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Michael Lucas' Auditions 34 - International Studs

Michael Lucas mr. Pam
Lucas Entertainment  
Movie Series
Michael Lucas' Auditions
Ace Rockwood , Anderson Fox , Brian Bodine , Bryan Slater , , , Martin Passoli , Ostop Blake , Rafael Carreras ,
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Michael Lucas' Auditions 34 - International Studs

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Ace Rockwood and Brian Bodine lead two scenes of hot interracial sex.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Don't be fooled by the sub-title of this Auditions video. Michael Lucas' Auditions 34: International Studs excels from its very first and last episodes starring two pairs of all-American models. These interracial Black-on-White and White-on-Black sexual couplings will leave the viewer completely drained. Perhaps the dvd should have been called Interracial Studs.

For those feeling like Black guys are underrepresented in American porn, this movie sure stands out. Ace Rockwood is an exciting newcomer, whose innocent candor during his interview makes him all the more powerful when the clothes come off. Brian Bodine (Welcome to Paradise) shows up for the last scene, which is a change of pace in that the models interview each other without any interaction from Mr. Lucas. And, folks, we're here to say that Bodine, who's taken some time off from filming porn, looks amazing. Do not overlook the DVD's last scene!

Logan Stevens and Ace RockwoodWatch Now or
Logan Stevens sucks Ace Rockwood
Returning to episode one, we also get to to meet a puckish, intelligent blond boy named Logan Stevens. (Stevens is billed as Logan Slash in Lust. Both models are in significantly greater form compared to their separate interviews in Auditions #33. Rockwood loves fucking white boys. And Stevens loves getting fucked. They're a perfect match.

Stevens jawbones Rockwood's python-sized penis with gusto. After this he continues focus foreplay by turning the top around to eagerly rim his asshole. (Stevens confesses to loving rimming in his interview.)

Soon Stevens is riding in Rockwood's lap, bucking up and down. He spends lots of time getting fucked laying flat on his stomach. Lots of doggie style and real-sounding moans of pleasure make this a perfect opener to the movie, which is capped off by Roockwood feeding a heavy shot of cum into the bottom's hungry mouth.

Thierry Lamasse Bottoms

Things stay heated when we see the bubbly and effervescent Jonathan Agassi getting down with sexy Frenchman Thierry Lamasse. Lamasse talks about how he moved in London in order to come out of the closet. Agassi is thrilled to getting into his friend's pants, all on the condition that they flip-flop fuck each other.

Out of his clothes, Lamasse looks great! His baggy Euro-apparel hides a broad, muscular body, great uncut dick and beautiful ass. No wonder Agassi insisted on fucking it!

But first, Lamasse rolls on a condom and drills Agassi doggie style, followed by additional visual acrobatics involving a hanging plastic chair. Soon Agassi gets his turn by powerfucking his buddy in rapid fire moves that keep everyone rock hard. This all concludes with the guys taking turns ejaculating into each other's mouths, followed by an afterglow of long, deep kisses.

The next episode introduces us to a 19-year-old Ukrainian hunk named Ostop Blake, who at first seems quite defensive over Michael Lucas' questions. Coming across as shy and rather aloof, this all ends up being compensated by his great body. In this audition, Blake is paired with a perfect father figure --- aka "Papi" --- the 38-year-old Rafael Carreras (Spanish Seductions), whose supreme sexual talents we have reviewed on Friskyfans going back to his days as a Studio 2000 exclusive.

Blake sucks Carreras soft cock up into a rigid uncut staff. Blake turns out to be a very sensual cocksucker, working on Carreras' beautiful dick as length. After this marathon blowjob, Carreras positions him doggie where be becomes a very receptive and passive bottom, taking the Cuban's dick no muss no fuss. After lots of banging they reach lofty orgasms, and finally kiss.

The Fantastic Anderson Fox

Anderson Fox, who is pictured standing on the left side of the DVD's boxcover is yet another one of Lucas' stunning discoveries. The seemingly reserved Brazilian answers during his interview that he is a high priced escort. His companion is an unusually frank, and out of the closet, Hungarian named Martin Passoli who appeared in Inside Israel

At first Fox's stiff demeanor during his interview foreshadowed to an unenthusiastic session with him as a boring top. Needless to say, when his pants come off and his dick emerges, this perception completely changes. He's fucking hot. If you like Brazilian guys, you certainly do not want to miss him in action. He throws a fantastic screwing into the sensual, receptive Passoli.

What are some of the problems you've had since becoming a porn star? The best part is the look of sheer joy that Fox keeps on his face while fucking from beginning to end. His money shot is huge, drenching the Hungarian's chest which he smears all over with his hand.

As mentioned at the start of the review, the lest episode features Bodine, who takes turns answering a series of pre written questions of orange cards with a sharp, bearded white guy named Bryan Slater. ("What are some of the problems you've had since becoming a porn star?" Good questions that are answered in interesting, candid ways by the models)

When it comes time for the sex, they are swept away in a tide of passion. Slater has a big dick. And the buff Bodine perfectly matches his moves as bottom, moving through lots of hot positions. Their sex makes for the perfect climax to this Auditions film. And we hope to see more of Bodine in the future. [Note: Slater keeps an active blog at]

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Michael Lucas' Auditions 34 - International Studs Photos:

Anderson Fox and Martin PassoliWatch Now or
Anderson Fox and Martin Passoli
Rafael Carreras and Ostop BlakeWatch Now or
Rafael Carreras and Ostop Blake
Brian Bodine in Auditions 34Watch Now or
Brian Bodine
Logan Stevens and Ace RockwoodWatch Now or
Logan Stevens above Ace Rockwood
Brian Bodine and Bryan SlaterWatch Now or
Brian Bodine and Bryan Slater

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