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Man Daze

Chi Chi LaRue
All Worlds Video  
Bruce Hill , Chris Dano , Clint Cooper , Dr. Jeff , Duncan Mills , Emilio Sands , , Patrick Allen , Sam Crockett , Spike

Man Daze

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Chi Chi LaRue continues to produce a large amount of high-quality porn. One new style is to present porn films without plot, relying instead on a music video-style using quick edits, sharp colors, angles and pure action. Some people like the formula, and others hate it. I happen to like it -- maybe perhaps because I am of the MTV generation.

Nevertheless, All Worlds' Man Daze is sixty minutes of stroking, pumping, sucking and cumming to pretty good music. The actors begin by sucking each other on a metal bunk bed. After lots of sucking, we go to Patrick Allen in a sling. Allen looks very hot with his ass hanging there, and his dick hard. He gets pounded well. I have found Allen to be a delight in every film he's cast in. Even Veteran porn star Chris Dano appears. He's more ripped then ever to once again show off his famous trade top skills.

We also see some hot young bottomboys of the year, including Jeremy Tucker, Emilio Sands and Duncan Mills. Tucker, who typically tops, is plowed good, succumbing to the Mandaze orgy. Emilio Sands, a cute hispanic bottomboy, is rammed by the tops as well. Each sex scene is glued together with footage of one of the film's actors displaying his talents by himself. One of the high points of the film is the shocking "synchronized ass-eating" scene, where three men in a neat row descend upon the wriggling tongues of three men laying next to each other on the floor. Reliable top men Spike and Sam Crockett among others fuck the bottoms for the film's full sixty minutes.

Mandaze includes a pretty good, rhythmic soundtrack which beats and jumps to the pumping. Devoid of any plot or story, it pleases as a wall-to-wall, MTV-style orgy video. Mandaze is often discounted or on sale, so consider getting this, as well as LaRue's previous The Complexxx to fullfill your cravings for OrgyTV.

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