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Lucky Lukas (Bel Ami)

George Duroy
Bel Ami  
Adam Cartier , Ales Hanek , Alexander Strauss , Dano Sulik , Daren Van Laan , Ion Davidov , , Justin Marino , Karl Tenner , Lukas Ridgeston , Marek Antonov , Pavel Zurek , Peter Korman , Ralf Vernier , Vadim Hausman
Czech Boys

Lucky Lukas (Bel Ami)

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Lukas Ridgeston and Ion Davidov are BFF's

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Lucky Lukas stars the Bel Ami dream team. Few have made the kind of impression than porn star Lukas Ridgeston. This film shows the staggeringly perfect boy now grown into a drop-dead gorgeous man. His on-screen pal Ion Davidov is a perfect chum.

Lukas' best feature is still his warm, inviting face with eternally lit eyes. His buffed body astounds, and his always airborne, uncut rod continues to shoot like a fountain. In this video, Lukas cums six times in the course of two scenes.

The movie is a playful and sensual road picture. Lukas drives his swell red car through the countryside with his buddy Ion Davidov. At the start, Lukas waits for Davidov to get out to the car. However, inside Davidov and big-dicked regular Alexander Strauss and stuffing their cocks into cute-boy Jiri Lubov's mouth. Lubov's mouth is stretched to the limits with their ample meat. In a fitting end, the boyish Lubov gets his face splattered with both of their cum.

Lucas Ridgeston Bel Ami Movies
Afterwards, Davidov dashes out to the waiting Lukas, and they drive onto adventure. At an intersection, they closely avoid colliding with another car. They later find the guilty car parked by the side of the road. They investigate and find that the car's drivers, Ales Hanek and Pavol Zurek sucking and fucking. Ridgeston and Davidov exact revenge on the vehicle and continue on down the road.

Here the movie's sexual heat turns up to white hot. They pick up a hitchhiker (Vadim Hausman). At a deserted house, the three end up on a couch, playing with each other. They are soon shoulder to shoulder on the couch giggling with full erections. Hausmann starts by taking Lukas' cock in his mouth. All suck each other until our two buddies spray all over Haussmann's chest.

Lots of kissing lead Davidov to mount Hausmann doggie style while simultaneously blowing Lukas. Lukas soon gets a round on Hausmann's ass until he shoots a load which hits his own face. Wanting more, Lukas tops Hausmann missionary while sucking on Davidov. They conclude the scene by all shooting more loads.

One important aspect of this scene which makes it so arousing is the obvious chumminess and camaraderie between Lukas and Davidov throughout. They obviously enjoy their third, and they also obviously enjoy watching the other enjoy it as well.

The Lucky Garage Orgy

On the road again, Lukas' car breaks down again just as two carloads of party boys drive by. Rather then stopping to help, they drive by mocking them. Our travelers set out to foot to the nearest garage. This garage happens to be the destination the party-boys wound up. They find all of the boys piled atop cars and tires going at it. (Blog: Best Orgy Ever in Gay Porn?)

Ralf Varnier tops Adam Cartier. Karl Tenner tops Marek Antonov. Justin Marino tops Peter Corman. Dano Sulik powerfucks Daren Van Laan. The entire episode is a perfectly captured tapestry of flesh and muscle. Lukas and Davidov spy from outside and get aroused.

Lucky Us: Lukas Ridgeston bottoms

Next, the scene changes to a brightly lit bedroom. The buddies have a playful fight with their cocks until Lukas lies down so that Davidov can go down on him. He licks, tongue tickles, and sucks off Lukas' spectacular rod. After Lukas shoots, Davidov gets sucked and rimmed on his fours. Davidov unloads a pearl necklace onto Lukas.

Watching that orgy inspires Lukas Ridgeston and Ion Davidov to start fucking each other. After more kissing, they play rock-paper-scissors to determine who gets plowed first. Lukas wins, and we see the glorious sight of Davidov grinding back hard onto Lukas' meat. Davidov keeps his butt raised high so he can get everything Lukas has to offer. Lukas shoots again, and then it is his turn to give it up.

Davidov slides into him missionary position, which allows us to get a good view of Lukas' flashing eyes throughout. The two move to their side. Davidov bangs his side-saddle, and it concludes with them jacking-off to geyser-high money shots.

This entire cast is hard, energized and great to look at. The physical production is lush and the lighting is sharp. The heart of the tape is the pairing of Lukas with Davidov. The viewer will wonder and fantasize about the nature and happiness of the relationship the two enjoy in the film. This clever aspect buttresses all the action and cast to make one remarkable film.

Lucky Lucas DVD Extras

The DVD contains a second disk with 2 hours and 50 minutes of the unedited footage shot for the film, including the final scene with the Lukas / Davidov coupling. Readers can also watch this second bonus DVD video on demand or download to own. Bel Ami leads the industry in making the DVD versions of their movies even more desireable.
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Lucky Lukas (Bel Ami) Photos:

Lucky Luckas orgy snapshotWatch on BelAmiOnline or Watch VOD
The guys on the way to the garage orgy
Karl Tenner fucks Marek AntonovWatch on BelAmiOnline or Watch VOD
Karl Tenner tops Marek Antonov

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