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Manhunt.The Movie

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH016
Alex LeMonde , Andrew Rubio , Andy Hunter , , , Corbin Michaels , Dick Wolf , Felipe Carson , Jon Galt , , Troy Punk
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Manhunt.The Movie

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Your Boyfriend's Hooking-up on Manhunt

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In Manhunt: The Movie, the men all have that familiar ache. You know the one - it's deep down, burning in your balls. You logon to your computer with one objective in mind - relieving that ache, the quicker the better. One popular cruising site,, came up with a clever marketing gimmick: make a flick featuring Hot House's steamiest models and center the plot around hooking up online. And whether you're been brave enough to surf the waves of men online looking for dick or would rather grab a cumrag and work out your problem alone, this porno will touch a nerve.

Andrew Rubio (DRILLthisHOLE) and Collin O'Neal (9x6inUdeep) use their clever little screen names to find a match. When the camera finds them, they're already kissing deeply and undressing each other. Lucky Andy rolls up Collin's T-shirt, uncovering a lush forest of neatly trimmed fur. Inspired he rolls down Collin's briefs and gets to work on Collin's pretty prick. Hot House's cinematographers know where to aim their cameras - we get some luscious shots of Collin's asscheeks, perfectly white melons in contrast to his tan, each cheek a flexing muscle while he feeds Andrew. We also gets some teasing views of Andrew's very pink, very luscious hole.

Andrew Rubio and Collin O'NealWatch on - Watch VOD

Andrew Rubio sits on Collin O'Neal

After a polite rimjob, Collin gets down to plundering some ass. Andrew, one leg cradled on the seat of a cushy chair, looks over his shoulder and enjoys the view while he's getting cornholed. The two try quite a few positions, but the one Andrew seems to like best is belly-up on a rollaway ottoman, his Latin prick never losing its steel.

Somewhere else in the city Felipe Carson (69isFine) is being seduced by not one, but two online studs - couple Andy Hunter (GoLarge) and Corbin Michaels (YngHngSF - Road to Temptation). Nothing says loving like some deep dicking an invited third. But these horny fuckers have a fuse that's already lit and just can't seem to wait for their guest, Felipe, to arrive. Andy gives Corbin something to do, feeding his boyfriend some hot cock and toying with his asshole.

Andy goes into top mode - a role he plays very well - and pounds Corbin's backside first doggy-style and then with Corbin riding on top. While they're fucking around, the doorbell rings. Literally in the next frame, we see a naked Felipe directly in the middle of the couple - blowing Andy while Corbin attacks him from the rear. No introductions, no seduction, no undressing - just slam into the middle of a fuck sandwich.

Andy and Corbin really use their new fuck buddy, first switching roles so Andy can top and then laying Felipe flat on his back, one riding his face, the other opening his ass up even further. At least they let their guest cum first; here's where we get the best shots of Felipe Carson, jacking his fleshy cock, his pec and abs muscles fully contracted as he blows spunk. His hosts follow suit making for a nice ending to a quick, anonymous threeway.

Troy Punk hooks up on Manhunt

Next, Manhunt: The Movie serves up one of those hardcore fantasies that's terrifically tantalizing to think about, but dangerous to actually attempt. Blond muscle hunk Troy Punk (TapthsASS - (Screw) propositions the uber-sexy porn star Alex LeMonde (6PakMan) online with this seedy come-on: "Don't even bother knocking. I'll be on the bed with my hungry ass in the air." Lucky for Troy, Alex, with his adorable face, is a guy that any horny stud would be thrilled to see walk through his bedroom door.

6PakMan fucks TapthsASS
The camera has followed Alex walking up one of San Francisco's hillsides, looking for the right address. After letting himself in and finding the bedroom, he instantly sees that Troy is not one for games. He's lying perfectly prone on a bed, with his achingly perfect bubble butt lifted slightly off the sheets. The set-up might make you cum before the two strangers ever make contact. In fact, Alex does sit a few feet away, jacking his prick in full view of his new sex partner before they ever really make contact. What a fuckin' tease!

Wordlessly, Alex grants Troy permission to blow him. As the blowjob intensifies, so does the chemistry between them. It's a matter of moments before the two are engaged in an all-out grab ass session, punctuated by deep kissing. Both models are exquisitely muscular; watching them tangle with each other in full sunlight, on a bed with crisp white sheets is erotic as hell.

After sharing some prolonged blowjobs, Alex's hands find their way back home to Troy's ass. He parts the cheeks with his hands. Then with a look of utter lust, he goes face-first between them, licking the salt and sweat from Troy's puckerhole. Troy can only take so much rimming and dry humping before he practically begs for a fucking. Alex provides the meat, banging his buddy doggy-style, every muscle in his flat belly flexing as he thrusts into Troy.

If you've got a good trigger finger, you might be able to pause the film mid-frame like I did, capturing a perfect frame of Alex LeMonde's cock buried to the hilt, his own hot butthole winking at the camera lens. Alex fucks Troy deliciously slow before laying on his back and letting Troy ride into the sunset. They cum at the same time, sealing the most spectacular scene in the entire flick.

SFBubblButt meets HUNGarianTop

And just what do you do when Arpad Miklos answers the front door with only a towel slung around his Hungarian hips? Owen Hawk (SFBubblButt) finds himself in this enviable position. Owen is Miklos' (HUNGarianTop) second conquest, Miklos having scheduled his tricks back to back. After exchanging a few pleasantries, Miklos puts the moves on his smaller, more boyish guest. After a few moments of petting, Owen gets wise and starts fishing under the towel.

As the towel slips to the floor, so does Owen, grabbing Arpad by the root and going to town. That a boy! Owen's own dick is nothing to sneeze at; the camera occasionally drops down to capture Owen at full staff, his cock stretching out of his jockstrap and up against his belly. Once Arpad gets a quick visual of Owen's dick, he drops to the carpet, using his tongue, lips and goatee to thoroughly pleasure his buddy.

Arpad only takes a few moments to get Owen's asshole wet with spit before he bends him over (another rolling ottoman), and plows his second trick of the day with gusto.

Owen moves his ass into several greedy positions, trying to make the most of Arpad's stiffie. He ends up riding it, facing out and blowing long streams of goo all over Arpad's carpet. His host doesn't seem to mind, but seems to prefer cumming on Owen and not the carpet.

Jon Galt (gymboss) goes the extra mile and closes down his gym when he meets super sex pig Dick Wolf (musclpup) online. Is Wolf continuing his cruising-for-sex life first seen in Perfect Fit? We catch up with these two on a weight bench just as Jon is busy conducting an impromptu anal exam on Dick Wolf. Rivaled only by Hot House model Alex Collack, there's not a dick that Dick can't manage. Jon gets more familiar with Dick's pink rosebud, putting his nose and mouth right against the pulsing entryway.

Jon Galt, looking more pumped than I remember from past films, gets a thorough oral servicing in return. But even when he's sucking Jon's cock, Dick can't even keep his own fingers out of his butt. That's one hungry hole! No worries - Jon gives Dick's rear a workout, so much so that Dick Wolf needs to hold himself steady, balancing a hand on the weight bench. They fuck for some time, but Dick needs more than Jon can provide. Jon pulls a mammoth white plastic dildo out of nowhere, puts it on the floor, then masturbates as he watches Dick assault his own ass. Dick brings himself off while riding the toy. Not to be outdone, Jon gives his gym buddy one of the nastiest facials I've seen in a porno.

Manhunt: The Movie appeals for those of us who like in-shape models, passionate sex, but don't necessarily have a craving for the excessive kink that Hot House has been leaning towards (Mo' Bubble Butt, Skuff). Scarborough remains a master at his craft, overseeing a project that is slick, well-edited and clever. The DVD packs some nice extras, including some sharp motion graphics between the scenes. I'll leave it to the viewer to fill in his own commentary about online hooking, but doubtless any of these boys could show up on my doorstep with no complaints.

And the beat goes on in the popular gay porn sequel Manhunt 2.0.

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Manhunt.The Movie Photos:

Troy Punk and Alex LeMondeWatch on - Watch VOD
Troy Punk blows Alex LeMonde
Arpad Miklos and Owen Hawk hookup on ManhuntWatch on - Watch VOD
Arpad Miklos blows Owen Hawk
Corbin Michaels, Felipe Carson, Andy HunterWatch on - Watch VOD
Corbin Michaels, Felipe Carson, Andy Hunter

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