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Manly Heat: Scorched and Quenched

Kristofer Weston
Buckshot Productions  
Antton Harri , Brad Patton , Brian Hansen , , Corbin Michaels , Jason Hawke , Jeremy Jordan , Jessie Balboa , , Joey Jordan , , , Nico Reeves , Niko ,
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Manly Heat: Scorched and Quenched

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Josh Weston Sings 'Glen Canyon Spring'

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Glen Canyon Spring

Buckshot Productions' Manly Heat is an excellent two part production expertly filmed in and around the beautiful backdrop the desert and lakes in the American Southwest. Before moving to the models and their powerful sexual chemistry, the rich beauty of the setting should be emphasized. Not since Falcon's 2000 classic Absolute Aqua and Absolute Arid, has the rugged male physique been captured in combination in such exotic locations.

Whereas John Rutherford trekked to Australia for the Absolute movies, director Kristopher Weston, along with Rutherford credited here as executive producer, ventures to the Glen Canyon lakes and parks of Southern Utah. (in fact the landscape looks identical to the lake where Charlton Heston's spaceship crashed at the beginning of Planet of the Apes.

Kristopher Weston populates this particular monkey planet with the studio's stellar array of top gun talent. Watching these movies can be truly surprising. COLT men making love naked around rugged plateaus and fauna invokes impressive, striking images. The end result can only be described as erotica cast as a truly American expression of art, similar to the special beauty of an Ansel Adams desert photograph or an Aaron Copeland symphony.

Manly Heat: Scorched

Scorched is the land-locked half of the series, and it begins with an incendiary coupling between all-American muscleman Josh Weston and eurohunk Antton Harri (Minute Man 27: Big Shots). Harri plows Weston bent over against a stratified wall of rock and brownish pick earth. Watching Weston get fucked like this is the first of many memorable visuals from the Manly Heat films.

A nice Western weave blanket is laid out on the ground so that Weston to return the anal favor to his friend. Weston screws Harri missionary slowly turning him clockwise so they at one point lock like two pairs of scissors. Weston ends his sexual conquest by shooting like a fire hydrant.

Fucked by an Angel

After this, romance is in the air as Jeremy Jordan and Simon Angel stroll shirtless through a bucolic, grassy valley. Angel is a heavenly find who appeared earlier in the rollicking Boot Black Blues.

The compact, small Angel lowers his shorts presenting a surprisingly big juicy erection. After rimming Jordan's hole, he throws a fantastic fuck to the blond doggie style. Pick rocky outcroppings watch from afar as Jordan next rides Angel on top. Jordan cums while getting plowed. Angel ejaculates wave after wave of creamy cum from his beautiful cock.

At this point, the Harri returns for a transitional scene with him and newcomer Niko, a dark skinned, brunet musclegod who he blows with enthusiasm. They trade off sucking each other's cock and ultimately shoot their money shots.

Arm in arm, they turn together and look onto the beautiful tan sandstone scenery.

Siman Angel and Jeremy Jordan Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Siman Angel and Jeremy Jordan
Jason Hawke and Jessie Balboa Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Jason Hawke orgasms on Jessie Balboa
Next, Niko meets the slimmer Nico Reeves, who is quietly practicing yoga in the desert. Reeves ( Grand Opening) proceeds to give a slow, sensual bodyrub to his new friend. This opening round of foreplay consists of intimate touching which effortlessly slides into Reeves focusing his attention on Niko's cock.

Both guys enjoy sensual rounds of cock sucking, which gradually heats up culminating in a rousing round of watching Reeves getting plowed in his ass. The both finish with nice money shots.

I'll Take One Jason Hawke, On The Rocks

Scorched reaches its mountainous summit in its final episode, where the svelte Jason Hawke completely works over the towering, masculine Jessie Balboa. On some dry rocks, they suck and fuck amidst the lovely alpenglow. Turns out, Balboa's sexual energies emanate from his muscular ass, which is a love muscle in every sense of the word.

Hawke's expert sexual prowess perfectly matches Balboa's anal needs. Hawke thrusts into him deeply, moving through several arousing positions. Hawke gushes a great climax all over Balboa's torso, nicely closing the first half of Manly Heat

Jherred Lopez Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Jherred Lopez

Manly Heat: Quenched

The second installment of Manly Heat takes to the water. The sex is hot enough to bring the deep blue water to boiling point. Filmed on a large flat bottomed boat, the sex scenes transpire around the remarkable red rock backdrops of Lake Powell, Utah.

Opening and closing the film is Brad Patton, whose cock towers like a rigid natural arch. Newcomer Joey Jordan joins him on the rooftop of the boat, jawboning Patton's cock as best as one can possibly handle. Jordan is a handsome, stocky guy with a muscular ass and a promising future movie career.

They repair to the jacuzzi where Jordan displays impressive bottoming skills with Patton's massive meat. Director Weston also cuts to a second camera on a second boat showing them humping freely in the open air on the high rooftop. Patton gushes out a thick, copious money shot that flys everywhere.

Next, delicious Buckshot man Brian Hansen (Hard Studies) engages in a remarkable sexual episode in standing water in one of the lakes remote side nooks. Matt Cole, one of 2006's hot up and comers, trades blowjobs with their hard ons jutting out of their slightly pulled down speedos.

Cole explores Hanson's sweet hole with his tongue, pulling his cheeks apart with his big hands.

As the water current flows around them, Cole drills Hanson on his fours and missionary. Perfectly matched, the two guys lock together perfectly in a torrent of sensual lovemaking. Hanson moans loud, screaming "fuck me!" as he jacks out his cum. Cole stands up to blow his own, noisy multi spurt orgasm, leaving everyone breathless.

Matt Cole Back for More

After this, Cole returns for a rousing encore performance with newcomer Jherrad Lopez, a boyish dark skinned model with beautiful lips.

They meet in an open air shower, and peel their erections out of their speedos in the running water. As in Manly Heat: Scorched this is a transitional scene where the guys enjoy an all oral session effectively saying goodbye to Cole and hello to Lopez.

After this Lopez enters the boat's enclosed area where he gets frisky with Corbin Micheals ( Road to Temptation). Michaels pulls him over for a hot kissing session, enjoying lots of foreplay with their pants on, or partially on.

Brad Patton and Brian Hanson grand sexual finale. Ultimately they share a rousing flip-flop sex session with Michaels first topping the supple Lopez. Their sex attracts the attention of Colby Taylor, who observes them, but doesn't participate, while manning the steering wheel of the boat.

They finish with Michaels riding Lopez on top, cumming while still impaled. Lopez completes the episode by dousing the Michaels' backside with eye-popping spurts of creamy love.

Brian Hanson and Brad Patton's Volcanic Sex

Everything ends with Patton and Hansen coming together for the film's grand finale. This event also was where the two actually met and subsequently decided to become boyfriends. Their chemistry is evident as they carefully explore their bodies, their tan skin practically shimmering the reflected afternoon glow.

In a speedboat, Patton tops Hansen, whose amazing bottom skills get stretched to full capacity. Sets of nice money shots cap off this final chapter in Buckshot's vibrant painting of hot mansex.

The producers have effectively taken the successful elements of their earlier production, and added subsequent years of experience and talent to create a pair of must see movies for fans of real men who effortlessly burn up the screen.

All the models perform at one hundred percent. One might think Buckshot will have a difficult time topping this one. Fortunately however they always can rely on a stable of always impressive tops.

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Manly Heat: Scorched and Quenched Photos:

Matt Cole and Brian Hansen Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Matt Cole sucks Brian Hansen
Brian Hanson and Brad Patton Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Brian Hansen atop Brad Patton
Niko and Antton Harri in Scorched Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Niko and Antton Harri
Josh Weston fucks Antton Harri Watch on COLT or Watch VOD
Josh Weston tops Antton Harri

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