choreographed, edited, filmed, scored and - most importantly - rivitingly performed.

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