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Lukas's Story 3 (Bel Ami)

George Duroy
Bel Ami  
Dano Sulik , Dusan Antal , Erik Kovak , Ion Davidov , Ivo Svoboda , Karel Adamec , Lukas Ridgeston , Mario Popovic , Martin Valko , Pavol Zurek , Stefan Andersen , Thomas Belko
Czech Boys

Lukas's Story 3 (Bel Ami)

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Meet Lucas Ridgeston (Part 3)

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The final installment of the worship-the-temple-that-is-Lukas trilogy, the film is yet another strong installment from George Duroy. Lukas visits his friend, Erik Kovak, for the weekend. He discovers when he arrives that Kovak has invited a number of his hunky friends over as well.

Looking for his friend, Lukas stumbles across him in his bedroom engaged in serious sexplay with Karel Adamec. Kovak is added lost his baby-fat from Blue Danube, fully built-up with a large, fat uncut cock. After pushing his cock in and out of Adamec's mouth, he fucks him on the bed.

In the next scene, Lukas watches Ion Davidov and Tomas Belko get it on in a barn. Davidov is a sex machine, and his prey is Belko, who sucks him and gets fucked in a double-time Davidov-style. Later, Lukas finds the insatiable Davidov yet again in bed with Dusan Antal.

Lucas Ridgeston Bel Ami Movies
While watching from outside, Kovac walks up to Lukas. The two boys kiss and play with each other's massive hard dicks. After sucking each other, they jack off. The scene is satisfying nonetheless, even though watching Kovak and Lukas screw would have been great.

The following morning, Lukas walks out onto his balcony with a full erection. Using a pair of binoculars, he spies brunet Stefan Andersen satisfying himself in some hay. Anderson is a great find, and lovers of smooth bodies and nice abs will enjoy seeing him. The two jack off with Lukas showering the hardwood balcony floor with a fountain of sperm.

Later on, the balcony is the setting where Martin Valko and Mario Popovic meet. The two eagerly kiss and suck each other, and Valko finally fucks Popovic on his back.

Dano Sulik Gets Laid

Afterwards, it is nightfall, and Lukas is preparing for bed. On the way to his room, he sees Dano Sulik getting sucked by Pavol Zurek. Sulik is one of Duroy's best-ever finds - he's big, hung, blonde and seems totally turned on all the time. Sulik sees that Lucas is watching him from the other side of the room, and he proceeds to top Zurek, who is bent over on all fours. While fucking Zurek, Dano Sulik watches Lukas with a hungry look.

Inevitably, Sulik and Lukas connect afterwards. Their sex is powerful, with Sulik bottoming for Lukas. Both release more waves of cum at the end.

Finally, Lukas makes it back to his room where he finds the sultry Ivo Svoboda in their bed. Lukas moves on the innocent brunet and they engage in a very sensual sex scene. After kissing and sucking, Lukas tops Svoboda.

The movie has lots of great scenes, but I still enjoy watching the two scenes with Dano Sulik over and over again.

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