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Michael Lucas' Auditions 22

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
Movie Series
Michael Lucas' Auditions
Ben Andrews , Iraq , Jason Taurus , Masceo , Michael Lucas , Miguel Razor , Panther Mitchell , Ryan Kane , Uncle Luc , Will ,
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Michael Lucas' Auditions 22

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Bring on the black guys!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

A sexually enthusiastic, impressively endowed cast of black guys turns the heat way up in this Auditions movie, the twenty second of the Auditions series. The additional insertion of hispanics and white guys into the cast shows that director Michael Lucas produces some of the hottest interracial, casually mixed sex films around.

Most of these guys are new faces, many of which look embarrassingly shy when interviewed. Sometimes you will scratch you head over where some of these people come from.

For example, the tall, slim Uncle Luc answers the question of his job with, "I'm an exotic dancer." "Oh, you're a stripper!" answers Lucas. "Yes, and I do parties."

Watching the models stepping their way through interview landmines is always one of the highly entertaining aspects of the Michael Lucas' Auditions series.

Jason Taurus and Iraq in Auditions 22 Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Jason Taurus & Iraq
Twenty year old Chicago black guy Masceo starts the film off paired with olive skinned hospital ER employee Will. Will explains that he often gets hit on by drunk patients, which is perfectly understandable. He's a hunk!

Masceo, true to many of the black models, goes through his interview very stiff, often mumbling. And when the clothes come off, it's like a cat unleashed.

After lots of kissing, Masceo and Will simultaneously fuck themselves butt-to-butt with a double headed dildo. Let's be clear. This is not at all a boring moment. These guys expertly swallow this device, vigorously bucking into each other. You have never seen two guys so adroitly handle a dildo like this.

After this, Masceo fucks Will doggie style on the bed. Will is a superb bottom, taking Masceo's hard pounding without batting an eye, just making lots of noisy grunts.

Masceo says in his interview that he's "mostly a top." However he looks like he having a great time taking Will up his ass. He furthermore shoots a ton of white cum all over himself while impaled.

Can Wolf Hudson Pass His Audition?

After this comes an interesting interview with twenty-two year old Wolf Hudson (Ass Cruisin), a hot looking self-described straight boy. Hudson delivers the smoothest interview, calmly answering questions about the number of guys he's slept with, where he picks up guys, what he likes to do. Next to him sits Ben Andrews, grinning from ear to ear.

Hudson meets the same fate as "top man" Masceo from the first scene. (Tops, you better watch how you answer those tricky questions in future interviews!)

Off goes their baggy clothes. Out comes Andrews' titanic phallus. They form a sixty-nine, where Hudson delivers a focused, passionate sword swallowing on Andrews' meat. More impressive is watching Hudson get on his fours, stick his hot butt up in the air, and accepting his partner's erection.

I look like Prince and am a total top. Hudson is not the most capacious, aggressive bottom, but he handles it well in several positions. Andrews goes slow and steady. After watching this breathless exercise, Andrews shoots a big cumload into Hudson's open, hungry mouth.

Next comes what turns out to be a very hot black-on-black episode starring topman Ryan Kane and bald headed Panther Mitchell. We see where the name Panther comes once they have disrobed. His left arm sports a large panther tattoo. The guys sixty-nice at length, which is visually very exciting because both guys have gigantic cocks.

It is difficult to tell, but Mitchell's looks actually bigger. There is lots of time to try to decide, because he stays rock hard the entire time he gets fucked by Kane. Mitchell is no shy bottom here, impaling himself as deep as possible, while Kane matches his every move with his own hard thrusts.

Mitchell sprays out his own heavy load all over himself while Kane cums in the bottom's mouth.

After this comes a long interview with the descriptive Uncle Luc, whose mentioned earlier. Next to him very quiet is Miguel Razor. Honestly, these guys shine much better naked and fucking. Luc carries himself like the musician Prince. He describes himself as a "total top," and he sure gives one thorough ass hammering to Razor.

Razor turns out to be an impressive bottom. Handling the hugely hung, slightly bossy Luc comes to him with impressive ease. He looks great getting slammed on his fours, bending his hot butt up to meet Luc's incoming pitches. After an uncertain begin, once again the guys turn in a winning scene.

The final scene of the film pairs a Puerto Rican named Iraq with another one of the film's handsome black models, Jason Taurus. Iraq, an aerobics instructor, explains that he likes to play with toys, causing Lucas to bring out the double headed dildo. In a high visual, the guys push that dildo into Taurus to astonishing depths.

Lucas joins them on this one. The two first share the dildo, although not as expertly as the first set of models. Lucas ends up pounding Taurus after getting his beautiful ass eaten. Taurus is a hottie who hopefully will show up again in future movies.

Michael Lucas' Auditions 22 is a hidden bonanza for fans of black guys, as well as fans of interracial couplings. Watching goofy, awkward interviews segway into unbridled sexual pairings is something this series continues to capture very well.

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Michael Lucas' Auditions 22 Photos:

Uncle Luc and Miguel Razor Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Uncle Luc behind Miguel Razor
Ben Andrews auditions Wolf Hudson Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Wolf Hudson rides Ben Andrews
Masceo and Will in Auditions 22 Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Masceo and Will swallow both ends during their impressive dildo sequence
Ryan Kane and Panther Mitchell Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Ryan Kane & Panther Mitchell
Miguel Razor and Uncle Luc Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Uncle Luc hoses down Miguel

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