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Massage Parlor Twinks

Rufus Ffoulkes
Braden Niel, Will Forbes, Joshua Cartier, Kyle Martin, Dave Heydon, Carl Johnson, Alex Russian, Ricky Jackson

Cute, slim British boys get carried away on and around the massage table.

Oral Sex Twinks, International Cum Eating Red Heads in Cast British Guys Tattoos

Massage Parlor Twinks

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Reviewed by on Mar-27-2008 - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Will Forbes and Alex Russian are Massage Parlor Twinks

8TeenBoy offshored a number of its films to jolly old England in 2007. We skipped reviewing the very first imports, but the DVD's have steadily improved after several boring entries. Massage Parlor Twinks is a title that pretty much says it all. They are twinks. They are massaging each other, in this case all on what must be a very satisfied and busy massage table.

The cast includes a number of cuties who have worked for director Rufus Ffolkes in many of his other films. This is the UK flavor of, where the lads are young and pale, they wear condoms and they fuck like rabbits.

Will Forbes fucks Bradin NielWatch Now or Helix Studios

Will Forbes tops Bradin Niel

The film starts by depicting an enjoyable versatile romp between Will Forbes (Bareback Working Boys) and newcomer Bradin Niel. This scene, like all the subsequent episodes, feature a pretty hot looking angles of the guys sucking each other's boners while still wearing their shorts pulled down just past their balls.

Their half dressed sex is an important part of foreplay in Massage Parlor Twinks. Forbes is quickly worked up into a lather all splayed out on the massage table. Niel's flicking tongue around his client's asshole causes Forbes to sing loudly.

Soon Niel is pumping Forbes butt in several positions. Then Niel, still wearing his condom, laying down so that Forbes gets to give him some of the same action. Their flip-flop opens the movie on a high note, and Niel's gusher of a cumshot drenches his friend's open mouth.

The next episode shows the lanky Kyle Martin (Bareback London) rubbing down Joshua Cartier. He movies the towel down past Cartier's ass, revealing his tramp stamp tattoo on his lower back. Martin does not have to get up at all into order to slurp on Martin's long, stiff cock. Martin has soon lathered Cartier's hairless hole and started fucking him on his stomach.

Martin is another great example of the movie's furious little fuckers. He plows Cartier standing doggie, his balls lapping against the bottom's skin. Cartier keep his big dick hard throughout, easily cumming a hot money shot while getting pounded. Martin licks up some of his juicy goo, stands tall and wanks out his own load.

Cartier returns for the next scene. He explains to a different masseur (Dave Heydon) that his visit last week quickly turned from a massage to a sex romp, and this time he's just up for a massage. Unfortunately, one thing leads to another, and Cartier has Heydon's dick in his mouth. Perhaps it is Cartier's tramp stamp, but he certainly arouses the viewer into sexual action. Heydon turns out to be a really hot top with a tight body. Director Ffoulkes gets a lot of hot angles showing Heydon's pale ass cheeks shaking from his frenzied thrusts into Cartier.

Heydon shoots a torrent of cum onto the bottom's torso, and spreads it all over with his hand.

Alex Russian's Massage Parlor Rub-Down

After this, popular Eurotwink Alex Russian (Bareback Secrets) receives a rub down from rosy cheeked Carl Johnson, a dark tinted redhead. Johnson seems very eager to please his client. He sucks his dick, eats his ass and let's him fuck him. Russian screws Johnson in several positions. Russian's face is an interesting parade of expressions that seem to show that he may be continuously on the brink of cumming.

Johnson ultimately rides atop Russian until he cums everywhere. Then, Russian gets his turn.

The movie ends with arguably its hottest scene: an energetic three-way where Ricky Jackson gets worked over by returning massage parlor twinks Heydon and Forbes. These slim sex machines suck on each other's dicks, paying special attention to Forbes' thick sausage.

Forbes eventually becomes the center of attention. The guys take turns plowing him hard, all to his loud non-stop moans. Watching Forbes getting his brains fucked out may be worth the price of admission alone. This is followed by Forbes and Heydon topping Jackson, and ending with them spraying their hot cum all over Jackson's face, forehead and mouth. A wonderful cum-eating and cum-facial finish!

Massage Parlor Twinks is for the most part, standard twink fare from There are many hot moments, which will make the fans of the Brit boys swoon.

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Joshua Cartier and Dave HeydonWatch Now or Helix Studios
Joshua Cartier pleasures Dave Heydon
Joshua Cartier fucks Dave HeydonWatch Now or Helix Studios
Joshua Cartier fucks Dave Heydon
Kyle Martin fucks Joshua CartierWatch Now or Helix Studios
Kyle Martin tops Joshua Cartier
Alex Russian tops Carl JohnsonWatch Now or Helix Studios
Alex Russian tops Carl Johnson
Dave Heydon tops Will ForbesWatch Now or Helix Studios
Dave Heydon tops Will Forbes
Dave Heydon and Will ForbesWatch Now or Helix Studios
Dave Heydon tops Will Forbes
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