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Ben Leon
Raging Stallion Studios  
Ford Tuff , , Justin Christopher , Manuel Torres , Marcos Pirelli , Mario Cruz , Sergio Anthony , Vin Nolan
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I'm taking Manhattan!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Raging Stallion's apprentice Ben Leon graduates into the ranks of the skilled Knights with his debut feature Manhattan, a hard driving four episode feature showing the best of what the Big Apple has to offer. Leon connects each scene with a New York video montage reminiscent of the openings to NYPD Blue. And even though there were beautiful people like Jimmy Smits in the cast, he doesn't hold a candle to the powerhouses in this film, namely porn star Manuel Torres (Team Players).

This city boy is a real powerhouse top, who starts the movie bragging about how great he's been fucking guys lately. Cut to scene one with him and smooth beauty Mario Cruz from Party in the Rear, and he demonstrates. After first enjoying a libation wrapped in a paper sack, Torres starts licking Cruz's hot hole. Then, Cruz gets on his knees and gives him great head. Cruz is soon rewarded by Torres shooting his papi juice all over the Panamanian's shoulder.

Porn Star Marcos Pirelli Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Porn Star Marcos Pirelli

They repair to a stairwell, which forms a nice backdrop to Torres plowing Cruz long, hard and deep. Cruz is a beautiful bottom, perfectly receiving thrusts while bracing the stairs. Torres is a hot fucker who distinguishes himself as one of the hottest properties in 2006.

Cruz shoots while Torres plows him missionary. In a spectacular finish, Torres gushes a torrent of white cum all over the bottom's cock and balls. It's a great climax, which causes the top to audibly exhale at the very end.

Vin Nolan is another local who seems to know the ins and outs of crusting Manhattan. He picks up equally scruffy faced white boy Ford Tuff, and escape to a rooftop terrace to get frisky. The heat causes them to open their bottles of beer and pour them on each other. They exchange energetic blowjobs, and adjourn to the bedroom for anal activities.

Nolan, a quiet, highly sexual animal always lights up with energy when screwing. (He and fellow co star Sergio Anthony appear in the entertaining Doug Jeffries transmissions Raw and Pool Boy.)

Nolan, still wearing his cap, plows Tuff's smooth bootie in front of a window that looks down onto the neighborhood. This no nonsense fuck is another of the film's great couplings, culminating with Nolan gushing like a fire hydrant over his friend, who shoots his own hot money shot.

The third scene is a sizzling flip-flop romp between Justin Christopher and Marcos Pirelli (Bedroom Eyes). The chemistry between these Manhattan Latins crackles from beginning to end. Pirelli deep throats Christopher's big uncut dick. Then he turns Christopher around and plows him hard.

It only gets better when Christopher turns the tables, plowing Perelli's smooth, lube slicked hole missionary position. Lots of beautiful close ups and sharp angles make this scene difficult to get through in one sitting.

The scene ends with Pirelli's manly torso covered with their hot cum, and some besos.

Next, Raging Stallion bombshell porn star Francois Sagat decides to relax in his apartment, remove his clothes and start the washing machine. Standing in his Calvin Klein underwear, he decides to grab his meat and begin stroking to the machinations of the washer. Sitting atop the machine, he performs an absolutely sensational solo.

His episode of self-pleasure is highlighted by shots of him drizzling spit from his mouth down onto his rigid, curved rod. Sagat performs most of his scene with his erection poking out of the side of his briefs (but not the tasty cumshot).

Sergio Anthony Brings A Guest

Sergio Anthony brings Manuel Torres over for three way fucking. The final episode of the film starts with Nolan waiting in his apartment for his tricks to arrive. Shots show him finishing a cigarette as cutie Sergio Anthony rides the subway to his destination. Just outside, Anthony snags the returning Manuel Torres. (Crafty bottoms know that there can never be too many tops)

Upstairs at Nolan's, the two proceed to make a testy, well packed Sergio Anthony sandwich. Anthony, Little Big League, is still one of the hottest Latino bottomboys on screen today.

On his knees, he impressively deep throats both cocks, which stay pointing directly at him. They aggressively thrust into his mouth. Then to change things, he inhales the length of their cock, and pauses with it completely in his mouth. After this outstanding oral work, the expert tops take on their expert bottom.

Nolan plows Anthony furiously doggie style, who is still wearing his jock strap. After this, Torres gets his turn.

In a high moment, Anthony spreads himself on the couch as the two switch off him. The scene ends great money shots from all three.

Coupled with great music from J.D. Slater, Manhattan is an impressive debut feature from director Ben Leon. The movie sports a great cast, whose talent when unleashed reminds us of all the fantastic men and sex that New York City has to offer.

Manhattan DVD Extras: The DVD includes a nice 24 minute interview with Manuel Torres, who gives his fans a nice sense of his personality and attitudes.

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Manhattan Photos:

Manuel Torres fucks Mario Cruz Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Manuel Torres behind Mario Cruz
Vin Nolan fucks Ford Tuff Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Vin Nolan behind Ford Tuff
Manuel Torres tops Sergio Anthony in Manhattan Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Manuel Torres tops Sergio Anthony, Vin Nolan observes
Marcos Pirelli tops Justin Christopher Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Marcos Pirelli tops Justin Christopher

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