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Mein Kock (Sierra Pacific)
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W A T C H  Y O U R   F A V O R I T E    P O R N

Mein Kock

Jeff Lawrence
Sierra Pacific  
Brett Winters , Chad Knight , Craig Slater , Dallas Taylor , Jason Hunter , Nathan Rocco , Randy Rider , Scott Hogan

Mein Kock

Brett Winters and Chad Knight Play Nazi Youth

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain, Western news speculated on the rise of Neo-Nazi youth organizations. This mostly was just that - speculation. In 1991, Sierra Pacific wrote a gay porn around this in the form of a fantasy that turned out quite good.

Not specifically Neo-Nazi, this production draws out a sexual fantasy in a paramilitary youth organization. In a forest, Brett Winters hides behind a tree as a uniformed group marches by. Calling themselves The Solution, this loyal group is led by Scott Hogan. Hogan sends out patrols, leaving him alone with his lieutenant, Craig Slater.

We quickly see those old suspicions confirmed. As soon as they can, the two are naked and going at it. At one point, Hogan straddles the sprawled out Slater to pound his mouth with hard, deep strokes. Later, Slater pounds his meat into his leader's ass.

Meanwhile, Bill Tuck (aka Dallas Taylor) finds Winters in the forest. Before taking him back to camp, Winters gives the patrolman a hot plowing. Winters, with his dark hair, sensuous mouth and trim boyish body, looks better than ever here. His big dick causes Tuck to grimace and cry out a bot as he invades his sphincter.

Neo-Nazi Three-Way

Once arrived, Knight accompanies him to a tent to issue him a uniform. While stripped, they don't display an interest in shop. Winters's employs his big dick on Knight, who bites down on his thumb at one point as he's taking it. In the next scene, Jason Hunter describes a three way experience he had with his last leader, Randy Rider, and fellow team member Nathan Rocco.

After these scenes, the movie goes to the night of a big rally. Hogan speechifies on stage as Hunter and Tuck steal away down a stairwell for some action. Winters, meanwhile, is turned off by the group's strong-arm tactics, so he tears off his armband and returns to the forest.

An interesting walk down the path of well-scrubbed, Aryan youth Mein Kock definitely is much more of a sexual production than a political statement.

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