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Manholes and More Manholes

Chris Ward
Raging Stallion Studios  
Bobby Black , Bosch Wagner , Christopher Rage , Denton Crane , Eric Michaels , Hernando , Jack Stevens Jr. , Jason Daniels , Johnny Jules , Kenny Dynell , Michael Starr , Steven Bishop , Tommy Lewis
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Manholes and More Manholes

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Great double feature for any fan of serious assplay

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Raging Stallion's Manholes and More Manholes is certainly one of the most interesting handball films to be released. First off, it contains a Grade A, eye-opening fisting film that is titled More Manholes. But this disc is a double feature.

Raging Stallion also threw in an entire unedited handball classic, Manholes, a ground-breaking film made in 1985 by legendary director Christopher Rage.

The DVD includes two very informative interviews with Stallion's in-house musician and collaborator, J.D. Slater. Slater describes background on his own friendship with Christopher Rage, and how those movies from the 1980's effect the movies today.

Christopher Rage's Manholes stars the indefatigable Bosch Wagner, who many people have probably seen performing in the kink scene from Falcon's 1987 In Your Wildest Dreams. The movie also includes six other performers, including an on-screen performance by Christopher Rage himself.

There are several sequences of bareback sex, but the emphasis of the film is on the anal side of things. After first getting dicked a bit, Bosch Wagner fists himself, and soon gets some assistance from Rage.

After showing off his rosebud, Wagner is ready for more. He ultimately ends up legs back to his ears, relaxed, sniffing poppers as four hands from two guys work over his greased hole.

All this is complimented by a surreal, steady musical score that floats through the movie in minor chords. This is clearly a journey into an altered reality.

Bosch Wagner Watch on
Multiple hands work over Bosch Wagner

The contemporary film, More Manholes, is another fine piece of handballing from Chris Ward. Far more upbeat on a production and soundtrack level, it begins with an exploration of Michael Starr, an intriguing figure who always wears a stone-faced handsome visage and a nifty ballcap. His fisting top is largely unseen. He slowly takes the viewer through an artful dance of motions on Starr's very hot ass.

Starr plays with his hard-on throughout the entire sequence, often digging into his own urethra.

The next sequence is a flip-flop fisting with shaven-headed Bobby Black and Eric Michaels (who is on the boxcover). They are well-outfitted with a chest harness and leather straps, as well as black boots.

Michaels takes his punching fist to Black. Black has a great, round ass with a hole that could swallow a grapefruit. This hot sequence is later followed with Black returning the favor to Michaels, who takes his partner's hands and arms with intense pleasure.

This sequence also includes a cut to the mononamed Hernando, who is perched on his fours. On his bed, he punch fists himself before a large mirror. His ass looks great held aloft in the air. He works his entire fist in and out, exposing his cavernous crater between pushes for all to see.

After all this, More Manholes closes with the handsome Michael Starr returning for more action. He gets worked over anally by a youthful-looking badboy named Tommy Lewis. A convenient mirror allows Starr to look himself over as Lewis explores his anal cavity.

This scene is hot because there is a more intimate, closer feel. Lewis tenderly kisses Starr's balls, sucks his dick and feels his hairy pecs during the assplay.

This double feature makes another fine addition to anyone interested in handballing. The inclusion of the 1985 Manholes by Chris Rage is a great way to turn-on an entire new generation of viewers to his fascinating work.

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Michael Starr
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Michael Starr

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