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mr. Pam Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
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Spencer Reed and his New York buddies think with their dicks.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Like their movies Lost or Pounding the Pavement, Lust will be remembered as one of Lucas Entertainment's enjoyable little "bottle films."

What are bottle films? They are not filmed in an exotic location like Fire Island, Israel or Paris. Nor are bottle films like Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita - movies armed with an ambitious story and rich filming budget. Bottle films are small endeavors confined to the apartments of New York City, where the guys focus on fucking in animalistic fashion with few distractions. Director Mr. Pam seems to fit in very well making movies in this environment, and it's here that Lust hums.

At this point in his long movie career, we wonder if porn star Rafael Alencar is mostly animal. He begins the film talking to Spencer Reed on the phone pleading for some ass. Instead, finds it knocking on the front door to his new apartment. He pulls the younger Shay inside his lair, shutting the door. Shay is trapped and within moments has his mouth licking across Alencar's chest, grabbing the bulge that's formed in his shorts.

Ace Rockwood drills Shane FrostWatch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Ace Rockwood drills Shane Frost
An enjoyable kitchen fuck session ensues with Alencar feeding his neighbor endless rounds of tube steak. He eats Shay's ass. With both arms, Alencar lifts the bottom up and perches him atop the stove for a wild gymnastic fuck. Watch out for those open gas burners, Shay!

The director captures a lengthy, hot sequence showing the two models' undersides standing up, as Alencar's galloping dick plunges in and out of Shay's asshole. After more hot footage of them doing it on the cramped kitchen floor, Shay gets himself off, followed by taking a big load of cum from the bawdy Brazilian.

Interrupted by Ace Rockwood's Cock

Shay barely has time to telephone buddy Shane Frost about the exciting events of the morning before they are interrupted. Frost drops his friend's call instantaneously so he can start chowing down on boyfriend's Ace Rockwood's dick. Rockwood is one of Lucas' most exciting New York discoveries recently. (See Rockwood's great interview in Michael Lucas' Auditions 33: Pornstars in Training)

Rockwood is a handsome, tall Black guy who knows how to fuck butt with his immense dick. Frost delights in sucking it. Bent over their couch, he squirms and cries as Rockwood drills him. For fans of black on white action, this pairing is a must-see.

Rockwood stretches his boyfriend's butt to the max, turning him over on his back for a wonderful sequence of legs-up ass-pounding. Frost cums while getting fucked. Rockwood pulls out and shoots, coating the bottom's face in heavy white cream.

So far these guys have been so busy fucking that they miss Reed's invitation for a evening's party at his place. One couple does show up: Philip Aubrey and Logan Slash, who bring along their Israeli friend Avi Dar to introduce to the host.

Mounting Matan Shalev on the Television

There's the makings here for a very good fourgy, but dissapointingly, the couples separate into pairs after watching some porn on the DVR. The video scene is a rambunctious tussle between the brawny Arpad Miklos and supple brunet Matan Shalev (Michael Lucas' Auditions 31: Israeli Auditions. Shalev plays the perfect passive counterpoint to the massive Hungarian.

Shalev adeptly works over Miklos' uncut cock. After some nice oral foreplay, Shalev lays flat on his stomach. In a beautiful sequence, Miklos adroitly slides his missile inside the Israeli's perched up rump. Miklos fucks him long and slow. After riding at length in Shalev's saddle, Miklos get up and stand to squirt a heavy money shot onto the bottom's face. Watching this hot episode gets Aubrey and Slash aroused to the point that they break away to go have sex by themselves against an impressive wall of books. They flip-flop, fucking each other on the floor as a poster of Marlene Dietrich peers down at them from up on the wall. Slash, as is his desire, happily takes Aubrey's cum load in his open mouth.

Spencer Reed's alone with Avi Dar

Alone at last, Dar and Reed get frisky on the living room couch. We hate to say it, but this is the first time we've seen Spencer Reed in action. He reminds us a bit of the sexual dynamo Bruce Beckham (also a Michael Lucas model) from several years previous. (Michael Lucas' Dangerous Liaisons)

Spencer Reed proceeds to fuck the daylights out of Avi Dar. The two guys are soon naked and grappling each other's strong bodies. At one point, Dar open's his round hole presenting the perfect target for Reed's lunging tongue. After lapping at his backside, Reed stretches back in a comfortable chair so that Dar can sit down on him.

Dar bucks up and down in his new friend's lap. Reed proceeds to fuck the muscled stud in several more very hot positions until his cock grows even visibly bigger reaching a point where it spits hot jizz into Dar's mouth.

Not particularly ambitious, Lust sticks to the simple stuff, which are the elements that always make good porn. Lucas Entertainment is a company that still insists to keeping a narrative for movies, which enhances the sexual action and giving us a taste to the life of porn stars living and humping in present day New York City. Go ahead, bite the Big Apple!

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Lust Photos:

Spencer Reed explores Avi DarWatch on Lucas Entertainment or Watch VOD
Spencer Reed explores Avi Dar
Arpad Miklos explores Matan ShalevWatch on Lucas Entertainment or Watch VOD
Arpad Miklos explores Matan Shalev
Avi Dar sucks Spencer ReedWatch on Lucas Entertainment or Watch VOD
Avi Dar sucks Spencer Reed
Logan Slash explores Phillip AubreyWatch on Lucas Entertainment or Watch VOD
Logan Slash explores Phillip Aubrey

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