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Michael Lucas' Auditions 32: International Auditions

Michael Lucas mr. Pam
Lucas Entertainment  
Movie Series
Michael Lucas' Auditions
Baptiste Bremont , Hugo Martin , , Jordan Fox , Lavi Yacov , Max Schutler , Michael Lucas , Naor Tal , Sebastian Ritz
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Michael Lucas' Auditions 32: International Auditions

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The Perfect Accompaniment to Inside Israel

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

If there is a volume in Michael Lucas' Interviews video series that you shouldn't miss, this one should be it. Now, Lucas' Auditions series is consistently very good. But don't overlook this little gem. Like the preceeding Auditions #31, much of this is filmed during the company's groundbreaking video excursions to Israel. This DVD, titled Michael Lucas' Auditions Vol. 32: International Auditions, begins with a great pair of models: Argentine beauty Max Schutler and Spanish stallion Hugo Martin. (Skin Deep)

The most impressive thing is how the film's sexual heat rises progressively with each subsequent scene.

Schutler is no stranger to porn, or to the reviews on this website. Starting over at Raging Stallion, his film performances consistently glow with an inner light of sensuality. Shutler's interview reveals a very self confident man who's is still happily climbing the road of life.

Jordan Fox and Jay RobertsWatch Now or
Jordan Fox above Jay Roberts
He easily slides into a remarkably heated sex scene with Martin. Both guys clearly display a mutual sexual attraction throughout. Schutler gets into the sex so much that after bottoming, he suddenly switches positions, giving us a rarely seen show of his top man skills. Bravissimo!

The action escalates with a second pair of guys: French studs Jay Roberts and Jordan Fox first open up with riveting interviews discussing the trials and tribulations of escorting in 21st century Europe. Roberts is the big city boy, while Fox happily describes his life in a decidedly more provincial Franco-German region of Strasbourg. Don't skip of any of this.

When the clothes come off, it's obvious why guys pay top dollar for intimate time with the fantastic Mr. Fox. His uncut erection is arguably one of the most beautiful statues in all of Europe. He radiates a powerful masculinity that Roberts drinks right up, matching him point for point in a sex sequence that will leave you breathless.

Just When You're Not Looking, Meet Baptiste Bremont

Arguably the hottest sexual hook-up of the video comes just when you're not looking. Scene three starts off just like the others, a pair of Euroguys sitting on a couch nervously waiting Lucas' interview. Parisian Baptiste Bremont quietly discusses his sex life, while the shyer Naor Tal admits to his penchant for bottoming for guys, while playing top when he's with trannies.

Turns out, Bremont carries a monster cock between his legs - so big, even Lucas sounds envious when talking about it. He tears into Tal's petit body, which easily inhales the top's giant log. The guys visibly break into a heavy sweat naturally while fucking. And in a memorable finish, Tal insists a full on ass pounding in order to get himself off. Want to see a real Israeli army guy fucking another guy? Look no further. Twenty year old Lavi Yacov is happy to do the honors, stuffing Paris Playboy Sebastian Ritz with his thick dick.

Yacov is quietly masculine, quite hairy and is not shy at all discussing his personal life in the armed forces. He's not a dead fuck either, but rather a very good match to the bubble butt Frenchman, whose constant moans while fucking provide an excellent soundtrack.

Baptiste Bremont carries a monster cock between his legs. Ritz explodes all over himself with Yacov's cock filling him mouth. Yacov follows up by cumming on his face.

Naor Tal Interview

The movie finishes with an encore bottoming performance from Tal. Since we've already listened to him speak, Lucas himself gets right down to business doing something he's wanted, which is taking this adorable guy's ass for a spin.

This time Lucas makes sure that his naked butt gets ample camera time. Tal's back end receives a full gamut of masterful anal worship. Followed by two full rounds of hard driving fucking.

Michael Lucas Auditions 32 - International Auditions provides what are essentially encore performances from the groundbreaking 2009 movie Inside Israel. The model interviews surprisingly coax interesting new dimensions to the set of already exotic, intoxicating men. Like a superb food and wine pairing, consider watching both DVDs together.

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Michael Lucas' Auditions 32: International Auditions Photos:

Michael Lucas auditions Naor TalWatch Now or
Michael Lucas behind Naor Tal
Naor Tal and Baptiste BremontWatch Now or
Naor Tal rides Baptiste Bremont
Max Schutler and Hugo MartinWatch Now or
Hugo Martin behind Max Schutler
Sebastian Ritz and Lavi YacovWatch Now or
Lavi Yacov behind Sebastian Ritz

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