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Masters and Servants

Herve Handsome
High Octane  
Evan Rochelle , , Peter Shadow , Garcia Udulo , Abel Price , David Rivera , , Gamal Simon , Rod Stevens , Rogerio , Sanjoy , , , Marco Campbell , Mateo
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Masters and Servants

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Steve Hunt Is a Perfect Gentleman

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

There's a new film
We like to play you see
A film with added reality
We call it Masters & Servants
In 2008, Raging Stallion Studios made the deft decision to purchase the entire catalog of High Octane studios, which happened to be one of the very first favorite movie lines we talked about on here on Friskyfans. These great movies, mostly filmed by French director/photographer Herve Handsome (Handsome uses his real name Herve Bodilis now, particularly in his straight movies) are packaged into to their new site, which members of Raging Stallion's RearStable and Collin O' Neal can use.

Handsome started as an early pioneer in filming Hungarian bodybuilders in Budapest, which he packaged specifically for a Western audience. Since then, many of his models have become international porn superstars, like Ted Colunga and Rick Bauer.

Porn Star Steve Hunt Watch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Steve Hunt

ManAtPlay image European men in the office. Sex in the sharpest suits.
Francesco D'Macho, Ted Colunga, Jean Franko.

Passions explode wearing coat & tie.
Raging Stallion's first DVD release under their High Octane label is a movie filmed by Handsome, and released in Europe as Gentlemen's Club. It is pretty much the same format and style as that of his usual signature work, although it seems replete with today's fashionable European porn trends: sex in business attire, lust amongst the upper class.

Masters & Servants has lots of hot moments, particularly due to the manly cast, which stars many familiar magyar faces, as well as some very intriguing new ones.

The movie begins with porn star Steve Hunt awakening in his master bed, eager to take on the day that stretches out before him. Hunt is one of the hottest Hungarian numbers performing now, cute and very versatile. He even reveals in his interview with Michael Lucas in Cruising Budapest 3: Lucio Maverick that he's gay, all too uncommon in models from this region.

Well, Hunt's appearance here is just a tease, however he'll be back later. Hunt exits, leaving us to watch servants Cade Nichols and Sanjoy to get it on in his bed. Sanjoy turns out to be a rather noisy bottom, singing out his pleasure moan song as Nichols nails him in his ass. Nichols does a worthy job as a top, and they shoot nice money shots. Keep on watching because all of the DVD's subsequent scenes get even better.

Renato Bellagio Removes His Suit

After this, veteran performer Renato Bellagio shows up to the club, all dressed to the nines right down to an ornate walking cane. Bellagio, who has aged very well to actually look very convincing here as a man of his means, decides that it is time to start Puttin on the Ritz with the younger Rogerio Nateo and newcomer David Rivera. Rivera is clearly one of the more choice new models in this movie, his face gets on the DVD boxcover (he's facing to the right).

Bellagio pulls his hard dick out of his suit pants, which he strokes watching the other two trade blow jobs. Naturally, Bellagio is an überbottom, and once out of his threads his butt is getting plowed by both of the other guys. Nateo's cock is extremely long, a fabulous visual to watch get sucked and later swallowed into Bellagio's muscular butt.

The smooth, macho Rivera takes Bellagio's ass for a lengthy spin, wearing nothing but a thin gold chain around his neck.

Bellagio shoots a huge flowing river of cum onto his own abs, while Rivera drenches the side of the bottom's face.

After this, Rod Stevens and Gamal Simon (aka Helmut Muller) decide that since there is nothing else for them to do, they have sex in the back of a spacious SUV. Both of these guys are real pros, both in fact appear separately, along with other models in this cast, in the excellent Leather Weapon from Studio 2000 International.

After licking Stevens' asshole, Muller decides that it is time to strut his top man skills, driving this beautiful dick of his into the bottom's ass. Director Bodilis does a great job filming this pair in what all to often turns into a very cramped sexual affair.

Cade Nichols and SanjoyWatch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Cade Nichols inspects Sanjoy
Lots of hot camera angles and perspective shots show Muller's thrusts and Stevens' expressions, who wears his starched white button down shirt and tie during the entire course of the scene. The guys shoot their orgasms, followed by kissing in the afterglow.

Next, things really heat up when Rivera returns. This time he's intent on getting a piece of Steve Hunt, a worthy goal indeed. They pop our their erections, stroking, kissing and sucking each other. Rivera goes to town lathering Hunt's ass with his tongue. The rim job is only an appetizer, leading the way for a full course reaming of Hunt's ass.

The sexy stud looks fantastic, arching one leg up so the top and the viewer may enjoy ample amounts of full penetration. After taking a lengthy, bucking ride in Rivera's lap, the top blasts a big load on the side of his face.

Power Top James Jordan Breaks in New Bottom

Next up, newcomer Abel Prince finishes a high stakes poker game with Garcia Udulo (aka James Jordan) and Marco Campbell. Where did Prince get the foolish notion that he should play poker with these two? Jordan and Campbell are both ravenous total tops, and they have no qualms here in collecting their winnings.

Prince gets a four star introduction to bottoming. It's always great to see Jordan in action. (He's billed as Udulo in all of the High Octane movies, although Raging Stallion bills him as Jordan in their Alberto Ray gonzo movie line; Fuck My Ass, I'll Suck Your Cock. Ah, the Hungarian model name dilemma!

Movie Preview
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Meanwhile, rock solid Campbell provides lots of very hot fucking action, the dark haired hottie always puts in a great performance, and he fires a very impressive money shot out of his throbbing hard cock.

The movie finishes on a high note: Hunt returns, this time for a rollicking three-way with the bald Peter Shadow and Enrico Bellagio. (Yes, Enrico is Renato's real-life big dicked younger brother - see Michael Lucas' Auditions 23)

All three guys are is top sexual form. Shadow, always a powerful top (Hungarian Hunks), gives it long and hard to Hunt. Bellagio has an usually young baby-face for a Hungarian. They all tend to look like muscle men. Watching him drill Hunt with his shaven shaft is one of the film's high point, clearly ending the movie on a perfect note.

We do not know where the owners intend to take the High Octane movie line. We eagerly look forward to seeing what this innovative and enterprising studio does next. For now, watching High Octane movies makes a excellent compliment to Raging Stallion's family of membership websites.

Members of can watch all the movies, enjoy model photos and profiles, as well as access to Raging Stallion Studios, SexGaymes and BangBangBoys muscle guy membership sites.

Masters and Servants Photos:

Rod Stevens and Helmut MullerWatch on High Octane or Watch VOD
Rod Stevens sucks Gamal Simon (aka Helmut Muller)
Renato Bellagio in Masters and ServantsWatch on High Octane or Watch VOD
David Rivera, Renato Bellagio, Rogerio Nateo

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