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Manhattan Sex Party (Directors Cut)

Tony Alizzi
MSR Videos
Carlos Morales, Erik Martins, Gabriel Cortes, Guy, Jack Simmons, Leo Bramm, Max Grand, Michel Mattel, Mike Miller, Rick Allen, Sal Bruno, Chad Hunt, Trey Rexx, Carl Sands, Bryan Flynn, Roberto Arauzo, Sean Sullivan, Buck Boner, Josh Gold, Rick Wood

Best-selling porn of 2001; Gabriel Cortes eats cum

Bathhouse / Sex Club Interracial Sex Orgy Daddies / Men Men of New York City

Manhattan Sex Party (Directors Cut)

Reviewed by on Mar-05-2004 - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Carlos Morales goes wild at the Manhattan Sex Party

Editor's Note: This movie was one of the first dozen films we reviewed for our website. Since original release, TitanMen has purchsed the MSR Videos catalog, and they are packaging this and the sequel Manhattan Sex Party 2 together as a double DVD.

Amaze your friends at your next sex party. Show them the uncut, extended Director's Cut of Manhattan Sex Party!

Folks, we have THE film of 2001 here. What could have just been a simple one-scene orgy film, which we've seen many times, is very different. Director Tony Alizzi cuts us a really hot, masterfully filmed sextravaganza. This movie has all the correct ingredients: #1 - hot, piggy actors. In the new New York style, the models are in shape, but not distant gym bunnies. That natural angle makes it appear that these are some really hot guys who you, yourself might walk in on at a sexclub in NYC.

Manhattan Sex Party snapshot
P.O.V. Cameras (A Film First!)

Tumblr Blog: Max Grand
Another string ingredient is that director Tony Alezzi makes excellent use of several areas of this orgy room. It's not just one couch or living room. We have a mirrored wall of glory holes. There is a black sling. Another thing, the music here is techno-style, which supports the sex well.

The films starts with our models arriving from various points in the city to this orgy location. Carlos Morales is showering. Chad Hunt walks to the subway checking his watch, so on. With this tiny setup, we go directly to the sex party. I won't enumerate all the details. because it will sound repetitive. In short - the entire movie is all extremely hot from beginning to end. Gabriel Cortes turns out to be the star of the film. He gets fucked in a sling by latin-muscle-puppy Carlos Morales and Erik Martins. Martins is one hot fucker.

Lots of these guys have truly humongous cocks, including MSR's masked find, the mono-named Guy. Chad Hunt, who has cum on strong in several good movies this year, sports a humongous cock. We get to see Max Grand in one of his last film appearances, whose looking as hot as ever, expertly deep throating numerous giant cocks.

Carlos Morales meets the party's glory hole wall

At the glory hole wall, Carlos Morales looks like he's in heaven sitting down on several massive cocks poking out. Morales, who is currently this writer's wallpaper, gets fucked by many of the actors, having no problem taking the gigantic Grand, Guy or any of the other tops.

In the movie, the actors carry these camcorders around, filming their cocks getting sucked. Mike Miller holds his camera so that we see him getting blown from his own point of view, meanwhile the movie cameraman films the same blowjob from the side. We get a very neat split screen shot of the two angles simultaneously - very nice editing!

Gabriel Cortes does a stellar job throughout the movie. Not only is his ass severely impaled throughout, but he also takes many of the actors' loads of cum as well. If you want to see some cum-eating, you'll get a full-course dinner here. There's so much more, but the best thing to do is to just see it.

What a film! Don't miss this one AT ALL. It's worth every penny. MSR, where did you cum from?

Addendum: After director Tony Alezzi died, Titan puchased the MSR line of movies and now sells them under their ManPlay line. Alezzi was clearly an inspired sex film director and Manhattan Sex Party continues to stand out as one of his best movies.


Erik Martins
Erik Martins
Erik Martins and Chad Hunt
Erik Martins & Chad Hunt
Manhattan Sex Party snapshot
The Manhattan Sex Party Gets Started
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