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Michael Lucas' Auditions Vol 1

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
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Michael Lucas' Auditions
Alex Clark , Christophe Blanc , Federico Ferro , Jack MacCarthy , Michael Lucas , Wilfried Knight ,
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Michael Lucas' Auditions Vol 1

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Wilfried Knight Interview

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

New York City maven Michael Lucas turns his creative eye to now-popular audition tape format with Michael Lucas' Audition, Vol. 1. It is an insightful peek into the lives of the sexy, worldly men of Lucas Entertainment. Judging by the quality of this film, fans will eagerly welcome more of the same.

Out of six auditions, every guys turns out something memorable, and we mean sexually memorable. Lucas has always utilized the world-wide magnetism of New York to find models from all countries. His eye stays on target here. His very first interview is with the gym built, newly minted European porn star Wilfried Knight.

A twenty-five year old fitness instructor, he answers numerous questions about his sex life, love life and other intimacies until Lucas uncovers his rock hard erection, turning the interview into a oral/anal tryout. Knight proves to be a very sexy bottom, who takes the total top director in numerous positions.

Federico Ferro Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Federico Ferro Auditions
Knight ends up riding Lucas on top. After this, the bottom suddenly comes a big gooey mess on the bedsheets. The entire audition lasts a leisurely thirty-plus minutes, in contrast to other audition films that only give ten or fifteen minutes to a model. This makes the viewer actually feel like they've spent some valuable time with the model, and adds to the satisfaction of the film.

All the model auditions are this way, which is why the DVD ends up lasting over three hours.

The second scene pairs American Jack MacCarthy with French pigtop Christophe Blanc (Deep Plunge). Here Lucas does not participate sexually, allowing his models to do their own work. Their interviews are also the movie's briefest. MacCarthy blurts out that he loves to give head more than anything, and within minutes the two are out of their bluejeans.

True to his words, MacCarthy demonstrates a love for the oral. Blanc rams his face nicely. Blanc then smears lube all around MacCarthy's ass and sticks in his hefty cock. MacCarthy also has a nice bubble butt that loves a good pounding. At a high point, he is spread on his fours across the bed as his body shakes from Blanc's rapid, hard thrusts from behind. Each slap of his cheeks provokes a grunt and moan.

When flipped over on his back, Blanc handles the bottom's rock-hard cock without missing a thrust. MacCarthy ends up cumming twice during the scene. Blanc shoots his load onto his partner's face, who licks it up off the big head.

Scene three auditions a very nasty Brazilian named Alex Clark. Clark explains that he's a bottom who likes to please the top and make the guy feel like a man. He then proceeds to completely run the gamut with Lucas. Clark licks his feet, eats his armpits, and eats his ass.

Clark loves for a guy to sit right down on his face. Lucas explores the musclebottom's hole with his hand. There is an all-out watersports scene with Lucas peeing into Clark's mouth. After all this, Lucas gives the guy a hard driving ass banging.

This memorable audition never ends, and they constantly surprise with interesting positions. Lucas sticks his toes up Clark's ass. Clark shoots while riding Lucas on top. Naturally he eats a lot of the director's jism when he comes.

After this begins what appears to be a standard solo from a shy Italian named Federico Ferro. Ferro explains in rough English that he's twenty five years old, and that he likes all sexual positions except for one - he doesn't like to suck dick. Not a very promising sign either.

Well, when the clothes come off, things immediately change. As he plays with his dick it starts to pre-cum. Then he announces how since he was young he loved to play with his butt. Ferro proceeds to give the audience a full demonstration. He plunges his own hand into his upturned hole. He prys and pushes his hand up to his wrist, as his uncut cock stays hard throughout.

Lucas tell him to push his ass out numerous times throughout this scene. They have lengthy conversation with the camera focused on Ferro's red pulsing, out-turned hole. And then the eggplant-sized dildos come out. After a session of plugging, Lucas steps into the camera to put his own hand up the auditioning model.

In fact Ferro delivers his money shot with the director's hand up in there. The scene has no anal sex, but it's nevertheless all about the anus.

Wilson Vasquez Interview

The final audition is with the studio's exclusive model Wilson Vasquez, who has bulked up a bit since his Fire Island days. The first segment is a conversational question and answer with the beefy twenty one year old. His charm, flirtaciousness and and smile lights up the entire interview.

After Vasquez gets his dick hard, he proceeds to go through a long wank with his eyes closed. He moans loundly as he shoots out a splattery load. And after that, Lucas continues his naked conversation with him for twenty more minutes. The guy is adorable.

Michael Lucas has created a great interview-sex flick that contains numerous unique elements that make it stand apart from others. The entire line of Lucas movies are departure from the standard West Coast fare. It is American porn with a cosmopolitan New York attitude.

Note: The Dircetor's Cut includes extra watersports scenes and extra fisting scenes. The movie also contains a rousing set of trailers for Fire Island Cruising its sequels.

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Michael Lucas' Auditions Vol 1 Photos:

Wilson Vasquez Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Lucas Entertainment exclusive Wilson Vasquez
Jack MacCarthy Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Jack MacCarthy eats Christophe Blanc

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