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Lukas in Love

George Duroy
Bel Ami  
Brandon Manilow , Danny Saradon , Ethan Clarke , Jason Paradis , Josh Elliot , Liam Phoenix , Lukas Ridgeston , Marc Vidal , Mark Aubrey , Matt Phillipe , Rick Fontana , Sascha Chaykin , Sebastian Bonnet , Tim Hamilton , Tommy Hansen , Yves Carradine
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Lukas in Love

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Lukas Ridgeston seeks love after Tim Hamilton cheats on him.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

We love Lukas. He's got stunning eyes, a dick of death, and an onscreen persona flush with charm. What's not to love? It's easy to see why Lukas In Love, a spectacular offering from George Duroy and the gents over at BelAmi, was nominated for and won the 2006 GayVN award in the Best Foreign Release category. In addition, Mr. Ridgeston snagged the award for Best Actor - Foreign Release slot. After watching this sunlit epic, it's easy to see what all the fuss is about.

Lukas In Love: Part One

Delivered in two parts, Lukas In Love, spins into orbit when our hero comes home to find his lover, blondie Tim Hamilton, aggressively banging the ass of Danny Sarandon. When confronted, Hamilton shrugs it off and Ridgeston leaves in a huff. This is when the journey of the film truly begins. Ridgeston hops a flight to South Africa, determined to throw himself into his work, photographing gorgeous models against the picturesque backdrop. But even as he tries to escape, he can't shake memories of his dick in Hamilton's pretty mouth and ass.

His first assignment is to photograph Marc Vidal ( Too Many Boys) and Rick Fontana frolicking in the surf. They manage to find a private spot on the beach where the lads can unwrap their sari-like garments and go bare-assed while Lukas snaps pix. Lukas doesn't follow the lads back to their hotel to capture their fucking, but the Bel Ami cameras (thankfully) do. It's a lovely session, the highlight being Vidal's beautiful, beautiful prick sliding in and out of Fontana's spit-slick orifices.

Rick Fontana and Marc VidalWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Rick Fontana blows Marc Vidal
Lukas does bring his Canon along however for an equally intimate session between Ethan Clarke (Enchanted Forest) and Yves Carradine. Sebastian Bonnet hovers nearby with assorted camera equipment, and we actually hear the shutter clicking while Clark and Carradine line their pricks up side by side for comparison. The scene gets incredibly spicy when Lukas gets comfortable between the boys and encourages them to orally dual for sucking rights. As it is, Lukas has plenty of cock to share. Carradine and Clarke continue their session even after Lukas blows and goes. They move to a brightly lit canopy bed and proceed to turn one another every way but loose. Carradine getting stuffed is a sight to behold and is one of the many highlights of the film.

After a hard day's work, Lukas and his bevy of beauties blow off steam at a barbeque-style feast/pool party. Things get a bit out of hand and twink Josh Elliot ends up tossed into the pool. Brandon Manilow races to the rescue, taking Elliot off to a quiet place where he personally gets him out of his wet things before towel-drying his slender frame, peppering his flanks with kisses. Manilow may just be the most beautiful stud in Lukas In Love, and from the way Elliot carries on between his legs, it's obvious he's in total agreement. When Manilow lays Elliot on his side and enters him, it's an incredibly tight fit. Manilow eases the sweet pain with even sweeter kisses.

Tommy Hansen seduces Lukas Ridgeston

Back in his suite, Lukas is trying to flush his adulterous lover from his mind by concentrating on workbut not for long, if Tommy Hanson has anything to say about it. Lukas is ripe and ready to be seduced, and Hanson's warm kisses and aggressive gropes force Lukas to put his work aside. These two big-dicked hotties make each other cum with their mouths before the fucking even gets started. Tommy steps up and bites the bullet, taking Lukas' massive uncut prick inside his tender hole. If you weren't a fan of Tommy Hanson before now, you will be after you catch sight of him speared on Lukas' pole.
Josh Elliot above Brandon ManilowWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Josh Elliot sits on Brandon Manilow

Lukas in love with Matt Phillipe

After the briefest of recaps, Lukas' quest for romance continues with Lukas In Love: Part Two. Along the way, he's assigned to do a nude photoshoot where the humpy Sascha Chaykin is parading center stage. After taking pictures of lovely Chaykin in nearly every conceivable (and flattering) position, Lukas pulls him aside and into an impromptu suck session. It's not only Chaykin that worships Lukas' meat, the camera does also, zooming in to capture every sexy vein and curve. Chaykin's skills as a cocksucker earn him Lukas' salty cream, which Chaykin promptly slurps down. Lukas isn't one to hang around after he gets off, so Chaykin is forced to pump out his own load.

Not quite satiated, Chaykin makes his way to the bathroom where we've already been watching Sebastian Bonnet soap and scrub his dirty, dirty body clean. Chaykin quickly steps under the spray and enjoys a second round of sex with what has to be Bel Ami's sexiest overall model, Bonnet. This time, Chaykin isn't going to get off the hook with just a simple blowjob. Bonnet finger fucks his buddy then puts it to him right there in the steamy bathroom. Bonnet eventually erupts, shooting over six geysers of spunk onto his abs before he's done. When Lukas comes back and interrupts, the pair seduces him with tender kisses. After Bonnet has sufficiently warmed up Lukas' cock, Chaykin is bent over and reamed, but good. Unbelievably, Bonnet has even more cum stored inside his balls, and this time he aims between Chaykin's shoulder blades.

Everything we've seen until this point seems to be leading to the incredible 11-man orgy, starring Mr. Ridgeston as the centerpiece. The sheer magnificence of all those men, fucking hip to shoulder to thigh in one room, is almost more than can be withstood in one sitting. I'd suggest repeated viewings here simply because there's too much to see and savor. With the exception of Falcon Studios' orgy in The Other Side of Aspen V, this may be the most thrilling assembly of gay porn talent to date.

And could Lukas have actually found love? The last half hour of the extravaganza that is Lukas In Love is devoted entirely to Lukas and Matt Phillippe. After being photographed together in tight-fitting swimsuits, Lukas and Phillippe find a sunlit bed to make love in. The pace starts slow and easy and skyrockets when Phillippe gets fucked. Both men cum several times during the session, and look absolutely drained by the time all is said and done.

I cannot recommend this film highly enough. Fans of Bel Ami flicks will find that they simply cannot do without Lukas In Love as part of their permanent collection. And if by some strange reason you haven't treated yourself to the experience of a Bel Ami film, this would be an excellent introduction.

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Lukas in Love Photos:

Lukas Ridgeston fucks Tommy HansonWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Lukas Ridgeston screws Tommy Hanson
The Lukas in Love OrgyWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Orgy sequence, featuring Lukas Ridgeston
Lukas Ridgeston fucks Matt PhillipeWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Lukas Ridgeston behind Matt Phillipe

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