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Michael Lucas' Auditions 31 - Israeli Auditions

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
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Michael Lucas' Auditions
Avi Dar , Ben David , Chen Shaout , Idan Shagev , , Matan Shalev , Michael Lucas
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Michael Lucas' Auditions 31 - Israeli Auditions

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Michael Lucas Shows Us the Promised Land

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

New York City director Michael Lucas found inspiration when he decided to start filming over in Israel for his latest set of movies, and we have news: Not since the adult industry's revelation about the existence of Hungarian guys back around 2000 have we seen such an unmined vein of male riches.

Filmed just before the production of his major Israel-filmed works is Michael Lucas Auditions 31 - Israeli Auditions. It turns out that the Auditions is a great starting point of discovery for these new models. Several years ago, Lucas first tried to hit the International set by filming over in Budapest. Auditions 31 is the very first evidence showing that his Israel adventures will be much more memorable.

Lucas introduces us to six Israeli guys over the course of five episodes, most of whom appear in his stunning 2009 film Inside Israel. The guys all come across as sharp, smart and sexy. (As opposed to most of the Hungarians, who sat there unengaged, with some exceptions.)

Matan ShalevWatch Now or
Matan Shalev
One main message communicated by everyone is that Tel Aviv must be one extremely fun city. Despite the fact that Israel has become pretty well known as a country with significant gay life and equal rights protections, it's revealing watching everyone unanimously talk up the benefits of living there, compared to places like London or Berlin or New York City.

Even for those who will not immediately be booking their next big gay vacation to Tel Aviv, watching the interview portion here comes over as surprisingly engaging and a perfect foreplay to the subsequent sexual sequences. Sure we learn how "Fuck my ass!" sounds in Hebrew, but there's lots more on the menu.

Raven haired beauty Matan Shalev starts things off informing us that he was born in a kibbutz in Israel. Things turn interesting very quickly when Lucas asks him to explain his first gay sexual experience. Shalev proceeds at length to explain an astonishingly wild hook-up between him and a guy with a giant "24 cm" long cock. (That's big!)

Frankly, out of all of the interviews over the past years, we have never seen Michael Lucas so visibly turned on by the story he's hearing. Listening to Shalev tell how he was seduced by poppers and subsequently thrown around, hair pulled and drilled mercilessly from some guy, makes us all completely poised to see the real thing. (Lucas more than anyone)

Kissing him, Lucas pulls Shalev out of his jeans revealing a pert round ass that's perfect for fucking. Shalev sucks Lucas' cock at length in a long session of cock worship interspersed with the top pulling it out of Shalev's mouth and slapping his meat on his face.

Shalev is one of these bottoms who, whenever his ass is filled, his face becomes a mask of open mouthed pleasure. Lucas feeds off of this, speaking to him in a conversation with his noisy moans and facial expressions. Lucas couldn't be happier. He just may have found his perfect bottom.

It makes perfect sense that Lucas uses Shalev for the film's next episode, which introduces us to 24 year old Avi Dar, another stunning masculine man who effortelssly talks about his homosexuality and living in Tel Aviv. Dar's strong facial features are dominated by his flashing eyes and disarming smile.

In a real surprise, Dar ends up on bottom here. He's completely engaged in servicing Shalev, sucking his stout cock and his dark nipples. Shalev eats out Dar's perfect, melon-shaped butt before fucking it. He especially loves topping Dar doggie style and perched directly atop his hole, pushing down.

Watching these two in action is fantastic. They clearly have significant careers already mapped out for future Michael Lucas movies.

Jonathan Agassi Interview

Lucas still has more grade A material up his sleeve in the form of the hirsute hunk Jonathan Agassi, a perfect specimen of a man who talks shyly about coming in second place at a "gay beauty contest" at a local club. (Begging the question what the guy who came in first must look like!) Agassi's twenty-four and he explains that he's been out of the closet since he was fourteen, yet another openly gay, beautiful Israeli man.

Lucas proceeds to fuck Tel Aviv's second best man is his full signature style. Agassi sucks on his cock and balls. They move into a lengthy charged sixty-nine position. Agassi is a great cock sucker, extremely passionate. He's just as adept a bottom with a beautiful smooth backside in contrast to his beautiful hairy chest. He sits on Lucas' face, which he eats lasciviously while jacking off. Lucas comes in his mouth.

Ben David and Idan Segev discuss the robust gay life in Tel Aviv, another enticing commercial. David is Iraqi born, slim and bright, while Segev explains that he's from Russian parents, and now Israeli. These two are the most "next door" type models in the film. Young-looking and cute, their bodies are without all the deity-blessed muscles and form that the others posses.

Because of this, they form a perfect fit. Watching David proceed to vigorously top David on the bed out is another one of the movie's many treats. David stands tall, his hairy dick hard as stone - and circumcised. David, in particular, has a very authentic Middle Eastern look which we do not get to see very often in gay porn. They trade limited blow jobs, as they do not deep throat, but that's ok.

Ben David and Idan Segev discuss the robust gay life in Tel Aviv. The loud moans rolling continuously out of the Russian's mouth sounds authentic. David fucks him at length like a rutting dog, culminating with a nice money shot out of that steel pole election of his.

Who is last in the audition line-up? He's a shy young man named Chen Shaout who is the only model in the entire film who needed the assistance of an English translator for the interview. This guy is another one of the non-traditional models, looking very exotic with his buttoned up hair. He turns out to be very submissive, taking all of Lucas' verbal direction in stride.

He's a surprisingly good cock sucker and very nice bottom. Lucas fucks him while he wears his tank top. Their scene is punctuated with the director frequent wide open "anus gazing" shots, and Shaout cums while getting fucked. We're happy that he passed the audition.

Michael Lucas Auditions 31 - Israeli Auditions clearly breaks significant new ground for Lucas Entertainment and the gay porn industry. Watch it to see a heralding of at long last an exciting new discovery in gay porn. Michael Lucas has taken us to the promised land.

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Michael Lucas' Auditions 31 - Israeli Auditions Photos:

Avi Dar and Matan ShalevWatch Now or
Avi Dar sucks Matan Shalev
Matan Shalev and Avi DarWatch Now or
Avi Dar sucks Matan Shalev
Michael Lucas interviews Matan ShalevWatch Now or
Michael Lucas behind Matan Shalev
Chen Shaout and Michael LucasWatch Now or
Chen Shaout & Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas and Matan ShalevWatch Now or
Michael Lucas above Matan Shalev

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