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Manville: The City of Men

Kristen Bjorn
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Alex Ribeiro , Carlos Caballero , Eric Flower , Jason Kingsley , , Jed Willcox , Marcello Lars , , Matthieu Costa , Max Veneziano , Paulao do Pauzao , Rocky Oliveira , Sergio Del Castillo , Victor Cowboy
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Manville: The City of Men

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Alex Ribeiro visits The City of Men

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Note: This review is for the general release DVD, not the mail order version.
Manville: this is the city of men. Stalking is not a criminal offense here. This is because in this burg, the guys are all beautiful and they cum multiple times.

Kristen Bjorn paints such imaginary fantasy locations with the skill of a master Fantasy genre writer, notably as a "male oasis" like Men Amongst the Ruins and Bone Island.

Manville has simple setups, almost no dialogue and brims with wall-to-wall man sex. The cast will appear familiar to Bjorn fans, as well as to those who enjoy Lucas Kazan's movies. They are practically the hottest men on the planet.

Manville Three Way Watch on or Watch VOD
Alex Ribeiro, Eric Flower
and Paulao do Pauzau
Lucas Kazan Movies
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Wearing a zipped up leather jacket, Eric Flower attracts the attention of the tattooed stud Alex Ribeiro and Paulao do Pauzau (together forming the trinity of men posing on the film boxcover). Ribeiro first appeared in a stand-out three-way in last year's Kristen Bjorn video Fire Dance. This one is no less exhausting. Flower, a perfectly built blond, looks stunning, and he is ravished by the other two in a Bjorn-style set of multiple acts of sucking, fucking and cumming.

After a starting round of blow-jobs and money shots, the butch stud Ribeiro bends over and gets plowed in the ass by Do Pauzau's big black cock. In a memorable sequence, the top pulls out, cums, and reenters Ribeiro for another round of fucking. (Not filmed bareback, just to make clear, but rather a commendable use of fantasy, leaving things up to the imagination of the viewer)

Do Pauzau's top man lusts cannot be stopped. He throws a magnificent sideways screwing to Flower. Do Pauzau plays power top, creating a scorching opener for the film.

After this, porn star legend Jean Franko takes hold of the attractive Jed Willcox, giving him a breathtaking ass pounding directly in front of Brazilian beauty Rocky Oliveira, who watches them fully hard separated by the metal bars on a window. Olivera easily milks a load from his cock, and they take him to another room where he gets a sensational legs up screwing from Franko.

To top it all off, Franko shows his versatile side by sitting down on Oliveira's stiff pole, working his own hips with a full erection.

Franko arguably is one of the sexiest performers working today. (Jean Franko comes alive in Collin O'Neal's London)

Next, Max Veneziano hooks up with Jason Kingsley for a king sized helping of lust and ecstasy. These models are in their absolute prime, perfect functioning male sex machines. Watching Veneziano top Kingsley is poetry in motion.

Their play attracts the attention of Matthieu Costa and Marcello Lars for a fourgy. Together, Kingsley and Veneziano screw Costa's ass simultaneously in what is one of the finest photographed double dickings we have ever seen.

Max Veneziano hooks up with Jason Kingsley for a king sized helping of lust and ecstasy. Their torrid frolic finishes with Kingsley topping Veneziano as the others hold him in their arms, and another eye popping round of hot money shots.

The movie finishes with a beautifully filmed episode showing one couple getting turned on and screwing to the spontaneous discovery of another pair doing it out their window. porn star Matthias Vannelli and Carlos Caballero peel their hard-ons out of their tight pants and proceed to fuck on a sexy blue sport motorcycle. Vannelli, always a superb top, sinks his manhandle deeply into Caballero's perfect, round butt.

During this, Victor Cowboy spys them from an upstairs bedroom window. Cowboy is another Bjorn discovery who is absolutely stunning (Kristen Bjorn's Parashooter). Watching the action on the street below inspires Cowboy to get boyfriend Sergio del Castillo (Dreams of Rafael) to get on his knees and suck his big uncut cock. Cowboy's beautiful cock is crowned by a set of big, smooth balls.

In a tribute to the satisfaction of voyeurism, both couples watch each other have sex, separated by a small distance. After every orgasms, the four come together inside for a delicious round of cock worship and ass licking. The crowning moment shows the four in arranged into two doggie positions, with the guys swapped so that they are sharing their boyfriend with another's.

Their scene finishes with everyone clustering on a couch where Cowboy pokes his Brazilian tool into Caballero's hole, making a great finishing exercise to the film.

Watching, lurking and pouncing on man's most sexual desires -- this is a matter of daily course in Manville: The City of Men. Another superb entry from Kristen Bjorn and Sarava Productions.

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Manville: The City of Men Photos:

Jean Franko tops Rocky Oliveira Watch on or Watch VOD
Jean Franko tops Rocky Oliveira
Jed Willcox observes
Alex Ribeiro gets fucked Watch on or Watch VOD
Paulao do Pauzau tops Alex Ribeiro, Eric Flower right
Eric Flower bottoms Watch on or Watch VOD
Paulao do Pauzau tops Eric Flower, Alex Ribeiro right
Jason Kingsley and Max Veneziano in Manville Watch on or Watch VOD
Jason Kingsley and Max Veneziano inside Matthieu Costa
Marcello Lars standing right

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