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John Bruno
Mustang Studios   MVP078
Adam Faust , Blake Nolan , Cliff Rhodes , Dak Ramsey , Doug Jeffries , Jake Dakota , Ken Mack , Tim Towers , Vin Nolan
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Despite the closing of the local factory, the workers continue to gather at the old site's location for company benefits.

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In some of the larger metropolitan areas, theres rumored to be secret gathering places where selected men gather to hook up and get off. Much like Hot Houses Butch Alley, Manhole chronicles one of these sexual hotspots, an underground bunker of sorts that only a small coterie of filthy fuckers know about.

Humpy man-bear Blake Nolan (Lords of the Jungle) narrates the film, speaking directly into the camera lens and setting a somewhat ominous tone for the mansex that follows.

Mustangs flicks have gotten decidedly dirtier, and not just the sex. The first trio of blue-collar types to strip and play Jake Dakota (Rammer), Dak Ramsey, and Vin Nolan are caked with enough dirt and grease so that it can be tough figuring out whats a tattoo and whats just general body filth. And unlike their Falcon Studio counterparts, the men of Mustang are hairy, showing off their armpits and raking their fingers through chest hair by way of seduction.

Blake NolanWatch on
Topman Blake Nolan
Nolan, the last to arrive for the impromptu sexfest, is also the smoothest. He interrupts Ramsey and Dakota in the middle of some sumptuous oral sex, cheekily adding his prick to the mix. The setting is authentic in its steeliness. Id take a firm, comfy bed over concrete, but these dudes seem to thrive on all the electrical gadgetry and heavy machinery that surround them. Just when you think that doe-eyed Ramsey is going to be the trios butt boy, the dynamic shifts, Nolan and Dakota both servicing Ramseys prick at the same time.

Theres a scorching rimming sequence here where Dakota and Ramsey lie side by side and roll up onto their shoulder blades, giving Nolan open access to their hairy, sweaty holes. The fucking that follows looks good, but its the impassioned rim jobs that really work well.

Ken Mack, a model whos done his most exciting on-camera work for Joe Gage (Alabama Takedown) gets paired with Tim Towers for a lukewarm encounter. Towers is aching for a little discipline, encouraging Mack to whack his ass with an open palm while getting rimmed. Hes blessed with a meaty and furry rump, and Mack is taking full advantage. Somewhat predictably, Towers gets fucked while lying atop some dusty boxes. They move to a portable step ladder, Towers doing his best to maintain his balance while the older, daddy type slams into him from behind. The best moment here is Macks orgasm, a creamy facial which lands dangerously close to Towers open mouth.

Elsewhere in the tombs of the abandoned factory, chunky Doug Jeffries is making nice with bearded Adam Faust (Ritual). Like most of the models in Manhole, Faust isnt particularly hung. But his appeal is his understated masculinity, a vibe that Jeffries quickly picks up on while blowing his anonymous fuck bud. Roles reversed, Jeffries treats Faust to some of his trademark dirty talk while getting head. Both men are incredibly versatile during their encounter, each submitting to the other in turn. But Jeffries has particular appeal playing the pairs aggressive bottom, challenging Faust at every turn. His cries and shouts echo off the walls, assuring the viewer that this is one daddy who likes his butt fucking rough.

Dak Ramsey reappears at the Manhole

The films finale is arguably the best vignette in Manhole, a threeway with narrator Nolan, a returning Dak Ramsey, and the heavy-hung Cliff Rhodes, Gale Force Men's Room II). Nolan stumbles upon Ramsey cock-worshipping at Rhodes feet, quickly inserting himself into the middle of the fun. Rather than help Ramsey conquer Rhodes considerable meat, he doubles the workload, unzipping and putting his prick alongside Rhodes for sucking. Ramsey rises to the challenge, blowing the newcomer while Rhodes and Nolan suck face. Hes rewarded when his two buddies drop to their knees and orally pleasure him Rhodes in front, Nolan taking the rear.

As the sex unfolds, Nolan gets treated to a thorough rim job. Nolans shitter may be the sexiest "Manhole" in the film, fresh-looking and supple. The highlight of this scene (and the entire film) is watching both Nolan and Ramsey working over Cliff Rhodes impressive meat.

They look like theyre having a hell of a time doing it, too. And just like in the opening sequence, Ramseys furry caboose is the perfect choice for fucking. Rhodes really works him over, making the fuzzy pup earn his membership to this very exclusive underground sex club.

Fans of Adam Faust, Tim Towers, Ken Mack and Blake Nolan will enjoy the model interviews in the DVD Extras.

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