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Michael Lucas Auditions 20 - Florida Part 2

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
Movie Series
Michael Lucas' Auditions
Angelo DiMarco , Dallas Reeves , Eli Duran , Eric Cordova , Jonathan Vargas , Luke Stevens , Michael Lucas , Nick Moretti , Trey Rexx , West Dawson
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Michael Lucas Auditions 20 - Florida Part 2

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Does Angelo Dimarco Pass His Audition?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Back when he filmed Welcome to Paradise in Florida, Michael Lucas also shot a lot of good material for his Auditions series. The result is a nice assortment of Cubans, transplanted New Yorkers and other visiting dignitaries appearing on-screen for their "audition." Also for filming was exclusive model Jonathan Vargas, a very cute hunk who currently is one of the studio's prominent hotties.

Subtitled Florida, Part 2, the film takes off immediately with a heated pairing between sweet faced Luke Stevens and bisexual Cuban stud porn star Angelo Dimarco. Lucas himself briefly interviews the models before their sex, and watching the guys answer his rapid fire questions in his thick Russian accent is always interesting.

With Dimarco, Lucas engages him a bit in his homeland country of Cuba before getting him to talk about why he first went to a gay bar. Once undressed, Dimarco looks the role of a young, hot papi, his body riddled with big tattoos. His dick is fantastic: big, thick and uncut.

Angelo Dimarco Audition Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Angelo Dimarco
Stevens happily obliges bottoming for him. Dimarco spits heavy bits of saliva into Stevens' hole, working it over before he tops him. Dimarco is a strong top, screwing him in several positions before getting off. Stevens looks great bottoming, hopefully to show his assets more in future films.

Dallas Reeves Interview

After this, Lucas takes his on-screen opportunity to take blond Dallas Reeves' butt for a spin. Reeves (Brotherhood) really shines here as a star bottom who effortlessly accommodated every single move Lucas can throw at him, which is no easy feat.

Before this, the two have this rather discombobulated verbal exchange over Reeves' real-life boyfriend, porn entrepreneur Baileey. (the firm disciplinarian in Fallen Angels) Lucas concludes his interview by announcing that their sex will begin with Reeves eating Lucas' ass, which is apparently a first for the Auditions series.

After this, they sixty-nine in which Lucas takes to licking the blond's toes.

Luces tops Reeves in all of his trademark favorite positions. The exciting thing is watching Reeves counter him so expertly with his bottom skills. Reeves comes while getting fucked.

Next up comes a hot one-on-one in which Mexico-born Eric Cordova tops Cuban-born Eli Duran. Here, the chemistry between the beefy older Cordova strutting his top papi skills on the smaller Duran looks great. Duran is a lithe little thing with a very hot ass. As found often in the Auditions series, these are models who may not appear ever again on-screen, but in this environment with their partner, they put on a good show.

Lucas lets his latest top gun Jonathan Vargas tap the ass of new film recruit West Dawson. Lucas spends the entire interview sequence cross-examining Dawson, who squirms nervously and answers question reluctantly looking like a deer caught in the oncoming headlights. Repeated questioning leads West to admit that he considers himself seventy five percent straight, works as a stripper, and has always wanted to "bottom for a girl."

I always wanted to bottom for a girl. Vargas sits quietly during this with an amused look painted on his face.

Once naked, Dawson loosens up considerably. Like some other local models, he's not got a standard pornstar body. He's all local with young amateur roughness. He also lathers a very nice, deep blowjob onto Vargas' big brown meat.

Dawson also eats Vargas' pretty ass, and gets face fucked on the bed. Dawson's boy butt is his main feature. Vargas displays impressive anal training abilities throughout their anal sequence.

Vargas tops him at a steady pace, not at all rushed. He often holds himself inside so that they can both feel the love. The latino exclusive really is worth whatever salary they pay him. [Note: Vargas pours the gold onto and into Dawson a "water sports bonus" in the movie's director's edit]

Trey Rexx and Nick Moretti Interview

The final scene is another one of the movie's nice little surprises. Lucas coaxes manly blond Trey Rexx out of retirement to get some on-screen action with the muscular and equally masculine Italian-American Nick Moretti (Head Hunters).

Rexx has been doing movies for awhile. This entire scene, including the interesting interview beforehand, will be much appreciated by his fans. Folks who may not have seen Rexx's work will enjoy seeing this very sexual man in motion (his stuff for MSR Videos was a few years ago after all - The List or Feast Your Eyes)

Moretti seems pleased as punch with the casting. "You're bigger then I thought you were gonna be!" he exclaims while getting his first nuzzles and gropes.

Rexx licks Moretti's hairy armpits, followed by mutual piggy cock sucking. These real men expertly romp all over the bed with Rexx topping Moretti in lots of positions, filmed from all kinds of great angles. And in an even bigger surprise, despite what Rexx says in his interview, he flips over over Moretti, who pounds him doggie style. These guys close the movie on a very hot note. [Note: Rexx and Moretti share a water sports moment together in the shower in the movie's director's edit.]

Perhaps because most of the cast lives in Florida, which is very removed from the typical porn star industry scene, but watching Lucas' verbal interviews as they squirm from his basic questions is a lot more entertaining then usual. This unexpected element combined with many hot sexual moments make Michael Lucas' Auditions 20 an enjoyable evening.

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Michael Lucas Auditions 20 - Florida Part 2 Photos:

Michael Lucas auditions Dallas Reeves Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Michael Lucas tops Dallas Reeves
Jonathan Vargas and West Dawson Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Jonathan Vargas tops West Dawson
Luke Stevens and Angelo Dimarco Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Luke Stevens sucks Angelo Dimarco
Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Trey Rexx tops Nick Moretti

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