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Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH055
Alex Collack , Ethan Grant , Ethan Wolfe , Johnny Gunn , Kai Ford , Nick Moretti , Ross Hurston , Slade , Ty LeBeouf
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A Picture Perfect Sex Painting

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Hot House has always done a phenomenal job of turning their models into works of art, sculpted statues come to life. Masterpiece falls right in line with what viewers have come to expect from this A-list studio - beautifully executed videography, skilled editing and direction, and scorching sex. Nothing really ties the film's four vignettes together other than an unremarkable set with a changing background.

Where the flick's title may start viewers imagining some steamy thematic tie-in with Rembrandt, the Mona Lisa, or Warhol's soup cans, there's absolutely zero references to famous artists/artworks. The masterpieces here are the models themselves. And given the opportunity to stand at the foot of Michelangelo's David or one of these real-live fuckers, I'm picking the latter.

Johnny Gunn (Trunks 5) and Alex Collack (At Your Service) set the tone for everything that follows. There's no dialogue or plot points to wade through; in each case, the viewer joins the party already in process. The action starts slow here, Gunn and Collack taking one another's temperature by kissing, pulsing together, apart, together, apart, never lingering in any one kiss for more than the briefest of moments. Collack, a porn staple for Hot House going back as far as 2004, gently redirects Gunn's efforts, first putting his buddy to work on his prick, then scooting around for an intense rim session.

Filming rim jobs is one of the things Hot House does particularly well - those of us who love close-ups of tongue on hole know when we pop in a Hot House flick that the studio is going to deliver on rimming. Collack's stretched out hole has no doubt seen some heavy-duty action; watching Gunn trace that wide ring of muscle with his tongue is mesmerizing.

Ethan Grant in MasterpieceWatch on - Watch VOD
Ethan Grant between Ross Hurston and Nick Moretti
Sure, Collack returns the favor, giving Gunn a somewhat perfunctory blowjob, but it's clear that Collack's asshole is itching for something a bit more intense. The videographer here snags some awesome footage of Gunn when he makes that first plunge into a prone Collack. The videographer then shifts angles to film Gunn's unique style of fucking, rocking his hips side to side and at odd angles while at the same time managing your basic in/out motion. Collack, for his part, mutters and growls like a very happy man.

Scarborough quickly moves us from these two hairy, tattooed, experienced guys to a wholly different pair - Slade and Kai Ford from Measure Up. Watching these two sleek, hairless pups after the opening vignette is akin to someone dropping an ice cube down the back of your shorts. It's quite a contrast, not only the appearance of the models, but in their style of lovemaking. And unlike Collack and Gunn, Slade and Ford touch one another like two guys who haven't quite figured out yet what it is that they like to do best. Luckily for those of us watching, it looks like rimming moves close to the top of the favorites list, epitomized by Slade rolling Ford clear up onto his shoulder blades for some deep ass snackin'.

Here's hoping all that tongue-to-ass action was sufficient warm-up for the fuck that follows. Slade is one of those tops who likes to fuck rapid-fire, pistoning his prick in and out of his bottom boy at high rates of speed, what seems to be 2-3 complete in/out thrusts a second. This anal abuse doesn't seem to bother Ford - he simply ramps up the pace to match, flogging his cock at a pace that would rub most of us raw within a minute or two.

Ethan Grant's Torrid Three-Way

The vignette with the most sizzle has to be what comes next - a torrid threeway featuring Ross Hurston from Paging Dr. Finger, Nick Moretti, and Ethan Grant. No surprises here as far as Hurston goes - put this bloke in front of a camera and he smokes spontaneously. The real treat is Nick Moretti (Headhunters Inc.) a must-see for anyone who gets off on hairy guys who keep their hair perfectly “man-scaped”.

Scarborough smartly puts the smooth member of the trio on his knees in front of the others. Grant keeps his focus squarely on his buddies' technicolor jockstraps (bright yellow and fluorescent orange) and the prizes they conceal. And sure - cock worship is fun to watch when it's one dude on his knees, but even better is two mature dudes (Hurston/Moretti) returning the adoration, worshipping that singular butthole, alternately licking and swiping it with greedy tongues, stopping only to taste Grant's asshole secondhand by kissing.

Ethan Wolfe rims Ty LeBoeuf's perfect ass. Grant delivers the film's standout cumshot, getting off completely hands-free, his thick load slowly puddling on his flat belly, his cream eventually served back up to him as a salty snack, slurped directly off the tips of Hurston's fingers. The sex continues to spiral out of control, not coming to a conclusion until each of the three men has taken a ride on the bottom. In the final moments, Moretti gets a wicked double facial, thick smears of what looks to be Hurston's load clinging low on his jaw.

Ethan Wolfe's Masterpiece

Masterpiece's last encounter features Ty LeBoeuf and Ethan Wolfe. In an all-sex flick such as this, it's anybody's guess as to why the director orders the scenes as he does. This particular scene, while definitely interesting to watch, may not have been the best one to sum up an otherwise exceptional fuck flick.

It's also the longest vignette, a good chunk of it devoted entirely to LeBoeuf as he slowly and deliberately teases and seduces Wolfe into submission. How does LeBeouf do it? With one of the most gorgeous backsides in porn, of course. Frame his ass in a crisp jockstrap and there indeed is your masterpiece. Wolfe rimming LeBoeuf's perfect ass - with the jockstrap still on - is undoubtedly the high point of their encounter, though their flip-flop fucking is thrilling also. Consider it a Hot House masterpiece.

Don't be fooled into thinking that Wolfe's menacing python of a prick, seductively featured on the cover below the title, Masterpiece, is the ultimate, must-see "piece" on display here; LeBoeuf meaty butt and the Grant/Moretti/Hurston romp are the real show-stealers.

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Masterpiece Photos:

Slade and Kai FordWatch on - Watch VOD
Slade tops Kai Ford
Slade fucks Kai FordWatch on - Watch VOD
Slade tops Kai Ford
Ty LeBeouf and Ethan WolfeWatch on - Watch VOD
Ty LeBeouf tops Ethan Wolfe
Ty LeBeouf fucks Ethan WolfeWatch on - Watch VOD
Ty LeBeouf tops Ethan Wolfe
Johnny Gunn fucks Alex CollackWatch on - Watch VOD
Johnny Gunn tops Alex Collack

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