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Lukas' Story (Lukas Ridgeston)

George Duroy
Bel Ami  
Benjy Sanders , Dano Sulik , Filip Smirnof , Johan Paulik , Lukas Ridgeston , Martin Valko , Others
Czech Boys

Lukas' Story (Lukas Ridgeston)

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Meet Lukas Ridgeston (Part 1)

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The first independent hard-core film George Duroy produced at Bel Ami was Lukas Story. With it, he lit a match that has blazed through gay porn and burns through today. Lucas Ridgeton, who Duroy used in his first film performing solo, gets star billing this time, and he deserves it.

Basically, Lukas goes through the movie watches his hot friends having sex throughout the movie. This boy-sex arouses him to the point where he is driven to do the same to his boyfriend in the film, the now-infamous Johan Paulik. At this point in time, we had never seen Lukas fuck, nor have we seen Johan Paulik get fucked. So this event marks an important on-screen deflowering.

The film begins with Lukas little brother Willie Ridgeston awakening in the morning and jacking off. The interesting thing is that there is nothing little about him hes a very hunky, brunet, Slavic type with a big uncut cock and beautiful eyes. Sadly, this is the only scene we ever see of ol Willie and his willie.

Lucas Ridgeston Bel Ami Movies
At school, Lukas happens upon his two chums Timmy Conrad and Paul Kalman, who are sucking each other under the stairs. The oral sex is great. The scene is shot mostly from Lukas vantagepoint from above.

Next, Lukas boards a city bus where he meets Fillip Smirnov, who has "the biggest dick Ive ever seen," according to Lukas. It is truly huge, and Lukas works his mouth around it while the bus literally moves through the city streets.

In the next scene, brunet Martin Valko gives an anal lesson to rowing chum Axel Petersen. Valko has a big cock, smooth body and low hanging balls. Valko was a popular star in these Bel Ami films of the time. As before, Lukas simply watches from afar, and does not participate. However, at this point Lukas does reveal his huge erection for the first time during the film.

The fifth scene appears unrelated, because Lukas is nowhere to be seen. We go to a very-common Eastern European-esque abandoned building, where Alan Greksa and Denis Jung suck and fuck each other.

Meeting Johan Paulik

The film concludes with an aroused Lukas meeting Johan Paulik. After playing soccer together, they steal away to secret hole-in-the-wall and get it on. The two boys suck, sixty-nine, kiss and caress. Lukas turns out to be a fully engaging lover. Then Lukas fucks Paulik at length, and then fires an eleven-spurt orgasm that will leave you reaching for the remote control.

All in all, the films of Lukas Ridgeston should be seen to be believed. The Lukas' Story series began on this very high note, and then simply got better.

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