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A Gay Porn Manifesto Starring Francois Sagat

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Chris Ward releases his signature work of the year, a three hour two disc movie aptly titled Manifesto. Apparently now such manifesto-style documents are no longer the purview of the Unibomber. As a movie, it truly captures the spirit and essence of Ward's throbbing oeuvre.

The models are real men, yet they are not relegated to one specific narrow type. The models' expert sexplay drives all the scenes. The electronic music throbs to the sex. And the filming includes rich colors and vibrant lighting. Sex should be anything but routine or boring, which is why every minute of Menifesto is special.

Francois Sagat and Remy Delaine Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Francois Sagat inhales
Remy Delaine
The film starts with an electric pairing of the studio's two current big stars: Remy Delaine and Francois Segat. In fact, Manifesto is a prime showcase for Sagat, whose quiet, tantalyzing sexual performances are amazing to watch.

They ravage their succulent bodies with their mouth and fat, uncut cocks. Delaine ultimately hammers Segat over some gym equipment in a rousing session of loud ass slapping, gunts and spoken French.

Their sexual performance is worthy of the World Cup!

Sagat carries a phallus which is arguably one of the most interesting shaped weapons to grace the screen. Watching him erupt big pools of white cum concludes their exhillerating opening duet.

After a solo episode showing Hussein working out with weights, followed by the Turk relieving himself of all the pent up energy from his workout, it's the return of Michael Vincenzo!

Michael Vincenzo Returns!

Vincenzo, whose last movie ever was Plexus, starts off as a seductive, living advertisement for wearing bluejeans. He and Michael Foxx passionately kiss on a leather couch, both wearing tight jeans. As a half clothed opener, they grab the viewer's attention.

Interestingly, Foxx competed with other guys to win a special contest conducted by the studio. The winner's prize was to appear with Vincenzo in this movie. Taking a que from how Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer recruited Joan Crawford and other starlets, Raging Stallion seems to never exhaust its plate of new ideas to create its films.

The resulting scene shows two guys who are rested, tanned and completely raring to go at it on camera. Vincenzo doggies Foxx over the couch, an excellent arrangement. After several more hot positions, Vincenzo pulls out to release one of his signature splashy explosions of jizz.

Next, it's badpuppy porn star Derrick Hanson, who gets an assfull of sultry brunet Sarib (Arabesque). He inhales his fat, uncut cock. They kiss. They trade blowjobs while wearing their leather chaps.

The highlight of their scene shows Sarib plowing Hanson missionary, his legs raised high with his entire cock and balls neatly protected and unseen in a leather pouch. Hanson, who also bottomed for daddy's in the nicely done Daddy Hunt, Vol. 2, certainly earned his money's worth here. They finish by hosing down a bright red gasoline tank with their loads.

The second disc begins with a scene that is a study is contrasts and opposites. Boyish Justin Christopher opens wide for Hussein. The contrasts are many: tall and lanky vs. short and stocky. Smooth vs. hairy. younger vs. older. Hussein plows him in many positions until Christopher dumps his sweet cum while getting plugged.

Michael Vincenzo gets fucked! At long last! After this, it's Delaine's turn for a solo scene. Wearing a cap, shoes and a black jockstrap, he whips his cock out and works himself over. Scruffy faced, he shows the audience a brief and interesting insight into how he jacks off.

The film's final two scenes show that there is absolutely no reason to go anywhere. First, Sarib completely works over the returning Vincenzo. Watching him lay back and get thoroughly manhandled by this highly skilled sexpert is incredible. Plus, since Vincenzo plays bottom, a role which he has not taken often, this plows into completely new territory.

Vincenzo admirably balls himself back with his heels to Jesus as Sarib hammers him. And just when the viewer thinks he's had enough, they flip flop!

After this Hungarian hunk Tamas Ezterhazy drops in for a solo. Raging Sallion cast him in a hot three way in Assquest, Part 1. Here, he wears his black jockstrap and turns in a splashy masturbation while showing off his tight body.

Francois Sagat's Breathless Three Way

Manifesto's grand finale is arguably the film's crowning episode: a horned-up, breathless three way with Francois Sagat, Hussein and Jay Black (Bedrock), who is clearly one of the hottest, most underused performers in California.

Watching this black guy get fucked is worth the price of admission alone. But he and Hussein gets a lengthy crack at Sagat, whose sexual heat drips off his body like melting butter.

Manifesto marks director Chris Ward's one hundredth movie. Does this close the book on a period for the studio, or is it merely marking a new series of volumes? Ward has had the foresight to actually create a solid legacy, which, if Ben Leon's filmwork so far indicates, should be a sustaining one.

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Manifesto Photos:

Michael Vincenzo bottoms for Sarib Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Michael Vincenzo bottoms for Sarib
Francois Sagat bottoms for Hussein Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Hussein tops Francois Sagat, Jay Black above
Justin Christopher bottoms for Hussein Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Justin Christopher bottoms for Hussein

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