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Lukas' Story 2 - When Boy Meets Boy (Lukas Ridgeston)

George Duroy
Bel Ami  
Alex Peterson , Benjy Sanders , Danny Clark , Dano Sulik , Filip Smirnov , , Johan Paulik , , Lukas Ridgeston , Martin Valko , Marty Beavens , Milos Janek , Oliver Krist , Peter Sidow , Uegen Kalman , Victor Boyd
Czech Boys

Lukas' Story 2 - When Boy Meets Boy (Lukas Ridgeston)

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A wild boat orgy, Meet Lucas Ridgeston (Part 2)

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The devastatingly attractive Lucas Ridgeston continues his sexual story in the 1995 release Lukas Story 2. The film takes boy-sex to an even higher level with some truly spectacular scenes.

The film opens with Lukas cousin Alex Peterson taking a leisurely bath. The very cute brunet ends up playing with himself, at the expense of making him and Lukas late for a party. The party is thrown by their rowing team and takes place around a boat. All the guys are young, smooth and very cute.

Besides lots of cookout food and beer, there is lots of sex below the decks of the boat. At first, Lukas watches Marty Beavens and Eugene Kalman suck and fuck each other. However, this scene is merely a warm-up.

Next, Lukas hunts around in search of his boyfriend Johan Paulik. He discovers them engaged in heavy foreplay below decks on a blue mat. Watching from the door, Lukas watches Paulik throw an energetic fuck to Sidow.

Lucas Ridgeston Bel Ami Movies
Totally aroused by what he saw, Lukas bumps into friend Danny Clark. Danny is a tall blonde boy, who gets it on with Lukas in a very hot scene. They kiss and suck each other until Lukas shoots a big load. Then Lukas kisses the boy, blows him, and then proceeds to fuck him. The two climax again and move on.

Then, Lukas steps into another room to find a thirty-man orgy. The now-famous scene features many of Duroys models all engaged in kissing, sucking, ass plowing and cumming. The orgy is very well photographed, all choreographed to a rhythmic pounding of flesh.

Lukas watches from the door, does not participate, yet jacks-off totally entranced unloading another massive quantity of sperm. Alas, the evening is spent and we go to the following day.

Brunet stud-pup Dano Sulik calls his friend Oliver Krist down from his house, and they go to an abandoned building. The two suck each other off, totally devouring their cocks and asses. The scene then gets even hotter when their friend Jiri Lubov joins them.

Lubov is a very pretty boy with smooth tan skin, a hot cock and even hotter ass. Sulik and Krist totally devour the kid, sandwiching him on both ends. After taking turns on his ass, they all finally cum.

Lukas Ridgeston Gets Fucked

The final scene is another classic involving Lukas Ridgeston, Martin Valko and Kristian Jensen. Valko and Jenson are roommates who take Lukas back to their place. At length, the boys go all out, slurping on each others dicks, eating ass and fucking each other.

In this one scene, Lukas fires massive cumshots three times. After fucking Valko, Lukas tells us that he just couldn't be stopped, and so he lets the smooth brunet fuck his virgin ass. This is the first film where Lukas gets fucked. Not to diminish the puppy-dog Kristian Jenson, he gets fucked too as well as stays fully part of the scene.

This final scene is lengthy and totally electric. Director George Duroy put an additional 30 minutes of golden footage into the extras tape, Out At Last. He also included another excised piece of Dano Sulik getting fucked by Oliver Krist. This tape is a classic and in my opinion the high-point of the trilogy.

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