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Man Made

Chi Chi LaRue
Falcon Studios   FVP158
, Brad Patton , Bryce Pierce , Corbin Michaels , Gus Mattox , Holden Grey , Joe Sport , Joel Drake , Lane Fuller , Marc Williams , Troy Punk
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Man Made

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Gus Mattox takes on Lane Fuller.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Well, if you didn't know that Gus Mattox was an actor in a previous life, you certainly will after watching Falcon's ManMade. This fuck flick is a vehicle designed specifically for Mattox, and gives the hirsute model a chance to stand in front of a camera and pontificate about everything from failed relationships to how he likes his sex in tedious monologues.

The lineup however is stellar, a hot mix of models including some old faces and brand spankin' new guys making their first forays into adult films. And if you're familiar with Falcon Studios and their first-rate line of product, you already know that there isn't a clunker in the bunch. I was particularly happy to see Lane Fuller; he's a beauty (although sometimes a little vacant behind the eyes) [Can't forget Absolute Aqua or even Tales from the Foxhole]. Director Chi Chi pairs Gus and Lane together in a romantic bedroom setting, letting the sparks fly.

Corbin Michaels sucks Brad PattonWatch on or Watch VOD
Corbin Michaels sucks Brad Patton
Lane is furry this time around, and his welcoming grin is an obvious turn-on for Gus. Kissing is what gets the ball rolling, the boys rolling around the bed in a tight embrace. Fully warmed up, these two get serious, sucking each other's cocks, then maneuvering into a hearty 69. While he's between Lane's legs, Gus spreads Lane's cheeks, revealing a very pink, very hairy, superbly luscious hole - which he promptly lavishes with his tongue. With that hole relaxed and eager to be fucked, Lane moves into position to do what he does best - getting fucked.

Gus is laid out on his back with a stiff cock that's rarin' to go; Lane slides right down the shaft to take a ride. Lane is one bear cub who shows his enthusiasm by keeping a stiff cock the entire time he's getting banged. Whether bouncing on top, on his side or on his back, Lane's chubby cock is a sure sign that he's enjoying the ride.

Gus' fantasies completely shift gears, and soon the viewer finds himself in the midst of a leather-flavored mini-group with some aggressive, rough n' tough participants, including standout Arpad Miklos (Taking Flight). For a fleeting moment, it looks as though Gus and buddy Bryce Pierce might partake of some piss play, but opt instead for a blowjob in a seedy, dark stairwell. They join Miklos, Joel Drake, Troy Punk and Holden Grey (cute, but not really Falcon material) for some group grope. Be sure to check out the variety of piercings and body art; almost all the models are inked or pierced somewhere.

Miklos steals the scene, sticking his ass out, then spreading his meaty cheeks and showing hole, ripe for lickin'. Now who wouldn't line up and dive in? And line up they do, several models reaching underneath, yanking on Miklos' stiffie, pulling on it like a stick shift. Then all hell breaks loose - mouths on cocks, tongue tasting hole, kissing, pit worship, you name it. The climax comes when Pierce and Punk make ass pigs of themselves, taking on all comers with abandon. Throughout all of this, the camera occasionally focuses in on Mattox's sly, approving grin. Resting on his haunches, Mattox takes everybody's load, goo matting his chest fur.

In another of his monologues, Mattox rhapsodizes about Speedos before the film cuts to poolside play, featuring extraordinarily muscular Joe Sport and his buddy Marc Williams. Interracial sex doesn't get nearly enough airtime in gay porn, and these two positively set each other on fire. Bathed in sunlight, they suck each other's cocks. Then Williams, his black skin shining with sweat, gives Sport a hearty finger-fucking before taking the plunge, masterfully fucking Sport's humpy ass. He only takes a short break to rim Sport's freshly-plowed asshole, then finishes what he started.

Brad Patton Steals the Scene

As nasty as Arpad Miklos can be, bending over and showing hole to the camera, Brad Patton, with his six-pound meat stick is also capable of stealing a scene. Blond Corbin Michaels (Taking Flight) is the lucky pup that gets to lie between Patton's legs and give that monster a spit shine. They 69 on a mattress covered with money, probably meant to symbolize Michaels' jackpot sex score. With legs clamped around each other's heads, their 69 even includes some mutual rimming along with dick sucking.

These two are so into a heavy makeout session, that they don't even seem to notice that Mattox has joined the party and is orally working over Patton's cock. Mattox has his mouth full - taking a few sucks, stopping, sampling Michael's asshole, then going back to blowing Patton. Corbin Michaels (Road to Temptation) gets a warm-up fuck, riding on Mattox. He then takes a breath and sits down on Patton's hog. Hats off to Corbin Michaels - that's quite a feat. All that cock stuffed up inside Michael's hot little ass doesn't even look quite real, but the pleasure/pain expressions on his face confirm that it is.

Sometimes you're better off sticking to the very things that make a porn actor successful - and it ain't talking to the camera. The gimmick in ManMade unfortunately makes Mattox come off like a prissy actor-type, destroying the sex mystique he skillfully created in films like Titan's FiveStar. Thankfully his sex scenes aren't compromised by his Shakespearean efforts..

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Man Made Photos:

Gus Mattox atop Lane FullerWatch on or Watch VOD
Gus Mattox atop Lane Fuller
Brad Patton prys open Corbin MichaelsWatch on or Watch VOD
Brad Patton prys open Corbin Michaels
Marc Williams opens Joe SportWatch on or Watch VOD
Marc Williams opens Joe Sport

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