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Mating Season

Marty Stevens
Bel Ami  
Alexei Zagorin , Benjamin Bloom , Bolek Polanski , Colin Reeves , Davy Paxton , Eli Rogers , Hans Kaas , Hans Klee , Henri Gaudin , Joey Amis , Johnny Surabaya , Josh Elliot , Luke Hamill , Manuel Rios , Renato Amoroso , Roman Prada , Ruslan Brodovich , Steve Jennings , Thierry Aulin , Troy Allen
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Mating Season

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A seven man orgy and Joey Amis' thirsty determination at the Biergarten make this a classic.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Since the beginning, Bel Ami's favorite pastime takes hot lads out into the lovely countryside, where they lose themselves in each other. Freed from their daily trials and tribulations, they can experience the simple joys in life.. Such surroundings inspire some great fucking, not only from enamored boyfriends in love, but also from friendly buddies happy to help each other out.

George Duroy used this premise for one of the studio's first major series, the popular Frisky Summer tetralogy, followed by numerous sequals. In 2007, the studio added to this list a great film titled Mating Season, containing six captivating scenes of twenty prime models getting frisky.

Joey AmisWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD

Joey Amis - Biergarten Blowmeister

Josh Elliot leads a pack of Bel Ami boys riding their bicycles down a country road, everyone giggling and eagerly anticipating lots of fun in the country. It certainly looks like a promising weekend.

Hans Klee and Bolek Polanski are the first to split off over to an open air barn. Both extremely attractive blonds, they make a perfect pair. They nuzzle, kiss and undress each other in a very romantic display. At length. they take turns sucking each other's cocks.

Their roll in the hay reaches a climax as Klee lays on a blanket and spreads his legs wide as Polanski rams him with his big dick. He cums like an uncapped fireplug, pouring his hot seed onto Klee's butt. Polanski is notable for his easy going style of fucking - he wields his monster with tender loving care, likewise the bottom. (Polanski's scene was the high point of Pillow Talk 2) He has not done a movie since, so Mating Season may be his swan song.

Meanwhile, the rest of the pack continue to an large, abandoned house. (Is the Czech Republic full of abandoned property like this?) Anyways, the guys take the opportunity to separate and find interesting areas to fuck in.

While ascending a wide stairwell, Elliot and Luke Hamill decide to bonk Troy Allen, the waffle-iron hair, ever-friendly bottom from Pina Colada. Allen's sensuality does not show up well in his photos. On film, he's a very hot fuck. It's understandable that resident tops Elliot and Hamill decide to sink their claws into him when they get the chance.

The guys find a convenient chaise lounge where they make an appetizing Troy Allen sandwich. Allen's enthusiastic bottom skills shine. He pushes his body back, impaling his own ass with Elliot's cock. "He's riding good!" remarks the top.

After Hamill gets his own turn, they all cream on Allen's chest and abs.

Next, Davy Paxton and Benjamin Bloom (Summer Cruising) walk arm-in-arm through the halls seeking their own private nook.

As before, director Marty Stevens couples two perfect looking jocks together for a most sexy display. Paxton is a masculine brunet who burns up the screen with his topping skills. (Graffiti)

He tops Bloom in a green chair, covering his ass in his sweet jizz.

Joey Amis and Roman PradaWatch on
Servicing Roman Prada
Joey Amis and Johnny SurabayaWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Servicing Johnny Surabaya

Joey Amis' sucking rampage!

The film's centerpiece takes us to an old-fashioned outdoor biergarden run by Steve Jennings, who serves glass after glass of beer with a wicked smile on his face. Why is Jennings smiling? Turns out, Joey Amis has planted himself across the field in the toilet, sucking off every guy who stops by. The cute faced Amis has a skilled throat that gives Damon Dogg a run for his money.

Jennings secretly knows that Amis' oral skills and cum guzzling will keep his customers coming back time and time again. In a delightful sequence, all eight of the customers, one-by-one, visit, get persuaded to drop their pants and enjoy a delicious blowjob from Amis.

The cocky cocksucker is even keeping a tally of his devouring, notching the wood behind him with a knife. Sexy jock Roman Prada is the first to excuse himself from his buddies to go take a piss. Both smile as Amis opens Prada's shorts. Well built and broad shouldered, Prada looks stunning getting his big dick sucked.

He casually jacks out a tasty load into Amis' open mouth. Prada returns to his friends with the news of the guy in the toilet, leading to a constant stream of visitors, fueled by horny curiosity.

Amis sucks on the juicy thick meat of Manuel Rios (Some Like It Big). Dark haired Colin Reeves stops by. An interesting newcomer with blond running from the hair to his head to his bushy pubes and hairy legs named Eli Rogers gets his knob slobbed.

The sultry Ruslan Brodovich stops by, as does an impressively hung newcomer, the beefy Alexei Zagorin. Hans Kaas makes one of his two Bel Ami appearances, better known as bareback fiend Elliot Gass for Eurocreme (Bareback Twink Street 2.

Johnny Surabaya has grown out his wavy hair since getting involved in The Private Life of Tim Hamilton. Amis lathers his tongue over his cock, licking around the wine-purple head in circles. After he cums, Henri Gaudin stops by to give him his eighth load.

My pal Joey.. Every guy looks very hot, all getting sucked while wearing their bright shirts, pants down to their ankles. Because each one has a different look. Along with the skilled editing, there literally is never a boring moment.

After all the customers have gone, Jennings struts over for his piece of the action. Jennings is an Olympic-built, nasty sex pig. Wearing nothing under his apron, he strips it off so Amis can service his erection. The bar owner expects more, of course, and Amis happily bends over so that Jennings can throw a rousing fuck into his tight ass. A fucking perfect finish to a perfectly unforgettable scene!

Naturally, Jennings knows where to shoot his load.

Renato Amoroso Throws Pitchfork

Elsewhere, Renato Amoroso and Thierry Aulin finish a long day's work out in the fields. Back at the house, Amoroso picks up a pitchfork to bale some hay. But he instead decides to go pitch his own fork into blond Aulin's tight little body. Their sexy coupling is some good solid fucking on the farm.

Amoroso carries the pretty bottomboy looks, but as always, he plays the hard driving top, screwing Aulin doggie style in the flatbed carriage of their farm vehicle. Aulin always a hot guy to watch get fucked, making this another winning scene.

Now, if all this has not exhausted viewers so far, it closes with a signature Bel Ami boy orgy. (Remember Frisky Summer 4?) The guys are riding their bikes back, and they all decide to duck into the original hay filled barn from the beginning of the film.

Luke Hamill, Davy Paxton, Josh Elliot, Johnny Surabaya, Troy Allen, Benjamin Bloom and Henri Gaudin throw themselves into a seven man orgy. A rutting frenzy! Wide camera pans show the guys divided into three gyrating groups, fucking furiously literally make this episode a true barn burner. [Barn orgy blog]

Mating Season is ripe with special details and sexy touches. One notable example, the guys typically screw completely naked except for wearing a colorful pair of All Star Converse tennis shows (no socks). Hot imagery like this is one of many reasons that Bel Ami still sets the standard for the hottest twink porn on the planet.

Mating Season Photos:

The seven man barn orgyWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
The seven man barn orgy - Barn orgy blog on Friskynews
Luke Hamill and Troy Allen with Josh ElliotWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Luke Hamill, Troy Allen, Josh Elliot
Davy Paxon and Benjamin BloomWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Davy Paxon points to Benjamin Bloom
Troy Allen and Johnny SurabayaWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Troy Allen above Johnny Surabaya
Luke Hamill, Troy Allen and Josh ElliotWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Luke Hamill, Troy Allen, Josh Elliot

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