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Michael Lucas' Auditions 23

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
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Michael Lucas' Auditions
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Michael Lucas' Auditions 23

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Let's Interview Julian Vincenzo

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Traveling over to Budapest seems to have thrown a wrench into Michael Lucas' interview style. Here he must speak through a Hungarian translator on sets that are terribly microphoned. This uneven interview quality is dissapointing, because listening to the Hungarian porn stars open up and honestly answer questions on film is rare. They are always one of the main highlights of Lucas' trips.

Despite this, Michael Lucas' Auditions 23 captures some incredibly hot sex with these guys. Budapest is a veritable cornucopia of beautiful men, and Lucas looks very much at home getting them into scene after scene of powerful sexual acts.

The five episodes of the DVD feature some of the hottest Hungarian porn models performing nowadays, including the Belaggio brothers, Rick Bauer and supertop stud Julian Vincenzo.

Michael Lucas Auditions 23 snapshot Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Michael Vincenzo tongues Steve Hunt
The first episode pits Vincenzo with Steve Hunt, a choice young man who fires up the screen in all of his performances (Cruising Budapest 3: Lucio Maverick). The poor sound quality of the interview is most frustrating with this sequence, because Vincenzo, despite his prolific number of film performances, never gives interviews. He's shy and soft spoken, and if you want to hear it, turn the volume up to maximum.

In the audition interview sequences, the models appear nervous talking. They are much more comfortable fucking in wordless frenzy. Once started, Hunt gives a great blowjob to Vincenzo's famously thick dick. The top face fucks him for awhile too.

After some impressive sixty-nining and foot sucking, Vincenzo splits Hunt's furry hole, lathering his backside in spit and lube. Hunt rides him easily, his hole gaping wide open whenever the top pulls out. Vincenzo cums in Hunt's mouth, who licks up the sauce his at first misses.

Next, Lucas interviews Adriano Cassano, a nineteen year old newcomer who says that he has never sucked dick before. Naturally, Lucas uses this as an opportunity to intervene. He unbuttons his pants and feeds his meat to Cassano's virgin mouth.

Cassano's on-screen parter is Sebastian Bronco, a another stunning Hungarian who freely admits that he's essentially straight. After the Lucas suck-off sequence, Bronco and Cassano get down to their own hot action. Cassano throws a very hot screw into Bronco in the missionary positon. Bronco shows no hesitation eating Cassano's load either. Not bad for straight guys!

After this, Lucas interviews another first-time self-described straight model named Liberace. (Why Liberace? He answers that he is a fan of the pianist. A heterosexual Liberace fan performing for pay in gay porn. Only in Hungary.) Sitting next to him very stiffly is Enrico Belaggio, a stunning model who has been turning heads in recent films. (Cruising Budapest 5: The Mangiatti Twins).

In his interview, Bellagio exhibits tons of attitude, but with looks like his, he can arguably carry it.

These two move through some stilted sucking into much more engaged rimming, lathering their holes with their tongues in long licks. Both guys are very limber and have beautiful asses. In a real treat, they fuck each other in a heated flip-flop fuck. Bellagio cums in Liberace's mouth.

Rick Bauer Gives Great Interview

After this Lucas pairs up the popular Rick Bauer with Renato Bellagio, who notes in his interview that he is Enrico's older brother. Fans of Hungarian movies wil know that Renato started years ago appearing in many of Csaba Borbely's films for Pacific Sun. (Arabian Knights Bellagio dissapeared in recent years, but he informs Lucas what he has been doing lately full-time - driving a bus!

Michael Lucas interviews "Liberace"! Bauer's inverview is the most relaxed, interesting and informative on the entire disc. In fact, if you consider yourself a Rick Bauer fan, you will enjoy hearing his interview, which he answers himself in impressive English.

Nothing looks prettier then watching Bauer butt up doggie style getting his ass plugged, and Bellagio accomodates this, throwing a hot fuck into his muscular ass. After this, Bauer takes control, getting behind Bellagio to screw up.

There are many great close up shots of Bauer's pretty dick sliding in and our of Bellagio's ass. Both guys shoot nice money shots.

The movie finishes with one of the more unconventional pairings, and turns into a real sexual surprise. Matthew Cole states in his interview that he did porn several years earlier. And he looks a little older in the face then the others. His partner is a young first timer who sports a hot shaved headed look, a reallybig dick and some wild tatts. Hence his name: Tattoo Junior.

Junior is new to all this gay porn stuff, but once Luces yells "Action!" he goes to town on Cole. Cole's face lights up in total enjoyment as Junior works him over, fucking him in tons of hot positions.

In one high moment, Junior inserts a lubricated pool ball into Cole's capacious ass, and proceeds to fuck him at length. Junior is one hot top, one of the real discoverys buried into Lucas' Auditions films that consistently make them worth watching.

Junior shoots his cum in Cole's mouth. He also takes Cole's hot ass for another spin in an impressive fisting segment, for viewers who venture into such territory.

Rick Bauer's interview, and the episodes with Vincenzo, the Belaggio brothers and the surpriseing final episode make up memorable moments to this Audition DVD.

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Michael Lucas' Auditions 23 Photos:

Rick Bauer and Renato Bellagio Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Rick Bauer tops Renato Bellagio
Steve Hunt and Julian Vincenzo Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Steve Hunt looks up at Julian Vincenzo
Adriano Cassano and Sebastian Bronco Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Adriano Cassano tops Sebastian Bronco
Matthew Cole and Tattoo Junior Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Matthew Cole rims Tattoo Junior
Sebastian Bronco and Adriano Cassano Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Sebastian Bronco spreads for Adriano Cassano

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