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Men Amongst the Ruins

Kristen Bjorn
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Andres Duranza , Attila Sipos , Cesar Moreno , Dade County , David Chelsea , Jeremy Shelton , Juan Jimenez , , Ken Mifune , Lucas Andrades , Lucius Socrates , Marcus Ocean , Matthieu Costa , Max Veneziano , Octavio Fuentes , , Savio Silva , Sergio Del Castillo , Slava Petrovich
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Men Amongst the Ruins

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Max Veneziano Finds His Place Amongst the Ruins

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Men Amongst the Ruins is at its heart a romantic tale. Throughout its two and one half hours walks Max Veneziano who yearns for Slava Petrovich (Moscow: The Power of Submission) in his daydreams. While hopelessly seeking his love, beautiful men have incredible sex all around him. In fact the sight of them catalyzes his own fantasy of just himself and Petrovich making love one on one, amongst the beautiful stone ruins.

Where exactly does this place the steely, masculine Veneziano in the universe? Should he have only been a pair of ragged claws, scuttling across the floors of silent seas? How can the modern gay man find true love amidst a world of torrid sex everywhere?

Well, these weighty questions are not really explored during the relentless sexual action of this flick. However, Kristen Bjorn always places these intriguing points in his movies. Men Amongst the Ruins shows nineteen picture perfect models, who seem to do nothing but have sex around a set of South American stone ruins. Here, Bjorn alters his technique from earlier films by mixing up the sequences of his sex scenes. Here, a set of models are introduced, and very often their sex is layered through the movie, rather then just in one single burst.

Andres Duranza and Brazil hottie Rafael Alencar ride up to the forested ruins on horseback. They meander around Savio Silva and Lucious Socrates, who unleashed their uncut cocks from their pants, and already are soon delivering the film's first of many splashy money shots. Socrates and Duranza shove their cocks through wooden bars. Alencar and Silva kneel and suck them from below. This round of oral action leads to the second round of unloading.

During this, the long-haired Petrovich strolls through the ruins. A set of muscular thieves descend upon him and steal his backpack. The thieves get away with the cash, leaving the bag and its sullied contents on the ground, only to be discovered by Veneziano. He finds photos of Petrovich in a dirty magazine, causing is imagination to take off.

They meet on the floor of an elegant mansion where they melt into a passionate embrace. The naked Veneziano gets on his knees and sucks the partially undressed Russian. The fantasy ends after Petrovich shoots his load. Veneziano moves through the ruins to find the four guys from earlier holed up together entwined in passion. They enjoy some tasty rimming, so good Alencar gets Duranza to cream.

They arrange themselves into dual side-by-side screwing. These four go through a never ending sequence of ball busting sex. The sequence ends with them standing up in a remarkable choo-choo train, humping in perfect rhythm. During this passionate vignette, an unbelievable nine money shots erupt from the cocks of these guys. This is a four way for the record books.

Watching this action causes Veneziano to launch again into daydreaming. This time Petrovich orally returns the earlier favor. After cumming, the giant offers his great ass to Petrovich. Fine camerawork captures Veneziano laying back on a large pillow getting drilled from Petrovich. And they produce another round of money shots.

(Writer's note - many reviews at this point include a three way scene with Julio Vidal, Marcus Ocean and Lucas Andrades. We'd love to see it, but it's not on our copy.)

Backpack Thief Double Cross

Next the movie goes to the drama of the backpack thieves who must penalize one of their group for stealing the stolen loot. The double crosser is Bjorn veteran Attila Sipos (Hungary for Men). The leader of this gang is the packed Juan Jiminez, a fine latino with the body of a brick house and a cock as thick as a telephone pole.

He forces Sipos to suck his incredible cock. Fellow thieves Jeremy Shelton (Legion of Vengeance) and David Chelsea line up next to him for servicing. After they all unload, a pissed off Shelton bends Sipos over for an ass pounding. Shelton is a new and noteworthy model that will catch the fancy of many viewers. He's a hot guy to watch screw someone.

To the side, Chelsea is on his knees getting his mouth split open with Jimenez's jawbreaker. This long sex sequence is highlighted by Chelsea getting double dicked by Jimenez and Shelton. It contains many rounds of orgasms, the most notable is Chelsea's seven-spurt money shot.

After this, the movie goes back to Veneziano dreaming of sex in the well-appointed mansion. He and Petrovich have a leisurely sexual finale complete with lots of kissing, rimming and sucking. This culminates in the tall Italian drilling the Petrovich's fine butt in an elegant bed. Petrovich finishes with a geyser like money shot, and Venziano explodes on his own no-hands.

The mail order version - only available from the studio - has an additional scene with Ken Mifune, Octavio Fuentes, Matthiheu Costa, Dade County, Cesar Morena and Sergio del Castillo.

Men Amongst the Ruins is goldmine for fans of cumshots. There are well over sixty shots in the film. Amidst all this white goo grinds the bodies of the industry's most-beautiful men. Among these machines, clawing each other in the barest of existance, is a man seeking his highest desire.

It is as if the sex never can end in Men Amongst the Ruins.

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Men Amongst the Ruins Photos:

Men Amongst the Ruins Four-way Watch on or Watch VOD
Savio Silva tops Lucious Socrates, Andres Duranza tops Rafael Alencar
Attila Sipos and David Chelsea in Men Amongst the Ruins Watch on or Watch VOD
(From left clockwise) Attila Sipos, David Chelsea, Jeremy Shelton and Juan Jimenez (underneath)

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